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  1. I mean, yeah, it looks splendid. Only thing I'm desperate to see in the cinema this year at mo. I would love an actual release date though.
  2. That's interesting! I supported this a while back, which I enjoyed. Are there any other general titles out or on the way via Kickstarter, @Pixelated Ben? I'm not so bothered about single system ones.
  3. We is old. Time was you'd get instruction manuals you could make roaches out of.
  4. Slight ot but I was surprised to get a call from cex telling me the ps3 dualshock id sent them was a bootleg. A bootleg controller??? It was certainly a good one. Guy said he spotted it cos the label on underside was different from a legit one.
  5. We're on series six or something now aren't we? Dunbar's just freewheeling at this point. I mean I love Vicky McClure's naturalistic performance but it's his scenes I look forward to.
  6. Crikey, Vostok 2061 is a looker (although I can't find a version of the video that'll embed)... https://cdn.cloudflare.steamstatic.com/steam/apps/256824296/movie480_vp9.webm?t=1616083491 https://store.steampowered.com/app/1463830/Vostok_2061/
  7. Yep, I'm gonna get those Double Fine ones. Nat Geo TV looks good. Reviewed here by Kevin Turvey...
  8. Oh great! Forgot about that and Rez is my second favourite game. Here's the Kinect trailer for the lifestyle marketing lols. Do videogame companies still market games like this? Its hilarious.
  9. As title. For kids of 4 years and 47 years. I was thinking of the Sesame Street one for my daughter and maybe Dead Space 3 or Skyrim for me. Also, favorite Kinect games. I've already got this, which I'm excited about. Bonus stage topic - Is this retro?
  10. @mikebeaver, love poring through your photos. Thanks for sharing these. I've always wanted to play the Mother series if you were happy to let the GBA ones go? There's a few Mother III hacks on ebay for around £13 but can't find 1&2 on there... And I'd be up for an unboxed SNES weirdy game to motivate me to finally have a go at @Ninja Doctor's JPN SNES! Shall I drop you a PM?
  11. @Sabreman That's amazing. I think maybe Kotto will be boxed as a serious dude in obits - yep looking at IMDB and BBC it's all 'intense', 'physically imposing' - but that shows his range. Is Blue Collar any good?
  12. Also, Midnight Run. My favourite film. This clip doesn't have his explosive "I'M MOSELY!!!" Sadly. Which is one for the ages.
  13. I enjoyed Downhill Domination when I was testing out a couple of PS2s the other day. Very 90's tone but it's a nice arcadey racer, there's little bits of environmental drama and they're single top to bottom routes rather than looping circuts so tiny (I do mean tiny) feeling of narrative there. Also, it's fun.
  14. Yeah, he would appear to be a piece of work. I think Benson and Moorhead are my new jam.
  15. @Arn Ironjaw - Can you suggest alternative wording? I don't want to misrepresent.
  16. Great films - I love his work and I think I've posted in this thread before. But his ex-partner has issued a restraining order against him and he sounds like a shithead - link.
  17. I was blown away (sic) by Rolling Thunder in the arcades but its twitchy, coin swallowing setup is less of a draw for me nowadays. Elevator Action Returns on the Saturn is more forgiving and the agency is richer and its so full of character, it feels like a dry run for the Dreamcast's golden run of titles like Space Channel 5 and JSR. I need to play Rolling Thunder 2.
  18. I've only played it for an hour so far cos 11-month old baby but I'd say the writing's pushing pretty hard on that front. It's the art direction that's keeping me on board at the moment...
  19. Was trying to take a bit of time away from the forum but @watusi paged me to this thread - amazing work @MikeBeaver ! I'd happily take the busted fairground crystal xbox if @pistol has passed on it.
  20. Each to their own, I seem to remember the mini series being quite Hallmark Movie of the Week. It was the season one opener that shows what life is like for this bunch of refugees huddled together in the middle of nowhere being attacked by robots. Every. 43 (or so). Minutes. That gripped me. Full disclosure: I did give up on it in season five cos the story felt about as logical as the mad scribbling they find on Kevin Spacey's wall in Seven. And I watched all of Lost.
  21. Just told my wife I was gonna watch an episode of this tonight, who confused me by insisting I'd be up til 3 in the morning until I worked out she was thinking of Dances with Wolves.
  22. I thought it was a bit smug in the first episode but it brought me round. Tennant and Sheen are both very watchable, although Georgia Tennant turns out to be the show's secret weapon I think. Second series opens incredibly ambitiously but lost its way by the end. Although Georgia Tennant has a single amazing explosive line in the last episode that I would have spluttered tea at if I'd been drinking it at the time.
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