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  1. andyw

    Nintendo Switch

    This was my most recent problem. Nintendo repaired it for free, just as they’ve done with stick drift in the past.
  2. andyw

    Nintendo Switch

    I sent one for repair just after Christmas. Looking back at my emails, Nintendo received it on 11 January and sent it back on 17 January so you might be lucky and get it back in about a week.
  3. Anyone had Quordle inflicted on them yet? 4 wordles at the same… It’s a bit mind-bending.
  4. Just figured out how to fix it. I've been playing on iOS. I went to Settings -> Safari -> Advanced -> Website data and deleted anything that looked like it belonged to the NYT (there were three entries, IIRC). I then went back to https://powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle. It redirected me to the NYT and my streak's back.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, it just takes me to the NYT page and shows the how to play guide. It doesn’t seem to realise I’ve ever visited before. It’s behaving as if its cookies are blocked but, AFAIK, they aren’t.
  6. The move to nytimes.com has lost all my stats, not just the streak, and it also didn’t update with today’s result once I’d completed it. Quite a dip in quality!
  7. Add me to the list of people grateful for the recommendations and enthusiasm in here. Thought this was superb pretty much from start to finish. Even found the incident in the middle of season two pretty believable given Ray's character and the situation he was in. Thanks, all!
  8. My wife and I watched the third episode of this last night. We're enjoying it, but it's a bit unrelentingly dark. That's not really a criticism, more that it's perhaps not a perfect fit for the sort of entertainment we're looking for at the moment. We only realised after watching episode three that there's only five in total and were wondering how they're going to bring everything to some sort of satisfying conclusion over the two remaining episodes. Feels like a lot to squeeze in so the comments above about the ending and it all getting resolved are intriguing. Avoiding spoilers for now and hoping for a satisfying conclusion. Perhaps Ray will get a well-deserved slap.
  9. Via Simon Singh on Twitter, https://nerdlegame.com is one of the better Wordle-inspired games that I’ve seen. It’s maths rather than words. Worth a look if you’re enjoying Wordle.
  10. Apparently, 4 is possible and is the best that you can do. View this tweet with care as the tweet above it shows one of the ways of getting 4 which might spoil things a bit.
  11. I think this is where a guess that eliminated as many remaining letters as possible would remove that luck of the draw and potentially make you more efficient. If you know it’s T I _ E R you’ve got three (I think) letters to choose from (G, L, and M). A 5th guess of LIMIT guarantees a successful 6th guess as there’s only one option left. Not allowed on hard mode though.
  12. How’s everyone doing on the guess distribution? After 8 days I’ve yet to fluke a 1 or manage a 2: 1: 0 2: 0 3: 2 4: 3 5: 1 6: 2
  13. andyw

    Apple Arcade

    Thanks again for another Sp!ng update alert, @Gotters. I’ve 3*ed everything again now and it continues to be a delight. After 864 hyper levels, popping back to anything else seems almost comically slow by comparison.
  14. Ish… I wanted to try something with that 4th letter and was getting desperate. I tried various things (it tells you if a word isn't in the word list) that felt vaguely familiar. I definitely couldn't have told you its meaning though.
  15. Very nearly made a hash of this one. Wordle 199 6/6
  16. As predicted in the OP, this is now on Disney+ just in time for Christmas.
  17. andyw

    Apple Arcade

    Nope, not really. Not sure how far through you are, but there’s some interesting variety in the later levels but it is spread pretty thinly. I played a level or two a day and found it enjoyable. More than that and it became, well, a bit of a grind.
  18. andyw

    Apple Arcade

    Thanks, @Gotters Another excellent bunch of levels. What’s your secret to spotting the updates so promptly?
  19. I finished this last night with about 75% and made a start on trying to hit 100%. I got up to 90% and, bloody hell, some of them are tough. There’s one in particular the seems to need 4 or 5 speed-boosted wall jumps. I just couldn’t consistently get the timing right so only ever managed two or three. It was gone midnight which can’t have helped but it felt harder than the final boss!
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