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  1. That's really useful, all. I'll pick up tickets when I get paid. Link here for those interested - did I mention it's in 35mm (also, dubbed) - link
  2. They're showing 35 mil of Howl's Moving Castle next month at the Abbeydale Picture House in Sheffield, which is just as charming a venue as it sounds but 50% colder (there's no heating). My question is - would a very mature for her age 2.75 year old be okay watching it? And are there any Ghibli anyone would recommend for a 2.75 year old (who's very mature for her age)? That's two questions isn't it? But I really want to give my daughter more media options than Disney and Peppa Pig... Although I actually quite like Peppa Pig. John Sparkes ftw.
  3. Interesting thread. Tech could also be driving the move toward solo from a consumer pov. If everyone's watching on tiny wee phone screens presumably one person works better than lots of people who become like dots?
  4. I’d been looking at that speccy joypad so your recommendation just moved me to take the plunge @WizRider. Got a wee power on off switch for my old 48k too!
  5. Spectrum Computing has a decent forum too. If you're after new games for the Next I'd suggest combination of that and maybe http://www.indieretronews.com/, which covers new releases and links to files where creators have shared.
  6. They still make them, occasionally. Karl Urban is keeping the fire alight.
  7. Most its good stuff is Devito-related but that was enough for me, although I genuinely found the cafe discussions completely engaging. Not sure how they're going to pull off a third without more stunt casting.
  8. I haven't watched this - I will - but when I was looking at it a little ago there was discussion about whether to show it at christmas or over easter and I think BBC should have waited. I don't know whether there's still a desire to 'win' christmas over ITV behind the decision to show it at Christmas - that feels a little old hat now - but it would at least have given Doctor Who more attention and I think the new series of that is really really really good and not getting the most amazing ratings. How's this done rating-wise?
  9. Tommy Westphall's snow globe.
  10. Well I'm half way through the new episode and it's the best Who in ages. A completely different show from the last series. Have they got in a new producer or something? Combination of humour and dread makes it feel like a cross between Davies' show and Lucio Fulci.
  11. The Favourite. Just missed Bait on tour last weekend.
  12. @Stanshall @spatula - thanks for this/these - really useful info which hopefully others find handy too!
  13. Question for thread people - Stanshall's posts on Mushi Futari have got me interested but does anyone know if it's possible to buy the jpn version of a game via a uk xbox account and have it work? Link here - I'm also wondering if the £5 off voucher I picked up recently will work for this...
  14. Willy Meets the Taxman or a Team Silent-authored Silent Hill plz.
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