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  1. who’s gonna pick 120fps mode over consistent 60 with with all the shiny? It’s nice that they can do it but seems more just something to put on the back of the box
  2. The actual shooting (what you spend most time doing) seems to be getting unanimous praise. complaints about the story I don’t care about - who actually plays halo for the story/lore? Looks nice enough and seems to run at a consistent 60 on the series x. Looking forward to launch - even if DF at 400% zoom notice something.
  3. I think it featured in one of the MS showcase events where loads of stuff was announced as coming to gamepass - hence why people keep thinking it was day one. I'll hold off on it as it seems exactly the middle tier game that will be on the service in 3-6 months anyway.
  4. Mine has worked fine with an achievement from genesis noir (my play until an achievement pop game)
  5. Yay Lawn Mowing Sim - that has chillout xmas game written all over it.
  6. I doubt that - having day one MS published stuff + big 3rd party games that are still in the £40 price range in other formats makes gamepass even more enticing. Not like MS are short of money.
  7. I am so glad that people are picking this up now - I paid near full price and still feel it was worth every penny. If you want a fun, single player, story focused game then take a punt on it - you won’t regret it.
  8. Picked up lords of water deep for £25 - it’s one of the first games I played and I think that my daughter will enjoy it, it does however mean I’ll need the expansion, metal coins, neoprene playmat and custom meeples at some point now.
  9. Crackdown 2 was given away free ages ago that’ll be where that’s come from.
  10. I just don’t understand what she expected to happen when she basically tried to deep fry the dough!!!
  11. Mortis

    Xbox museum

    Yeah my daughter's gaming habits have certainly skewed this a bit - I've only ever played a couple of hours of minecraft but she constantly leaves me signed in when she's on the machine.
  12. Grab the gamepass app on your phone - that shows the expiry date on your profile page.
  13. No option to say I’m happy with my series x and wish I’d held off on the PS5 as I was sucked in by the shiny of ratchet and clank and it’s sat unused ever since.
  14. I’m pretty much cannon fodder in these games but would be up for some less competitive fun - Mortis316uk
  15. I think we’re ok for now although I fully expect Spider-Man 4 to pack in Venom, Morbius and any other marvel IP that Sony own so they can have their own cinematic universe.
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