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  1. So disappointing. I wanted to see I watched the first two eps, then skipped to
  2. You have to what now? Bewtonns? I haven't played for about a year, does there happen to be any site that tells about all the changes they've made since then? I heard Heavy Missiles are rubbish now and no-one flies BC's or Assault Ships anymore. And there's some sort of new 'temporary criminal' flagging system?
  3. Video of a guild raid from a few months ago when we were still on Deso. Would have put up a more recent one but they take so long to upload I never end up bothering.
  4. I thought IRON moved to Sea of Sorrows server in NA? From what I understand they moved because they were fed up of being stuck fighting Vizunah Square all the time in the old WvW rankings system (a lot of us were) and some people stayed behind and formed a new guild (INVI?). The guild I'm in 'Extraordinary Gentlemen (EXG)' has quite a lot of members now - saw 70 on during Sunday - and do both PVE and WvW events. Could try applying there maybe df0?
  5. I'm still playing this. I checked how many hours I'd done recently (/age in chat) and it was something insane like 1200+. :/ I have two level 80 chars now, a Thief and an Engineer. The Thief I only made pretty recently though but it's a lot different to play than Engi. I got one of those dragon ticket things randomly (think it dropped from a dead guy in WvW) and got a shield, then I decided that I really wanted a pistol to go with it so I started collecting/buying the coffers that drop and opening those. Managed to get another ticket after opening about 1500 of the damned things (read posts on the forums though about people opening like 4000-6000 and not getting anything).
  6. I play quite regularly (although it's competing with Dark Souls for my time now) but I definitely found it much better after joining a Guild. I mostly play World vs World or the sPvP maps, only ever done a handful of the PVE dungeons. Thinking about trying Planetside 2 also.
  7. Sim Towns seems even more accurate. Wouldn't be surprised to see DLC come along later that lets you build proper sized cities. For a price.
  8. Armour through the Ages (shame it's mostly trenchcoats but there you go): Starter armour! Cheapo green armour I got as soon as I hit 80. First set of Exotic Karma armour. Different Exotic armour transmuted to Rascal's armour (the Knight Exotic looked horrendous). Still have the starter monocle because it's ace. A gun! Exotic rifle transmuted from Rare because it also looked terrible before.
  9. I like running around with the IRON guys. I joined EXG so we use your teamspeak also.
  10. I'm still doing pve stuff, just randomly wandering around. I haven't been on an awful lot because of Torchlight 2 and XCOM, although even when I am on there's not a lot of others from the guild as it tends to be between 11pm-3am. I will want to start doing WvW though. I've only just got to level 30. :/
  11. I'm level 29 atm, I can do the first dungeon at 30 right?
  12. I did not realize I can keep spewing out spider mines to make up a little army. Also in the tooltip for them its says there's a 'fifteen second duration' or something for them. Is that an error? How does multiplayer work (haven't done my runic account thing yet)? Can you just play with randoms? Is it advisable to? Nobody I know is really into this kind of game.
  13. Managed to complete this on normal yesterday with a pimped up Engi cruiser but...
  14. Been playing this all day, it's great. Furthest I've got is to the mothership but my own ship was half a wreck before I even started the fight, so it didn't last too long.
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