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  1. Yeah, I’m getting into this now. I thought the latest episode was really nicely directed, George’s was amazing and obviously
  2. I’ve watched first three episodes of this. I think it suffers from the lack of a clear threat or antagonist and the story world keeps reminding me of Fallout which is a problem cos in that you can just wander through lots of little stories and experiences that are satisfying. Silo’s world feels… alright… Everyone’s safe, there’s ‘adequate food’. I think I’d enjoy it more if it leant into the normalcy and minutae of life in an underground bunker but Rebecca Ferguson is good, the exploring the mystery stuff is actually compelling and puzzley and I’m imagining Tim Robbins is around cos there’s some meaty work ahead for him rather than just having bills to pay. Anyway,
  3. Seeing the Tom logo on those shots gives me tingles.
  4. @tejinashi We're watching The Big Door Prize at the moment. Your enjoyment will depend on how much you like Chris O'Dowd, who's been doing hollywood stuff for 10 years now (I think that's how old This is 40 is) but it still feels like a weird fever dream seeing him in US shows.
  5. I don’t know why they do it but don’t they share non-finished CGI in trailers oftentimes?
  6. That's like saying you don't like Slade because of Merry Xmas Everybody.
  7. I think we possibly need to split thread into 'Reasonable Hate' and 'Unreasonable Hate' cos Skinner sounds like the former for instance. Reasonable Hate Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, any other bands who merrily banged/passed around underage groupies Beck is a Scientologist I've never liked Damon Albarn/Blur so I was really annoyed by how much I liked Silent Running recently Unreasonable Hate Whole swathes of metal. It's based on a tribal dislike from when I was a teenager listening to The Smiths and Sarah Record stuff but I occasionally hear something by Iron Maiden for instance and think 'That sounds like fun'. Metallica and the shitty incel parts of death metal can both do one though. Ed Sheeran. He's perfectly harmless but his work is just so mediocre and uninspired and feels cynically designed and devoid of any art. He's a Lidl White Sliced Loaf of a man. That he gets mentioned in the same breath as the likes of Beyonce and Taylor Swift (in terms of profile and sales, rather than artistic value) is astonishing. I mean, what's his music for? This next section I'm grouping under the heading 'Fake ass shit' Mark Ronson Rag n' Bone Man Paloma Faith Miley Cyrus George Ezra. See Ed Sheeran but less harmless. Just to note, there is also an amazing Ezra. The George is the wrong one That's all for now.
  8. 2023 list is out now, a lathe-cutting record company in my city tells me via Facebook. No New Order, but I haven’t picked up that Perfect Kiss 12” reissue they released at the start of the year yet anyway. There’s a vocalless version of Brian Eno’s new one, which might be interesting but headline is probably the Bluey soundtrack part two.
  9. I’m really excited about this. It’s the same people who did Game Night - if you haven’t seen that do yourself a favour.
  10. I’d been really looking forward to the Record Fair at Crystal Peaks in Sheffield cos they have some good CDs. £2 each. Morrissey is a reactionary piece of shit nowadays. Seriously, fuck that guy. But I adored him from ‘89-‘93 and I’m collecting CDs that meant something to me. Thinking about sticking notes about them for my kids to find. Not sure Bill Hicks will have aged well but couldn’t pass them up. There’s some really good stuff on the Massive Attack ’Remixes and Unreleased’ one.
  11. In a world where Doom Patrol the TV show exists I think a Morrowind show could work.
  12. I'm fiercely bonding with Damien Le Bas's The Stopping Places. It's about his exploring his gypsy heritage and there's lots of grim layby's in it so it's catnip for me cos it's traveller-based and edgelands-ey. I think his reading is fantastic too. A review of the book here.
  13. Enjoyed the finale but the most thrilling part was Few bits for next time round if Claud is reading this. 1. Forget normal people, who the traitors just keep as the meat in the room. Only cast people who are psychologists, HR directors, police detectives and others with skin in the game. 2. Do an ‘extra slice’ style show. must be presenter. 3. Add ‘1-2-1’ sections where two contestants go off to interrogate one another, encouraging more sequences like above. 4. Or allow contestants to review audioless cctv footage from the day to see what/who’s been talking to who. 5. Celebrity Traitors She had the final 5 on her Radio 2 show earlier if anyone’s interested.
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