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  1. I wasn't too struck by the comic, which seemed to be missing a couple of setpieces from the script I read. Wasn't aware there were multiple Gibson goes at it... I wonder if Drews Script-o-Rama is still hosting it? ... It is! (If you dig)
  2. I've been looking forward to this for ages but the UK release has been a fucking mess (Is this down to A24 or whatever they're called or would it be a different company on distribution?). Now their heads have come off with this Pirate awayyyyy strategy and they just want everything to burn, apparently.
  3. Pemberton and Shearsmith showrunners plz.
  4. Our almost 4year old started on Bluey and it is very good indeed. Me and Mrs.Fireproofradiator actually picking up parenting tips but they've got good comedy writers on it. We've been looking for Bluey presents and the merch is just coming out now but lots of stuff already sold out. I think its gonna be the next Peppa Pig/fucking massive. On The Pig; its not the tv show but the book Peppa Pig at the Zoo is extremely funny.
  5. @Museman123 thats really appreciated!
  6. Heya, me and partner just started this. We both get triggered by stuff with babies in cos we have a baby. Could someone (spoiler) say if the baby in this comes to harm?
  7. It's shite and doesn't have a single thought in its head.
  8. There's some awful stuff in Davison's stories but I found some of Four to Doomsday okay when I was on a Who binge about ten years ago. I think Kinda is probably the correct answer but it was so UTTERLY TERRIFYING when I watched it as a lad I've never dared to go back. I'm really fond of Timecrash too.
  9. They've upgraded their Jonesey! Also, The Detectorists extended universe starts here.
  10. Ha! I do my spreadsheets on my mac @roobarb so I'm not in the market for a QL. Beautiful design though. @MikeBeaver I'll happily buy the +3 whatever state it's in but I'm not in any hurry and tbh I don't want to take you away from the forum photo updates, which are awesome/rllmuk's answer to Antiques Roadshow...
  11. @MikeBeaver They should keep you out of mischief for a while! If there's a Speccy 128 or +3 - ideally fubar so I can have a go at a mend - would you give us a shout?
  12. I mean, yeah, it looks splendid. Only thing I'm desperate to see in the cinema this year at mo. I would love an actual release date though.
  13. That's interesting! I supported this a while back, which I enjoyed. Are there any other general titles out or on the way via Kickstarter, @Pixelated Ben? I'm not so bothered about single system ones.
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