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  1. But untitled goose game and goat sim are brilliant at what they’ve set out to do. Skatebird is just unmitigated shite.
  2. I got my Spectrum for Xmas in 1983 the first “proper” computer I’d ever laid hands on. My mum must have saved like mad to get it as a single parent but she thought computers were the future and wanted me to get a good start. Xmas day and the next few weeks we’re spent playing jumping jack, the hobbit and through the wall from the horizons demo tape. I honestly don’t think I’d have had the passion for gaming or the career in IT I have nowadays if it hadn’t been for that affordable little box. Sir Clive saw the future in that regard and put it in reach of everyone.
  3. Just spent an hour on superliminal- if you enjoy an inventive puzzle game it’s worth a look.
  4. My first computer and probably the reason that I work in IT and play games. He truly was a visionary RIP sir Clive
  5. It’s not Christmas in my house till Hans Gruber falls off the nakatomi plaza.
  6. Hate to be that guy but I found this nothing more than an average time waster. There's no game there and as a "walking sim" it has absolutely no substance, the whole game is basically flashy psychedelic eye candy with a complete bobbins story attached to carry you from scene to scene. A couple of moments raised a smile but seeing this compared to Douglas Adams makes me just shake my head in disbelief. Glad I played it but it won't be one I'll remember the name of in 6 months time. Anyway I won't rain on anyone's parade - I just felt I needed to comment for some balance of opinion here.
  7. Mortis


    Wow 18 and being handed $2.5 million - madness.
  8. Mortis


    Nice to see Fernandez going for the cheap pops from the crowd - there’s a future in wwe if she ever gives up tennis.
  9. the promos are baby party and confidence trick - both are the ones on the website.
  10. I think they are available on the website https://www.micromacro-game.com/en/extracontent.html
  11. This won’t see the light of day till Xmas 2024 at the earliest. Wonder when the MCU is expected to introduce the XMen into the lore.
  12. Then let the info leak! Showing a CGI trailer that has no resemblance to the final product just reminds me of the old PS bullshots from Killzone and Motorstorm.
  13. Fair enough - it looks lovely and I’ll play it to the end but it’s the definition of style over substance for me so far.
  14. It looks nice but it plays like my first platform game interspersed with simon pattern puzzles. Does it expand into more than this or is it the whole arty psychedelia? Maybe I'm spoiled by the section in Psychonauts 2 or looking for more game?
  15. So at my games group this week I found out I’m all over Facebook for Tabletop Scotland 2022 - looking puzzled playing Arkwright (it’s about 3 hrs into the game) Worth a visit though - TTS is a lovely friendly convention.
  16. yeah till a few of the big hitters slip into aug/sep. Most of the stuff shown looked lovely but am I the only one sick of these events showing me teasers for games I can’t play for 2-3 years ?
  17. Well that's another company I'll never buy a game from again.
  18. if you own it you can play it, I can still play all the Forza and Horizon games that have been delisted digitally, I just can’t buy them from the MS store. Even gift cards will work until they run out of supply.
  19. Exactly that - I expect the plan was to have FM8 out by now but covid delays etc.
  20. Of all the wrong things you’ve posted this has to be in the top 3.
  21. Why doesn’t Spider-Man count? It’s an MCU movie in all bar the publishing company.
  22. Nuclear Throne is excellent. Not as shiny and polished as hades but if they have it running at 60FPS then it’s well worth a look.
  23. Returnal - part of me wants to love this but then there’s the old man reflexes that mean I die way more than I think is healthy. Will give it a bit longer though.
  24. Recompile seemed ok but the decision to make so many pipe based paths that twist about and allow you to fall to your death kinda put me off investing any time in it.
  25. I only bother about them for rewards points I have a mate though who classes himself as a “trophy hunter” on PlayStation - he’s got hundreds of platinums, lots of which involve tedious tasks that suck the fun out of the game. I don’t know why anyone outside of playground bragging could be arsed with it.
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