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  1. Anyone that wants to come visit my friend code is 6593 2467 4210 I’ve added a few from here already and a couple from my daughters account as she had no one to visit.
  2. So how do we work this with 2 switches in a house. Both will have physical copies and we have a family online sub on switch 1 at the moment.
  3. Saturday evening works for me - It’s open later so let’s me grab some grub after my shift and then get some decent gaming.
  4. ok that’s 3 players then Friday or Saturday evening? I’m sure we can find one more.
  5. @michael I’ll see how my brain feels after a day or 2 or demoing but I’ll certainly fling Vinhos in the boot just in case.
  6. @michael working all 3 days demoing for asmodee - looking forward to it and hoping to get some gaming done afterwards. Might pack vinhos or Arkwright
  7. Watched this last night - mainly on the forum good buzz. Really entertaining thriller with a few decent jump scares as well - worth a watch.
  8. I’ve got cooper island on order - just waiting patiently for the retail stock to arrive I actually picked up the solo against cooper deck as it was only a few £ and I like a simple automa rather than running 2 hands. There’s also a site with some lovely overlays for the player board that I think I’ll be ordering as well , the ones they do for Maracaibo are excellent. https://shop.brettspiel-news.de/brettspiel-zubehoer/31-maracaibo-overlay-set.html
  9. So despite loving "heavy" games I've always been slightly intimidated by Vital Lacerda titles - something I have now rectified after a mate picked up Kanban recently. You play a worker in a car factory, picking up designs, parts, making cars, upgrading cars and having the odd meeting - sounds simple and considering you only have 1 worker and 5 locations to place it on a turn it should be a piece of cake. What follows is maybe one of the best games I've ever played - the basic puzzle of taking actions at the right time to get cars into your garage with a few upgrades and make a few points is constantly frustrated by the other players and it takes clever planning to make it all come together. On top of the other people around the table getting in your way you also have to contend with Sandra the factory manager who constantly patrols the board and either hands out points (nice Sandra) or deducts points (mean Sandra) depending on meeting certain criteria and being 1st or last on the training level for the area you are in depending what mode you play. It's not often these days a game jumps into my top 5 but this has and it may climb higher over time as at every player count it has proven to be an immensely enjoyable couple of hours. If anyone is interested it also has a pretty wonderful online implementation at http://www.boiteajeux.net mortis316uk is my username if you want to invite me to a game Next up On Mars by the same designer and maybe Vinhos as well - if they keep up the quality I can see a new shelf in my collection expanding over time.
  10. I found the resident evil 2 boardgame incredibly dull. It’s very much a move dude, roll dice game - I’d rather play zombiecide and I didn’t like that either.
  11. Ad Astra So interesting I couldn’t remember the name of it the next day - 1/5 Ford v Ferrari Some lovely race sequences and decent performances from all involved. 3/5
  12. I picked up bargain quest when it came into print recently it’s a fun game and plays well at every player count. It was only available from the states for ages so I expect the renegade games print run sold out for the base game quite quickly.
  13. It’s a game I’d love to try but I’m afraid I’d spoil it as despite liking the premise of social deduction games I never quite find them absorbing enough with the groups I’ve played in.
  14. I picked up a copy of Maracaibo and have managed to get a couple of games in over the last few days with different groups. You’re a bunch of privateers sailing the Caribbean in the 17th century and doing a mix of exploring, fighting for the 3 nations (France, Spain, England), recruiting and questing - all done in typical euro fashion of worker placement, hand management and tableau building. It’s a proper point salad of a game with cards you play having dual functions - discard for resources or build for the endgame points and lots of ongoing effects. Both groups of friends have enjoyed it and both games have played out very differently on the board. With so many cards in play, a campaign option and lots of variance in the available deck I can see this one hitting the table regularly- despite the 3-4 hour playtime (I expect that to reduce as we become familiar).
  15. Yeah my plan of no new games for a bit has also failed badly although the Inis expansion had been preordered for ages, the Feast for Odin expansion I had credit on boardgamehut for and Maracaibo was my Xmas money so technically I’ve spent nothing yeah
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