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  1. 1985 - Pretty much everything on this list thanks to c90’s and a twin tape deck https://zxspectrumgames.com/tag/1985/
  2. Got my delivery in - drinking beer to support a good cause.
  3. Mainly due to the game pass and BC I’ll go for an Xbox at launch - I’ll probably pick up a PS a bit down the line - maybe once they redesign the thing or bring it out in black
  4. That Horizon trailer screams bullshot to me - maybe I’m just jaded by previous Sony “reveals”
  5. Then you get glaring omissions with online like being unable to customise the number or rounds in a game of backgammon which negates the whole point scoring system and doubling.
  6. I’ll take burgle bros please.
  7. Left you a tip and a cupcake @Fneeb - my wife is just waiting in the queue now
  8. Myself, my wife and daughter would love that price if you’re sending codes out.
  9. my first game as well - my original speccy for Xmas was faulty and this was the only game that worked for some reason. I can mostly also remember the poem it gave you. Before that I had Astro Wars as well.
  10. I’d say give a decent rules video a watch - the digital edition tutorials I always find awkward. Rodney Smith is always decent and easy to follow. https://youtu.be/ffMLIL5qGQg as for best place to buy check https://boardgameprices.co.uk for a decent price comparison site.
  11. Tabletop Sim continues to be the saviour of my sanity at the moment, our gaming group meet up a few times a week and have played loads of stuff but the best so far was a 6 hr session of Arkwright last night. Not just because I had to spend hours rejigging the mod on the workshop to be a more user friendly (and not broken) experience which has shown me how easy creating content on TTS really can be but also because I scraped a win by £4
  12. Hi folks - can I ask a favour. If anyone has kids on ACNH that would be happy to add my daughter (8) as a friend so she has some other islands to visit can you drop me a PM and I’ll pass her friend code on. Thanks
  13. Just trying to make it to your house to leave a tip - what an amazing island you have @Spleen
  14. If you can add me And the wife please @Spleen we have a bundle of nips to cash in. 6593-2467-4210 3714-7812-1606 thank you
  15. I followed this video for the rules to the co-operative game Afterwards the extra rules for solo and competitive are reasonable simple to pick up.
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