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  1. Each to their own, I seem to remember the mini series being quite Hallmark Movie of the Week. It was the season one opener that shows what life is like for this bunch of refugees huddled together in the middle of nowhere being attacked by robots. Every. 43 (or so). Minutes. That gripped me. Full disclosure: I did give up on it in season five cos the story felt about as logical as the mad scribbling they find on Kevin Spacey's wall in Seven. And I watched all of Lost.
  2. Just told my wife I was gonna watch an episode of this tonight, who confused me by insisting I'd be up til 3 in the morning until I worked out she was thinking of Dances with Wolves.
  3. I thought it was a bit smug in the first episode but it brought me round. Tennant and Sheen are both very watchable, although Georgia Tennant turns out to be the show's secret weapon I think. Second series opens incredibly ambitiously but lost its way by the end. Although Georgia Tennant has a single amazing explosive line in the last episode that I would have spluttered tea at if I'd been drinking it at the time.
  4. Leads are both awesome. I adore Hathaway. Is this gonna land on any UK streaming platforms though if its Max?
  5. I really enjoyed it. It meandered and I liked being a bit unsure who the protagonist was.
  6. Has everyone got these now? I had a quick read earlier. It does feel like Crash, for better or worse, and there were lots of game reviews, with quite a few I wasn't aware of. So that was good. Interested in how they'll make the quarterly issues work, which is currently being Patreon-ed.
  7. I still maintain theres a good film in Crystal Skull. I'd just reverse the order of the set pieces. The big stuff that hits home in Indy is the small stuff. A man connecting with the Dad that never had time for him for instance. Start big, do the aliens sequence as the cold open, jungle etc, then take things home with the school chase and finish with the ark warehouse sequence. I think Logan is fab but if it was me I'd be begging whoever's behind the new Jumanji movies to do Indy 5. They get how action and character work on each other in movies.
  8. It's also a fabulous Lucius Shepherd scifi novel.
  9. I know but holy shit is he good in American Honey. Actually, fuck Shia Labeouf - link.
  10. Really useful breakdown @Alan Stock. It'd be nice if the characters weren't douches of course, but this is an AAA videogame. It's par.
  11. I see prices of Playstation 5 pictures have gone up... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-PS-Console-5-and-Dualshock-controller-picture-/383832118701?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  12. He also suggested sticking a John Barnes rap on Thieves Like Us to get it to no.1 but the band held out until World In Motion (see *). *This is not true.
  13. This started me thinking about the classic New Order anecdotes. The original version of Blue Monday being lost when the sequencer was accidentally unplugged. The discovery that due to the extraordinarily expensive cost of printing the die cut 'floppy disc' sleeve every copy of Blue Monday 12" sold *cost* Factory 25p. Failing to write Technique because the recording happened in Ibiza. Playing live on Top of the Pops and dropping down the charts afterwards every single time. Peter Hook licking his fingers one by one every time he eat a packet of crisps. I think th
  14. I sold a pile like yours on Ebay a year or so ago. All subs covers. I got a couple of pm requests for the most recent issue so might have separated that out in retrospect but maybe it was a popular cover story. Got a decent amount for them in the end. I'd definitely say it was worth ebaying but ymmv obviously.
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