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  1. Seems like there's been some club action recently, not sure what's good etiquette for inviting people or sending a message on chat.
  2. Depending on the reference HW there working on just updating to a new processor at this point might be costly, especially as the Switch has a Nvidia X1 variant in there and these processors has now been massively superseded with the latest generation of 5mn ARM processors (in the iPhone 12, s21 ect), of which Nvidia doesn't have one officially announced yet. It would very un-Nintendo to use the latest and greatest technology in their machines (gotta maximise them profits), so expecting a 5mn powered Switch anytime soon would seem highly unlikely especially if they've been working on new HW for a while. Taking these into account I wouldn't expect Nintendo to drastically shift any release plan for new tech, any real delays could come from pandemic related delays. SW titles behind schedule or production pipeline issues. The fact that both Sony and Microsoft have released new HW in the pandemic it wouldn't seem a massive impediment.
  3. I know it's purple and gold scopes for sure, not sure about blue (I prefer the purple Assault scope to blue)
  4. I am shit with the Sentinel, but can pass with a longbow or trips. I prefer the Flatline to Spitfire, but a good old spray and pray combo of spitfire and devotion (with hop) was my combo of choice for a while.
  5. Nice, I've worked on my sniper rifle skills a lot in past season very helpful tool to have the arsenal. I generally go for the tripletake as it's a pretty handy no-scope shotgun at close range
  6. Yeah it's the same game for the most part, more varied and the Olympus really made a bid improvement. I was on warzone for a while, but as I solo queue and love the class based elements of apex so switched back.
  7. Managed to jump in for a few games last night to kick off season 8 and my initial thoughts are: 30/30 Repeater is a lovely addition, really nice pick up (if you can find it) really enjoyed it for that mid-range. Though think I might need to check back on single fire havok to see how that old friend is feeling. Fuse - Like the idea of him in theory was a little fiddly in practice, feels like my projectiles were just not hitting the spots I'd like with the added range. Feels weird to need to relearn a mechanic but hey ho. The tactical is nice and can be fun when pinging that little rascal at a team looting a death box , ultimate isn't clicking right now but that's nothing new for me and being shit with ultimates in general. New world edge - the map changes are ok but still too much like old worlds edge, team dropped into same spots every time so haven't had chance to explore whole map yet. Still I loved Olympus as a map and this feels not at that level. Apart from that will spend sometime tonight probably, not sure I'll stick with fuse for too long. Think I'll be back with Horizon as my main before too long though
  8. I'm online (via xbox)most evenings from 9 for an hour. The solo queue is shocking in ranked, but has seemingly improved recently in normal lobby.
  9. Looking forward to the new season it is a shame the fight night LTM has ended. Was a shame to go in to the game tonight and it be the same old nonsense.
  10. Really enjoying the latest LTM, Everyone has a pretty good load out so it’s down to skill over just having a better gun or shield. 3 wins in a night, which has not happened to me since well ever...
  11. This season is fun and enjoy Olympus as a map, horizon is great. I'm about most nights if anyone is free to party up.
  12. I'll check it, I've been looking for a club as solo queue has been more painful than usual recently
  13. check out jake lefco, underground MC from philly has some tight tracks.. here's a couple of albums which are part of my regular rotation over the past couple of weeks Concrete Techniques by Serge Severe and Tobacco Road by Common Market
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