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  1. So I put a few hours into this last night. I’m still not sold - the handling is improved by turning traction control on and upgrading parts to let you adjust the grip <-> drift slider to better take corners without having the feeling you’ve hit a patch of ice. That gives the cars a bit more weight when driving but it still feels off. 
     The constant calls from your companions are cringeworthy - now maybe as a near 50 yr old man I’m just not the demographic but it all sounds like old people writing how they think young people speak. 
    I just don’t feel drawn to advance the “story” and the racing isn’t interesting enough to keep me coming back. 

  2. Well you can adjust a slider between grip and drift but it doesn’t appear to be unlocked from the start so you have to use default NFS car on ice cornering for a fair bit. 
     Disappointed if I’m honest as I really wanted a decent criterion arcade racer but the constant chatter and handling are putting me off. 

  3. Yeah not sure about this so far - the world seems quite bland and no one shuts up - I mean constant commenting from the player and NPC in the car. 
     The fancy effects also mean you really are encouraged to play from outside of the car which is my least favourite driving view. 
    milk play the 10 hour trial and see if it grows on me but it looks like a “wait for gamepass” for me. 

  4. Well this has managed to fill my last 2 days and I’ve not even considered booting GOW. 
     I’ve unlocked all the areas and it’s opened a ton of other stuff that as ever is barely explained but I’ll just keep playing till it does something :)

     garlic, bible and pentagram powered to the max and any of knives,whip or boomerang is so satisfying - especially when the screen is full to the brim with enemies who can’t get close to you and the screen is just going nuts. 
     Most fun I’ve had in a single game in ages. 

  5. 26 minutes ago, Calashnikov said:

    What’s with people looking at the OP list, which includes goddam BotW 2 and Resi 4, amongst others, and then going “nothing on there for me”? Boggles the mind, man.

    I never clicked with BOTW so the sequel isn’t really exciting me. 
     I’ve played RE4 - why would I bother about a remake of a game that looks to be a shiny version of the original?

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