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  1. I'm amazed at some the posts mentioning how better it is to D1. Like Gorf mentions above, part of the reason I enjoy Destiny is the space magic, is the over top nature of it all. There are so many more better and more qualified MP options for PvP centric gaming out there. I don't want to spend the majority of the time shooting with just a rifle, I want to be flipping between rifle, then switching to my sniper and for that death blow using a rocket launcher while hurling a giant purple shield into hamster looking monster's face. It's all been chucked out of the window, seemingly, f
  2. I think you've added 2+1 to make 4 here. 30fps does contribute to slowness of PvP, without question but on top of that the gameplay is just that, slow. You mention Halo, we can't be talking Halo 5 because it moves around in a zippy pace. Even Halo 4 felt faster. I'm not entirely sure at your BF1 comment either. BF1 is a surprisingly fast game these days Now, I'm not a fan of BF1 but to say it's slow? Then no, I don't agree. Past BFs? Sure but we're going back along way with that slow drawn out gameplay. You're point
  3. I just can't passed how tired Destiny feels in 30fps. We've had COD, Battlefield, Overwatch, Battlefront, Splatoon since then, these are the benchmarks in competitive FPS multiplayer gaming, this is the speed it should be at the very minimum. The game has changed and Destiny feels like that Steve Buscemi gif, old man trying to say he's still got it. How anyone wants to spend time in the crucible anymore is beyond me. Slow, plodding, dull. And don't watch the 60fps trailer after watching the beta if you're on consoles, it's a completely different game and a s
  4. Abigail has to be one of the most atriocious designs in recent memory. Play style looks fun but Christ it's like someone has been studying too much Rob Liefeld. Ive lost faith in Capcom's SF design team.
  5. Shame to hear, seemed like a good beginner stick. Just not going to throw down a ton of money again for something I will probably rarely use. I still might try it out, seen it for around the £30 mark.
  6. I saw someone mention the Hori 4 mini, has anyone here used it/can recommend it? Back in the day I went all out and bought the TE stick, barely gave it a chance due to the huge setup and quickly sold it. I never did twig with the stick but want to learn, seems like it would be a good place to start, no?
  7. Just been watching this on Twitch, Momochi just ended with a 71 win streak
  8. Layout for the rest of the year http://images.onesite.com/capcom-unity.com/user/haunts/large/590e1e8d9d67837636874ee4fe89a080.jpg?v=210600 Bare bones until that March Update edit, no idea how to add pictures...
  9. Well, there goes any chance of there being a decent story mode if this is anything to go by. Also, those feet are ridiculous.
  10. You do know there are websites that track which fragments you've got right?
  11. Best stage yet and the music they are using is just brilliant.
  12. Rashid enters the fight No direct feed or images yet.
  13. That is badass. BAD. ASS. It's pretty much Chuck Norris.
  14. Anyone know what to do when there is in-fighting?
  15. So impressed with the intro, completely blew me away. Haven't been impressed with an intro like since maybe Half life 2, mad PT vibes too. The dynamic camera is so free flowing, really brings you into the game to experience the chaos.
  16. Wonder if Mika is going to be in the beta?
  17. I'm still trying to figure out you mean. Cammy and R.Mika have always looked like this, what changes are you talking about? The close up shots? Personally I would like to see a redesign but what you're saying isn't anything new.
  18. Compared to 4? The art is so much better in V. The proportions in the character models are much more defined. When IV first launched I kind of liked it but over time it's shown how much it has dated.
  19. Trailer Liking the two character moves Ono: "No, no, no! More ass, More tits!
  20. New stage too but can't post the image because this forum is poo poo at twitter stuff.
  21. R.Mika leaked Full reveal coming today
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