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  1. I sometimes got a VERY enthusiastic Fukutoshin Line driver on my commute home. He was shouting out all the recognitions that they usually mumble/speak to themselves. The whole 1st car could hear him. I hoped he used to play these games as a kid and was now living his best life.
  2. I think you’re about halfway when you’re fully done with the desert area. That was when the game peaked for me, though. I’m apparently almost finished but I didn't really enjoy the last few areas. They also seemed to give up on hiding toads
  3. I think I’m with Apple/Google on this. They wouldn’t want their product and experience be potentially compromised by letting other stores on it. I wouldn’t want that either. I like that they can vet everything* before it goes up so that we don’t have to really worry about bricking our devices or getting scammed. But what really tipped the scales was that Fornite parody of the Apple commercial. Yeesh. *almost everything...
  4. QuackQuack


    New expansion announced - Scholomance Academy. https://playhearthstone.com/en-gb/expansions-adventures/scholomance-academy/ This is the first time I've been put off by an expansion premise. There have been a few 'meh' ones but this one just feels a little lame to me. The new keyword Spellburst doesn't seem exciting either. They are doing dual-class cards so that could be fun, but I worry that it will make decks more expensive as there are more legendaries available.
  5. This is out in a couple of days and I’m not really seeing anything about it. Hopefully that doesn’t mean it’s as disappointing as the Wii U game...
  6. I never bothered with this because I assumed it was just another series that Netflix churned out. What an idiot. Watched season 1 this rainy weekend. I’m obsessed.
  7. Everything I've download for Mac OS has been broken or damaged. I guess I'll give up and call it a pure donation!
  8. Screw you. (Thank you.)
  9. My turnips are at 318. Opening up for 30 mins or so before I start work. NNDC4 code
  10. It certainly looks very nice & I want to try it out. It's a shame there's no Mac version. Will get it on iOS. How's the economy with it? I only buy the Adventures on Hearthstone so that's maybe £25 in 4 years. The rest I've gradually built up by playing too much...
  11. QuackQuack


    I would have said go for the new class' cards but everything else is building to beat that class & it's not so fun anymore. Personally I would recommend the super fast Face Hunter. Not many expensive cards. You either win or lose within 5 minutes. https://hsreplay.net/archetypes/355/face-hunter There are a few more cheap-ish competitive decks currently. A lot of clearance cards are single-target so building a wide board is working. Spell Druid's only legendary card was free. It's currently one of the best decks. https://hsreplay.net/archetypes/372/spell-druid
  12. He is around the first day you get him. Was that today?
  13. I’m a long-time player of Pocket Camp on iOS. All I can say is: get used to regular garish shite. At least it’s regular though.
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