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  1. Got cooper island to the table this weekend. I picked this up just as we went into lockdown in 2020 and managed one 2 player game since then (it’s a bit too heavy for my family). It’s a worker placement game but has a fairly unique resource generation mechanism - as you build up your peninsula you place a cube on any newly laid tiles - the value of the resource is equal to the height of the tile stack. The entire game is one big puzzle, 5 short rounds trying to optimise every action and gain the few points the game hands out. Glad to say it’s excellent at 4 and one that will be more regular at our gaming group as despite being a brain melting euro it plays in under 2 hours.
  2. As far as I’ve read it also doesn’t pop if you own the game so someone’s messed up. I expect it’ll be sorted for a compatible game in the next day or so.
  3. There’s only a couple of mild swears - no idea why they felt the need as it’s entirely unnecessary. It’s no worse than what you’d find in any marvel movie though (from what I recall)
  4. Ok episode 3 has officially creeped me out to the point I’m taking a break for the night. Wasn’t sure if this would work on the extended format but it absolutely does I may have nightmares about “family”
  5. Just completed Beacon Pines, a wholly charming few hours with an entertaining story and likeable cast. It’s basically a visual novel and never taxing but well worth a play through.
  6. Mortis


    No one knows - all we know is the exclusivity is up on the 14th so technically it could appear this week. Obviously it also may never appear we just won’t know till MS are legally allowed to say anything.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised to see that one drop the moment the exclusivity expired.
  8. Nothing I uncovered made any reference of the actress having not aged in the interim 30 years or so but after I saw the credits roll I’d lost interest in the story and wasn’t going hunting as I fear hunting for deeper meaning is a waste of my time and energy.
  9. I got the yawn brew one last year since the pact one sold out. Had some decent coffee in there and it’s nice to have a traditional “door” style calendar I’ve just ordered my one for this year https://www.theboardgamehut.co.uk/product/exit-advent-calendar-the-hunt-for-the-golden-book/ well I say “one” but if I can get a pact coffee calendar I’ll have that as well
  10. Mortis


    Well you can but neither her story or your novel have that functionality as a central mechanic. There’s very little linking pieces of this together other than objects and faces that open new clips of objects and faces - the story plays itself and gives you the illusion of control but it’s smoke and mirrors.
  11. Mortis


    Well I pretty much finished it by clicking on faces and stuff until new bits appeared - often just clicking the same face in multiple reels pinged an achievement and advanced the game. There’s no puzzle here outside of what people appear to project onto it themselves - I honestly think you can get the ending on this by just clicking mindlessly and occasionally rewinding until the credits roll.
  12. Mortis


    Your analogy kinda falls apart when you take into account that it requires timing and skill to play Mario. Immortality however you dress it up requires no skill, despite how it’s presented you can finish the game by randomly clicking on stuff (and in places that’s exactly what you do). I get it’s going to be a forum darling for some - one of these “art over mechanics” things but honestly trying to say there’s any kind of “game” or “puzzle” here is massively exaggerating what the game is.
  13. Mortis


    click on faces and objects - unlock new clips, rewind to check stuff or go back from the point it puts you in on the new clip. Apart from that watch hours of these and piece together the story. Decide for yourself if there’s any actual gameplay, skill or story or if it’s just something pretentious that reviewers have wet their pants about.
  14. Mortis


    I can only assume the reviewers got all excited by the random bits of T&A on display and the odd bit of dry humping and bumped their score up by a point every time.
  15. Mortis


    Well got the end credits - pretty much just randomly clicked on stuff for the entire time and yeah. It’s “alright” but there’s no game there. At no point did it make me feel smart for making a connection and the story is proper art student wank.
  16. I really hope more people give this a chance and don’t listen to the YouTube influencers and digital foundry nitpicking. The moment to moment gameplay on this is fun and it looks fine for what it’s chucking around.
  17. There’s a sign by the roadside to activate them usually.
  18. It’s under £40 on eneba/gamivo if you’re happy to activate via a VPN. I’ve just unlocked insurance fraud - it’s as ridiculously ott as it ever was.
  19. So far it feels exactly like a follow up to saints row 2. It’s probably a bit dated in its design but I for one am glad it’s not a story heavy cutscene infused GTA wannabe.
  20. Have any of the saints row games ever reviewed well? Never stopped me enjoying them and I doubt it’s about to this time.
  21. I finished it on Series X and didn’t encounter any major bugs - my plant maintenance followers occasionally stopped working but outside of that I put 14 hours in without incident.
  22. Well it’s not ported to Xbox so that might explain it?
  23. Finished this last night with 14h on the clock surprisingly - felt less. Didn't outstay it's welcome and should I want to dip back in there's still stuff to be done.
  24. It’s nicely done so that it’s a farewell episode but with enough threads left that another series (or more) wouldn’t be awkward. Be sad if that’s the last time I get to spend time with this motley crew though.
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