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  1. Madden was like this. Grabbed the latest version on EA Play and it assumed you knew everything. And I am an NFL veteran
  2. Every Persona mainline game, yep. Stand alone, some little Easter Eggs, all good. Q and Q2 though. Different gravy, The core mechanic is solid, even better than the source material of Etrian, they are briliiant games. But they only shine with knowledge of P3P, P4G and P5. Thats not a bad thing, but it massively reduces your audience,
  3. It must be a fine line for devs to manage. Get the fan specific stuff in while not putting off newcomers. FFVII is a perfect example. As a new player I don't give a toss about the silver hair guy, but the music and visuals say that I should. There can always be subtle stuff, like Yukiko appearing in P3P, but when it hits big game beats it can be an issue. I'm just glad that I can play these games that are basically odes to fans as there are so many people who will buy them. But is seems a lot of people may be missing out on a great game because they don't know the back story stuff
  4. Different perspective, same issue though. If you have the required gear, are you pumped for this game if you have not played the earlier stuff?
  5. A video on youtube turned up on my feed this morning, and made a great point. It was about Persona Q2, which was probably the last big third party release for the 3DS, but is also an amazing game. The problem comes with its entry barriers. Q2 is a brilliant dungeon crawler, not quite as good as Q, but still a stand out game. But if you have not played Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4 Golden and Persona 5, the interplay between all of the characters will be lost, and it's huge part of the games appeal. Atlus, who have history of amazing english dubs, passed on an english dub of this because they knew they were selling to a small market in the west. I bet they had an amazing estimate of how much they would sell that was really close to current sales. This is not just a sequel though. It's an amazing game in it's own right. But I would find it difficult to recommend to anyone who has not played the earlier games, I'd point them at Etrian Odyssey instead, though for me this is way superior. So my question is, am I missing out on some amazing games because I need to have played other stuff first?
  6. Just wait until they get older. My 14 and 16 year olds constantly mock my gaming skills. It's really annoying.
  7. I got a 12 month sub from Shopto for £28 back in December. I presume these can stack like the Plus ones can?
  8. No you don't. Our bad spelling gives you an outlet to vent your rage. You'd be upset if we didn't mess with your head each day.
  9. Spiderman drops off PS Now at the start of July though. Still seems a bit weird
  10. Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition PS4 - 9 It's a belter. Not played in years after rinsing it on the Mac, but it is perfectly suited to console control and is great for dip in dip out sessions. Just got my new seasonal Necromancer to Level 70 and completed the campaign so now am in to the nuts and bolts of gear, rifts, bounties etc etc and it's a joy to play. It seems overwhelming at first as well but the Season Journey sets goals that introduce you to all the ins and outs in a good way, and nets you some nice gear to get started with. There are some new zones added since I last played and they add to the lore nicely as well. My go to game at the moment to kill the time
  11. Vorgot

    Playstation Now

    Its the same the other way round too. I love Now, as I don't play online so don't need plus, so a price hike for a combined service wouldn't be great for me. If they sweeten it by adding more of the exclusives in there on release, then it's a different matter, but I don't see that Sony will feel they need to do that as first party and exclusives sell like hotcakes for them.
  12. Vorgot

    Playstation Now

    Just checked this so I know where my stuff is and its ridiculous. My eldest streamed Doom the other weekend, his save data is therefore on the cloud on his account. But if we download it to the PS4, his save data doesn't come with it. And since he doesn't have plus, he cant get it. So You have 2 sets of save data for the same game. I know Sony gimped themselves with the way they originally set PSN up, but this is ridiculous. I guess I've not noticed this as any PS4 or PS2 game I've downloaded and played, only streamed the PS3 stuff. And everything is backed up bu USB from the PS4.
  13. Vorgot

    Playstation Now

    I'm on a 35 connection and its fine. My lad was streaming Doom the other day with very little lag. But PS4 stuff can be downloaded if you have the space.
  14. Me too, I know its a first world problem but I can't be arsed swapping discs around. Incredibly lazy. Wills see what else pops up on the 3rd!
  15. Vorgot

    Playstation Now

    Think it was always starting today for the main stuff they have mentioned, a much more store wide sale is coming June 3rd thats associated with Days of Play
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