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  1. Hellblade 2 - I expect Ninja Theory can wring some stunning visuals out of the new machines and build on the previous game. Some idea what Rare’s new game actually is. Fable - in playground games hands I’m expecting something to wow everyone. Bethesda stuff - show what’s in the pipeline. oh and some games coming out this year to justify my purchase.
  2. Flight sim is impressive (at least on a very powerful PC) and certainly if the series x can get anywhere close to that it’ll be a showcase for graphics. It’s also not the kind of game that will sell many xbox’s as the vast majority of people who would play it have more than likely already been playing it for about a year on PC.
  3. Don’t go there - you’ll be accused of being a PS fanboy. After all Flight Sim is landing next week and that’s the most next gen looking game ever.
  4. I saw an interview with Fabrice Muamba on a program about Sudden Adult Death Syndrome and he basically said if he’d collapsed anywhere else other than on a football pitch during a game he’d likely have died. Shocking to watch play out on national TV though.
  5. You witnessed the benefits of fast, well trained medical professionals in an emergency. No miracles about it.
  6. Danish FA have confirmed he’s awake and awaiting tests in hospital.
  7. It’s a 1st party MS game it’ll be on gamepass on Xbox day 1.
  8. That’s hardly an unexpected one though especially since their last release was basically fallout in a different skin.
  9. Really enjoyed hellblade when it hit gamepass so would be happy to see how that’s coming along - an announcement that it was dropping this year would be ace. Interested to see how they’ve expanded the game with a bigger budget than the original.
  10. Well having a fun game attached to it would be nice - Christ it’s like arguing with my kid in here.
  11. As I said flight sim looks great from a visual standpoint but for most gamers they’ll put about an hour in - fly over their house and get bored as it’s an in depth sim for flight sim fans. As for being a Sony fanboy - would be difficult as I don’t own a PS5, do own a series X and don’t bother with the whole fanboy bullshit.
  12. Nice graphics show what your £500 toy is capable of - you might think R&C games are middle of the road but somehow it sells well and has managed to outlast many a series so it’s doing something right.
  13. Flight Sim is stunning looking but is also about as much fun as watching paint dry to 99% of the audience (tried on PC and bored of it in a couple of hours). MS need something to wow the mass market of gamers not just the small % that enjoy a realistic flight sim.
  14. Hate to say that unless they show something running on a series x that is anywhere near the visuals of Ratchet and Clank it’s going to be a disappointment for many. Love the console but slightly nicer Xbox one games aren’t going to cut it for much longer against what Sony are showing is possible.
  15. It’s weird how polarising this game is - I hate stealth games generally and found nothing in this particularly difficult. The final boss was a challenge but once I figured out the best places to stand at each phase it was pretty straightforward.
  16. Punch card registered for me but bloody hell it’s stingy with the early cheevos.
  17. Hmm may have unintentionally bought one through very - now how to explain this one to the wife.
  18. The AMD DLSS equivalent? Depends how long it’s been in the hands of devs - if it’s secretly been in the hands of MS studios for a while it might make a difference to the performance with all the bells and whistles turned on but if it’s just being released then you won’t see it make any massive changes for a while.
  19. I think what I like about oath is the fact that I should be able to play with my various game groups and once the initial rules hurdles are done it’s a game that will change each time but that change is influenced by the last group (or even solo if the fancy takes me. The fact that Root, John Company and Pac Pamir are favourites across the various groups also bores well for this getting to the table a fair bit - especially compared to other “legacy” games ive tried to play that fall flat as we can’t get the same group together regularly.
  20. Never leave the ship without some thruster fuel left in it.
  21. Gerbils are metaturnal sleeping through parts of the day and night which is why they are a great pet for kids as they are active in the morning, afternoon and evening. Sadly our 2nd one died this weekend and the house isn’t the same without the noise of the little bugger running his legs off on the wheel.
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