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  1. Just read your first post in the anti-parenting thread. You go for it mate, sounds good! Uni at 28 - wish I could have done that! Seriously! I mean, I'm not 28 yet but you get what I mean.


  2. Dealing some righteous blows in the anti-parenting thread. RESPEC'


  3. Thanks for providing me with my first comment that wasn't random abuse! :P And yes, Ikaruga was ace; I'd go so far as to say the lag and the intoxication enhanced the challenge. HD Remix next? :P

  4. Super Nintendo, Super NEZZ, or SNEZZ, but never ess-enn-ee-ess for me.
  5. As usual, the comments are gold. "This dude is Wolverine."
  6. I played the demo co-op with some friends yesterday (first two of them did one scenario then I did the other with another) and it was off the chain. The co-op works so well, I loved it. The highlight for me has to be when my partner lost all his life and was being attacked so I just threw a grenade into the malaise and green herbed him as he stumbled out with a huge explosion going off behind him (exploding barrels were involved too). Awesome.
  7. Oh man I just remembered that time we played Ikaruga co-op and I had been drinking mucho vino. LOL, good times.

  8. Is it Ghostbusters 2 Battle Royale 3?
  9. Even if you tried, you couldn't make it more obvious that you don't listen to radio and will only bother tuning into something if it's on TV. Better luck expressing yourself next time.
  10. Because it adds almost nothing to the experience. It's not a judgement so much as an observation. If they wanted to make the show for iMax with full smell-o-vision and rumbly seats requiring the Steel Battalion controller it would still be a good show, but you could also still say that aspects of the medium in which it was presented were extraneous.
  11. I'm halfway through it on iPlayer and it's good but I think it would be better as a radio programme. That's a really small point, and it doesn't really matter but I do find I keep switching to look at other things while the guys are talking. I paused it to write this.
  12. I think it's generally pretty shaky ground when people harp on about a performance being bad, because we can never know what the actor* was going for or what they had been directed to do. I used to be exactly like you toonfool and just not get the bad acting thing (except when it was deliberately bad - like Dean Lerner in Darkplace - which is a skill all of its own). However, I came up with my own formulation of bad acting which I feel is better than complete relativism but also doesn't inhabit the snide negativity of herd opinion about what is bad acting (usually people are grossly unfair ab
  13. I really loved Key's poetry this episode. Last episode the bit that had me choking and crying with laughter was Charlie's running out of toilet paper musical number but it was Key that really had me rolling on the floor this time. He's utterly brilliant. I enjoyed the episode, but Charlie was a bit too cunty and not as incisive as he can often be so that dampened things a bit. I'm not such a big fan any more of the bits when he's just watching something and swearing at it; it's starting to feel too puerile in comparison to his really great bits of analysis.
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