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  1. Spent this morning learning the rules for perseverance episode 1. If you’ve played any of the other mindclash games you know what to expect - lots of iconography that looks daunting but ultimately the basics of the game are simple. Scoring well however will be a challenge with the various avenues to score points, hopefully get a game with some friends soon. Can’t beat plastic dinosaurs though.
  2. Lol if Sonys efforts with BC in the past is anything to go by it’ll be as bare bones as possible.
  3. Unlikely to happen - offering one part of a series is surely intended to make people more likely to part with cash for other titles.
  4. It shocks me that the minds behind both Venom movies would serve up a stinker - especially with Jared Leto in the lead role.
  5. Is it because they see “whales” dropping money on non existent shit like star citizen and mobile games and want a chunk of that sweet sweet cash?
  6. I’ve enjoyed all their games so far - especially until dawn. Another game of that length with multiple paths and decent jump scares would be welcome.
  7. Technically it’s correct https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ireland also esports are a thing - just maybe not for the 40+ demographic that frequents this forum.
  8. worked fine for me this morning
  9. Then immediately delete it as it’s all kinds of awful.
  10. cheers for that - another 4 attempts and he went down.
  11. Getting my ass kicked by the At the moment - not even any summons signs around to ask for help.
  12. Had a great session tonight doing lots of nothing but I took down Now I need to take my skills and apply it to the who is currently kicking my arse with one shot kills if I’m not careful. Also got some magic on my sword - feels good
  13. You have to learn it at a grace point. Remember though you’ll need a staff or a seal to use depending on what type it is.
  14. LOL Is it super hard, yes and no. It's not easy that's for sure and it's not a game that's going to let you cruise from story beat to story beat. There's enough there to allow you to improve by playing though and each time you find an unsurmountable section you can walk away, improve by doing one of the myriad of other things and come back better and stronger. It's the one thing that this is doing right for me compared to all the other souls games, there's no longer a brick wall of an unkillable boss I need to pass to continue doing stuff.
  15. Refilling of flasks by beating a mob is one for sure, makes life so much easier and lets you take a breath for a moment, the ability to skip boss battles and go levelling up elsewhere. In fact the ability to skip past bosses entirely and keep exploring the map in regions that previously would have been gated off. I've bounced off every souls game since Demons and I'm loving this.
  16. So I’m currently getting my arse handed to me in Storveil by the managed to get around and backstab once but I’m not getting the timings yet. Too late on a Sunday evening to be bothered retrying - will take another look at it tomorrow.
  17. @scottcr there’s a crafting item - furlcalling something or other that you use for summoning into your game.
  18. @spanx If you have a sword and shield equipped the shield ashes will override the sword ashes. There is an ash you can buy that applies no power to the shield though.
  19. Well my 59 day streak ended today as I got the first 3 letters on my 2nd guess and then no others sad
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