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  1. Thats how I felt. Another added to the Wish List though as it goes on sale very regularly
  2. I tend to add credit to my Nintendo Account (Switch) and that then shows up on the 3DS. Easiest way to do it
  3. I'm hoping the eshop will only be closed for purchases. Hoping transfers and re downloading will still work, but no idea if thats the case. If its just a blanket shut down thats awful. But it is pretty easy to install CFW which I have just done, and then at least you can have access to games
  4. Daily Quordle 112 quordle.com Damn, I thought of the answer to SW but didn't think it was a word, thought it was spelt differently.
  5. Going to try the Gravel PS4 demo, not on sale there unfortunately
  6. 🕹 High Score Day #49 - https://highscoreday.com 4 and 5 easy given my tastes. Had no clue on 3 though
  7. Wordle 330 5/6* Thought it was going to be a brutal one for me after that start but got there
  8. 🕹 High Score Day #48 - https://highscoreday.com
  9. I just got my PS3 back of my boys, it was at their mums but they never used it so they were happy to hand it over. And I wanted it specifically for RR7 and Rock Band. Man, feels great playing RR7 again, I really miss this kind of game. I managed to grab it digitally for the brief time you could buy it so just had to redownload. Along with a bunch of other stuff I had forgotten about. I owned a 360 and played 6, I remember preferring 7 as it seemed a bit brighter than 6, but I might be imaging that. I also have Ridge Racers 2 for my Vita which is an astonishing game for a handheld. Probably the best in series for my money
  10. 🕹 High Score Day #47 - https://highscoreday.com Tough one for me as I don't play many Co-Op games
  11. Wordle 317 5/6* was shaping up to be one of those nightmare ones
  12. No. Your switch account just needs to be linked to your Nintendo network I’d. go the the Nintendo site you can link it there
  13. Daily Quordle 95 quordle.com That 4th one had me staring at the screen for ages
  14. Wordle 311 3/6* Seem to be doing well on this recently
  15. Wordle 296 5/6* Was struggling with this. Can't believe my 4th guess was way more obtuse than the answer
  16. Normally I am 100% this, I make the exception for Persona games, some Nintendo 1st party stuff, and for some weird reason, Skywalker Saga. I'm normally way behind the curve and playing games that I need to get pages and pages in on Muk to get impressions and advice.
  17. Last one got me today. Like this though, for gamers of a certain age its a winner
  18. Code for the deluxe got sorted. I didn't get any email or tweet or any kind of communication but the DLC was available for nothing for me today
  19. Wordle 293 6/6* Only just....With the rookie mistake like someone else of not moving yellow letters
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