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  1. Thank you! I've logged off for now but I'll add you tomorrow
  2. Not posted in the old 'muk in an absolute age, but I'm looking to find more people still playing. Loads of friends were playing at release interest has since dwindled Then I remembered loads of folks here played New Leaf so hopefully... I only really get playing for a bit in the evenings when the wee one is in bed, but hoping to find a few more active bods to do stuff with if anyone fancies? Gimmie a shout for my friend code
  3. Japan, March 2015!

  4. Was woken up with my phone going mental with announcements about 3am. Complete and utter disappointment.
  5. Announcement is AFTER the tournament :S
  6. Been hearing that its going to be around midnight for us UK folks, looks like the stream is starting soon as a load of ads have started rotating. I am falling asleep on my arse but I will hold out until midnight, then fuck it.
  7. Been sitting watching the Marvel finals and its made me want to go back to this so, so badly Now sitting waiting for the SSFIV feed to start and the announcement...
  8. I have to go out now, might have to try for a pc one later
  9. Did that and it kept crashing on me
  10. Same, I want to give this a shot if anyone has a spare code could I snaffle it please?
  11. Caz-chan


    Started watching NHK tonight, I can't really say the first episode grabbed me but I will carry on with it. If only to annoy the beautiful Meh
  12. Anyone attending King of Irn Fist in Glasgow today? I was thinking about it but seeing as Ready Up aren't in attendance (as far as I know) I am thinking of giving it a miss.
  13. and dicks and dicks and dicks and dicks and dicks

  14. and dicks and dicks and dicks and dicks and dicks

  15. Hahaha yeah but my 360 is busted beyond repair, the PS3 is only gonna cost us about £30!
  16. Bugger. The PS3 is getting repaired this weekend and I am making a serious attempt at getting good at this again. Faffing about on the Steam version again and was hoping to join you guys in a few kick abouts once I have got a bot more confident about it >_<
  17. Quick question: what format are you guys mostly playing on and what you gonna do for Hyper?
  18. New download item from the Post Office today, a glow in the dark firework table.
  19. Paru is always a Monk Going to level everything else too but MNK has always been my fave.
  20. Ooooh crap I didn't know that, I thought I would have to hack them down! Sorry Boybrown, I don't need it after all Most sorry about this!
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