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  1. Another new game where I can’t see what the hell is going on. Why is everything so small? Is there an option to zoom in?
  2. That sound you hear is YouTube clickbaiters frantically Googling antitrust law
  3. How’s this doing? Have they made any meaningful changes?
  4. Awful art Doesnt exist yet Pitched by an established bullshit merchant Its an NFT project!
  5. I don’t understand the appeal but I’m looking forward to the Adam Curtis documentary in 20 years about it all leading to the collapse of XYZ. With added Taliban in bumper cars.
  6. Well I now want a Ford Bronco so well done Ford marketing department
  7. I bloody love tidying so this is nice and relaxing. Surprising how a narrative can be made out of so little, too.
  8. It’s the same speed as normal for the base stuff. If you have mild ADHD then it’s probably not the game for you.
  9. I don’t know if they do it anymore but EA/Ubisoft wanting you to create an account before playing on a console. No, thank you, bye bye
  10. QuackQuack


    Turns out Wild is where the fun currently is. Thanks @George Clooney! New mini-set of 35 cards coming next week. Most of them look too slow to see any play when half the games are very aggro-based.
  11. QuackQuack


    I might start to give Wild a go as I’m burnt out and I’ve got a large collection in the Wild pool. It feels like a long time since the expansion came out. Mercenaries taking over the normal mini-set release is annoying as I have little interest in the mode. I know making money is the whole point of the game but this is just a little too obvious. I’m presuming the next big expansion will have the Mercenaries as hero cards?
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