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  1. 3D Dot heroes completely passed me by. I've just got my PS3 back off my boys as they never used it and re-downloaded a ton of amazing games. But just seen a review of 3D DH. How did I miss this? And no digital version, plus the disc goes for huge amounts. Gutted as I am a huge Zelda fan. I have probably every other game in this thread, and no idea how this passed me by.
  2. Sold mine for 45 on eBay with the 3 games that came with the premium (I had 2 copies of each, long story), didn't realiser bay would gouge me for 10% of that. But I moved it on so am happy enough with my order for the new one. Got my exp ordered, looking forward to the Capcom and IREM games. 1942 and Moon Patrol were some of my most played games in the arcade back in the day.
  3. Still playing through the Trails of Cold Steel Series, but adding Zero to my Wishlist. Got Ys VIII sat on my PS4 too. My first Falcom game was Tokyo Xanadu EX+ on the PS4 and I had a great time with that. Well worth a look of you haven't tried it, has a very Trails vibe but set in modern day. Combat os action based rather than turn based though.
  4. I'm replaying the 3DS ones as I recently modded my 2DS XL and had to lose my saves in the process. Also got 1 and 2, Nazarick and the Sega one on the Switch, as well as the Hatsune Miku one and Muder by numbers so a lot to go at. Now I'm not on the train to work, don't play them as much though, need to get back to them as I find them pretty relaxing
  5. Same. Was lucky enough to grab the SNES one a while back as I was online when it dropped but not had a sniff of the N64 one. And yeah @Graham S, that definitely sucks. Nintendo customer support have always been great with me, your experience seems terrible
  6. Got this to play yet, but have a load of JRPGs I picked up in sales, its a long list that will take a while to get to. This may be next after I finish Dragon Quest though.
  7. Daily Quordle 250 quordle.com Not too bad today, but
  8. Made a meal of this one, but I always seem to Daily Quordle 249 quordle.com
  9. Realised today on the train that since I modded my 3DS I lost all my save states. So I have to start e1 again? What a shame. My train journey flew by today playing e1 and 3D. I such find these games so relaxing. I realised my Zelda Picross has reset too, love that game with the music and sound effects. Tapingo 2, while very different, has that same Zen effect. And when I am home, I have the S games, Nazarick, Sega and Waifu Picross to play. On assists, I alway know that the games never need you to guess. There is always a move forward. I have at times used the show row/column assist where there is something to change if I am really stuck, but try not to now as the game wants you to win. Take Picross 3D Round 2 as an example. Play it on medium, piece of cake. Play it on hard, and sometimes it seems impossible but it never is. There is always something your are missing. Just love these games
  10. Daily Quordle 241 quordle.com Happy with that today, cup of yea had obviously kicked in
  11. I've not even started the S games yet, still playing the 3DS games and trying to finish Murder by Numbers. Had a problem with that as some content is locked behind getting an s-rank on each case, and a puzzle on case 3 is missable, so the content stays locked I had to do the whole case 3 times to get it. It's a great game, but this was a bad design decision. All assists are always off for me too, love the challenge these games present
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