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  1. Coming in to ask if the budget limitations alluded to by a couple of people in comments might actually be as much a symptom of covid-aware filming...
  2. Well it's easier if the art is crap. Jim'll Fix It was fucking boring. Louis CK was a great comedian who was moving into great sitcom and movie work. I'd love to be enjoying his work but it's more important I stand with the people he's abused. See also, Morrissey. I jumped out after Vauxhall, but his last album turned up on Spotify and sounded really interesting. I've even bought it (second hand) on CD. But it turns out I'm not about to play the damn thing. He's so racist he could live in Lincolnshire.
  3. Just picked this up on Amazon. co.uk for £15. The trailer made it look lovely with the whimsy and exploring. The bits of people playing it on Twitch made it look like Gunman Chronicles. Keen to see which I get.
  4. @Scribblor That's a good point about tastebuds. I had two packs of Co-Op's Industrial Strengh Salt n Vinegar a couple of weeks ago and mine are still stinging. I could be drinking Mellow Birds right now and I wouldn't know it.
  5. Bought a pack of Sheffield's Cafe #9 roast for relatives for christmas and I will buy some ground for my aeropress but I can't do that at work and I can't afford to buy a coffee every day or even every other day. ... I'm a bit nervous about asking this in this thread but you do all seem nice. ... Does anyone have any suggestions for a decent instant?
  6. Yeah here's another example, which barely passed the five laugh rule in our ward.
  7. Its the best film I've seen this year, although there's plenty of movies came out this year I've not watched. I love slow, fatalistic magic realist bullshit though. Everything's set out in the trailer as far as tone and subject are concerned so I'm shocked - shocked I say - that people are reporting manfully struggling through it.
  8. The most recent press release from Bethesda says so - including for PS4, which is my console - but we're a week from release and I can't find any physical versions listed anywhere.
  9. You lie! I stuck on a season 4 disc last night (Virgin Broadband is down) and the cinema one was wank.
  10. It'll be Cowboys and Aliens won't it? Craig seems like a decent enough chap, based on that interview and I'm glad he still likes Love is the Devil which is a great piece of work. I thought the new one was boring tbh. They've decided not to compete on stunts - Mission Impossible has them sewn up - and thrown out the camp 70's baby with the dodgy sexual politics bathwater so you're left with a kind of sombre reflective goo with no purpose beyond making money and spreading a global pandemic. Ana de Armas was really good though.
  11. Ooh, I'm not sure about that. The animation look and movement reminds me of the PC game, which was a fantastic experience but 20 years ago.
  12. I'm looking forward to the Stephen Moffat episode each season.
  13. I wasn't too struck by the comic, which seemed to be missing a couple of setpieces from the script I read. Wasn't aware there were multiple Gibson goes at it... I wonder if Drews Script-o-Rama is still hosting it? ... It is! (If you dig)
  14. I've been looking forward to this for ages but the UK release has been a fucking mess (Is this down to A24 or whatever they're called or would it be a different company on distribution?). Now their heads have come off with this Pirate awayyyyy strategy and they just want everything to burn, apparently.
  15. Pemberton and Shearsmith showrunners plz.
  16. Our almost 4year old started on Bluey and it is very good indeed. Me and Mrs.Fireproofradiator actually picking up parenting tips but they've got good comedy writers on it. We've been looking for Bluey presents and the merch is just coming out now but lots of stuff already sold out. I think its gonna be the next Peppa Pig/fucking massive. On The Pig; its not the tv show but the book Peppa Pig at the Zoo is extremely funny.
  17. @Museman123 thats really appreciated!
  18. Heya, me and partner just started this. We both get triggered by stuff with babies in cos we have a baby. Could someone (spoiler) say if the baby in this comes to harm?
  19. It's shite and doesn't have a single thought in its head.
  20. There's some awful stuff in Davison's stories but I found some of Four to Doomsday okay when I was on a Who binge about ten years ago. I think Kinda is probably the correct answer but it was so UTTERLY TERRIFYING when I watched it as a lad I've never dared to go back. I'm really fond of Timecrash too.
  21. They've upgraded their Jonesey! Also, The Detectorists extended universe starts here.
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