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  1. I’m utterly torn about this. My 5-year old daughter likes the film but we’re a single income household and even though we’d have a friend putting us up it’d wind up costing the same as a long weekend by the sea. On a beach. Which she’d love. 

    But then I think I’m depriving her of what could be a completely magical experience. 

    Anyway, while I pondered this all the tickets sold out.


    Would this tour does anyone think?

  2. 2 hours ago, Clipper said:

    I have always been of the opinion Deckard is a replicant and it makes the original far more interesting.


    You're with Ridley Scott on that one but personally I think it's a richer film - and final fight in particular - with a weak, knackered, privileged human fighting a robot who's the opposite.

  3. 2 hours ago, deKay said:


    I mean the ending is incomprehensible. How can she go back in and do whatever if she's invisible to everyone still? Or is she not, and if not, why not?


    Oh the ending, yes! I feel like the ending might have gone over my head cos the cut to black seemed like a bold florish.

  4. 12 hours ago, deKay said:

    Watched the first 4 and that was the standout. First one just ended with no sort of resolution and was incomprehensible. 


    I wouldn't say it was incomprehensible. It was a fairly simple concept. As a piece of telly it just didn't seem like it was particularly interested in that concept. I thought the scenes where characters were talking were more compelling.


    I liked '...On a Shelf' and it's probably the most artfully designed of the ones we've watched but Betty Gilpin had a lot of heavy lifting.


    Watched '...Fed by a Duck' last night which was good but we got distracted by imagining the long conversations production would have had about whether to animate Steve's (think that's his name. He seemed like a Steve) beak moving when he spoke or not, which suggests it wasn't completely holding our attention...


    I might be doing light grizzling here but what Roar has managed to do in our house is get a man who identifies as a feminist to watch several hours of television about the subject.


    Nicole Kidman exec produces, and I imagine she read '...Eats photographs' and just said 'Mine!' It's the standout for me so far.


    I'm excited about the next one tho, which has Alison Brie in it.

  5. Hey so the second episode of Roar was really good. It’s about the relationship between a mum with dementia/memory loss and their daughter. My mum has advanced Parkinson’s so that had my attention but the central conceit was so well executed and the performances so strong (Judy Davis and Nicole Kidman in particular).


    I loved it, although in contrast to the first ep I felt like the ending was a little too tied with a bow. 


    19 hours ago, deKay said:

    Anyone watched Roar yet? Thoughts if so?

    Watched the first one yesterday. Big Glow fans round our house. 

    I wasn’t blown away. Good central performance but the conceit was treated wi kid gloves. Ten minutes in I was asking ‘what is this about?’  Which is a bit tough for a 30 min anthology.

    Excited about The Woman Who Was Kept On A Shelf though.

  7. I have no problem with them but I don't think Spiderman or MCU are really 'movies' in the same way the latest one by the guy who did Independence Day is. A media/culture writer would probably call them 'Entertainment Systems' or something, like CoD or FIFA.


    Has anything that isn't Spiderman or MCU made business since covid?

  8. I don't know. I'm still enjoying it but I'm not getting the existential horror and schlock of series one anymore. 


    This is weird but between the costumes, camp and quarry sets it's starting to remind me of the 80's Buck Rogers. Just to confirm, I don't have any problem with that at all but I do feel like it's a changed show from the first series.

  9. I don't really know what Scott was going for with Prometheus - something something Chariots of the Gods perhaps? - and the character work is all over the shop (see also the rest of his scifi. He doesn't give a shit) but its fun, a looker and he stages the hell out of it. I love its goofy ass.

  10. Think I've seen all of Garland's work, despite thinking he's pretty variable. Apart from the Tesseract lol. Thought Devs flattered to deceive - I would have preferred a series from VanderMeer's novels...


    Anyway, nice to see him on a horror tip again. I'd be very much up for a circle back to some of the themes of 28 Days Later.

  11. 6 minutes ago, Harsin said:

    Covid impact stuff is usually things like lack of extras and whatnot and scenes outdoor scenes feeling thin


    That does remind me of the Io scenes.


    I mean it's hardly important but could provide context. I agree about the slightly less than prestige feel to proceedings on the fourth entry in this Hollywood franchise but things iike poor lighting wouldn't bother me if the story was compelling.

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