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  1. His helmet does seem to be flopping about a bit.
  2. Just finished Briggadoom. Man, this game is awesome.
  3. What format is everyone buying on? I'm going for PS3 in the hope that it's awesome on the G25.
  4. Not seen the controller edition available for pre order yet. Getting one just coz it's gold.
  5. Me too. 320GB for HD, the mustard it does not cut.
  6. gog.com has Raptor 2010 version for $5.99.
  7. I don't like either Gamespot or IGN. The Kayne & Lynch debacleput me off Gamespot (and big review sites generally,) and Matt Kissmyassina always wound me up with his negative Wii coverage.
  8. This is out in a month. Any concrete launch titles yet?
  9. Finally bought Evolved this week. Unplayable with no steering help on the pad but it feels really nice with it up to max. Looks stunning upscaled on the PS3.
  10. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Thrustmaster-Ferrari-F430-Wireless-Cockpit/dp/B00371R8OU/ref=amb_link_157621227_1?pf_rd_m=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pf_rd_s=asin-coop-gp-1-D&pf_rd_r=1EE3CEVPNATTXMZF2SH0&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=211447227&pf_rd_i=300703
  11. I got a fat when GT3 launched and it was still going strong when I got my PS3 a couple of months after tha tlaunched. Rock solid console.
  12. Starting out in iRacing is like being picked on at school.
  13. Well, fuck knows how they keep the enemy within the crosshairs so well
  14. Any news on whether Time Crisis is a European Launch title? I wouldn't mind getting a remote for £27 from ShopTo but there's no launch titles that interest me yet.
  15. What?! They seriously don't expect Kinect to replace it, do they?
  16. It will be mere pence on the Amazon Marketplace, surely?
  17. Proper 360 wheel isn't much more expensive considering you get proper FFB with it.
  18. It may have some hope then. Not buying it just for that though.
  19. Everyone literally MUST watch Taffin on Wednesday. It's comedy gold but Brosnan comes out of it shining. I'm setting the Play TV to record it now.
  20. Will indie game developers be allowed to make games that use it?
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