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  1. Yeah I intend to be there at seven. Not had much practice and I need to get some setups done.
  2. The constant bagpipe renditions of Scotland the Brave are why I would keep playing as Scotland!
  3. Fun race, sorry to whoever I hit at turn 5, you can see in the replay, thankfully you handled it well and I did not wipe you out completely. Apart from that I had a great race, with no other spins. My second or third lap was very fast, but never recreated it. A lot of 1:45.xxx times in the race if you look at the fastest laps. I have a set of CSR elite pedals that I would be happy to gift @extremepabs at postage costs. They were occasionally causing me issues not getting full brake or accelerator that was fixed by a disconnect / reconnect. It could be software or hardware or maybe a they just need a clean and grease. Either way I would have probably bin them anyway.
  4. I was going to join yeah, is that okay. I missed the roll call thread but was going to try the Bentley. I am having a hard time with a weak wrist, think it might be a result of the steering wheel, so turned down the ff and see if it gets worse.
  5. Jeez and there is no F1 this weekend either, my weeks are frazzled - I hate project crunch. Le mans is still this weekend right?
  6. Oops then might be able to attend if I don’t go away for a holiday.
  7. I have to pull out tonight. Got a project finishing this week and trying to finish this week for a break, meaning I will be working late tonight. Apologies.
  8. winky

    Assetto Corsa

    ... and cannot join the server because I never signed up. Doh!
  9. winky

    Assetto Corsa

    I downloaded it and tried it - not really feeling the car but maybe more fun if there are people to race against. I have a sore wrist right now (I think from last weeks racing) so I will see how I feel tomorrow and how busy I am with work and then will try to sign up.
  10. *cough* https://www.racedepartment.com/news/opinion-the-circuit-paul-ricard-is-better-than-it-gets-credit-for.127/ @davejm can someone else pick for me, I'm not really sure (my favourite track usually being the last one we raced)
  11. I was having a few problems if I wanted to mount kerbs so I knocked fast bump and fast rebound down just to try and keep the car happy. Problem is I do all these changes and by race night my track knowledge is so much better that I wonder if I ever needed them but the arbs and downforce changes I needed for the porsche
  12. One more rear wing for me, stiffer ARBs. Lower ride height, more toe out, softer fast bump, ducts, and brake balance
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