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  1. Yeah, I thought so. If it had online I feel they would have put it in the trailer
  2. Someone get Mercurysteam a new Art Director
  3. BOTW2 looked a little... stale? It looked like more of the same
  4. They’ve got 24 minutes to announce this Switch Pro!
  5. So... Switch Pro news this evening? All the journalists were so sure an announcement was imminent before the direct. (If there is no announcement I expect Jason Schreier to say “well akshully I knew this before”.)
  6. Cleansing this with a cute little figure
  7. So it’s like an archived Twitch...?
  8. They’re pretty big, GRANDAD! Twitter is looking to get in on it, too, so it has potential to be something everyone knows about. If you’re after a quick, digestible bit of content in a subject then they’re certainly a better use of your time than here and Reset Era. Other than this topic's newsletter, I recommend Money Stuff from Matt Levine at Bloomberg. Breaks down the financial news of the day and acknowledges how ridiculous the systems are. Of course there are also people writing longer form stuff but that’s not my jam. (I’m not sure why you
  9. Ah I mean Nextlander + Waypoint
  10. Sounds they’re doing E3 stuff with Waypoint which is a disappointment.
  11. EDIT: oops lewis got there first I’m pretty surprised - I thought they were just tired of games, not tired of Giant Bomb! It’ll be hugely successful - It’ll be my first Patreon. Good on them!
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