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  1. Railworks is £20 in PCWorld. £5 cheaper than Steam.
  2. If any staff in a game shop told me like that I think I would let out an involuntary snort of laughter.
  3. Nintendo won't stand for this. Expect to hear reports of iTV project leaders going missing very soon.
  4. It would've been rude not to buy Oblivion at that price.
  5. I'm playing though MW2 for the first time. No Russian just felt bad and very wrong.
  6. Saw this yesterday. Oddly, the first Toy Story film I've seen. It was enough for me to purchase the other two on Blu-Ray today. 3 was quite good. Obviously missed certain references like "the claw" having not seen the first (til tonight,) but it was still good. I'm stunned at how well the first holds up graphically. I think only the dog looks really bad and sometimes the corners of Woody's mouth go a bit odd, but apart from that it's virtually timeless. Ken and Barbie seriously need a spin off movie.
  7. Hang on a sec. The Mercedes in thi spic doesn't even look like an F1 car. WTF is it? The airbox suggests 98 or 99 Ferrari, but the sidepods don't. Could it be an early Jaguar?
  8. With the exception of HELL (Green Dog) GATE, the artwork on those C64 games is amazing!
  9. I had My Horse and Me but it wasn't so good. Quite good controls but a dull, dull game. I also had the first G1 Jockey game for the Wii and was completely hooked for a fortnight. When I got wind of G1 Jockey 2008 coming out with balance board support I traded the first one. Bought but not played 2008 yet for fear of becoming addicted again. I'd say if it's for you, get either of the G1 Jockey games. If you have kids, get any of those in the link.
  10. I got a totally mint Gran Turismo 3 for 49p.
  11. I'm up to 62 now. Used to have way more than that though.
  12. Melbourne House also did a cracking F1 game IIRC. Grand Prix Challenge I think it was called. Must put that on the list too. Annoyingly, I've owned some of the games mentioned and got rid, but now I'm getting the best ones again.
  13. Balls. Forgot about F355. So much easier than setting up the DC. It's on the list now.
  14. Steambot Chronicles is a real gem. Snap it up if you see it.
  15. "Covered like the rug on your floor!" Fucking hell! Buying it!
  16. It only gets really exciting towards the end of a race. Loving the fac tthat this will have Youtube uploads. More games should feature this.
  17. Leaning backwards to turn?! Not exactly a natural thing to do when stationary. At least on a skateboard you have centrifugal forces or whatever to lean against.
  18. Not going for a complete collection or anything, but I do like to pick up the odd bargain. Got a mint black label Kingdom Hearts the other week. This week's buy was The Red Star.
  19. Who on here said that? Can't remember.
  20. Something tells me this will be the game to break the cycle.
  21. I do that whenever a case feels like it has a game in, be it a charity shop, Cash Generator or Game/Gamestation. Fuck anyone who stares!
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