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  1. Need to clear space so parting with some less played games. Prices include P+P Photosynthesis - £22 Lewis and Clarke 1st edition (missing 2 solo tokens) - £16 Waggle Dance - £18 Avalon - £10 Arboretum Deluxe - £22 Pyramids- £14
  2. Avoid this like the plague - it looks ok but is mostly an incoherent, uncontrollable mess - it’s not even worth the bandwidth to download on gamepass.
  3. Hate watching something always ends up changing peoples opinions on the main star doesn’t it. I actually thought it was pretty sympathetic to the difficulties of farming - especially when you see the final profit at the end for all the work that went in.
  4. Got back late last night and throat is dead thanks to Res Arcana being mobbed constantly since Friday morning. Was nice to say hi briefly at the end to @therearerules and if any of you attending did demo with me I hope you enjoyed - I certainly did
  5. You need to park and turn off the engines.
  6. Meh I only ever turn sky one on for the Simpsons when there’s nowt else on anyway.
  7. I’ll be with asmodee in my lovely purple shirt demoing res arcana in the discovery zone. Pop along and say hi if you’re about
  8. No idea how to get active pause working on series X - looks lovely though compared to my ageing PC.
  9. Well that 180 has made me comfortable enough to go and demo again. Funnily there’s a section of the boardgaming fan base now determined they won’t go because of the mandatory mask requirement.
  10. On that logic I expect the red tops to be calling for his head tomorrow morning ‘cos that what normally happens when England lose something the media have built them up to believe they have a god given right to win.
  11. Well asmodee UK have a floor plan and are looking for demo team for UKGE at the moment and don’t look like the change of entry rules are bothering them in the slightest if folk want to work it.
  12. asmodee haven’t pulled out of UKGE as yet anyway - there’s certainly a discussion amongst the demo team about who feels it’s safe to work at now though.
  13. Everything about Japanese culture I’ve learned from yakuza games - please don’t tell me they aren’t accurate portrayals.
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