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  1. I design pumped systems in the real world. You want the pump at the low point the system so that the pump gets maximum liquid head on pump suction and so that air settles out at the top and not pulled into the pump - in theory. otherwise I guess noise would be expected as air will be drawn into the pump and or you get vapour bubbles formed in the suction which collapse on the discharge side. Not only is this noisy but pump won’t be as efficient (which I guess means lower flow rates). The noise you are getting could damaging the pump - in theory- what to AIO manufacturers say about
  2. Here is a link from the elite forums which explains things better than I could. https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/297632-Community-Goal-Guide
  3. It is useful if you are planning a route through a system exploring to optimise the path to each body. Our home system of Mukhang has no discoveries. I mapped the first planet, so everyone else should pop down and tag something.
  4. Is cqc matchmaking not always dead :p I never had the patience to wait for a match
  5. Like ???? Dislike Can’t log in
  6. The results from the poll are in ... https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/288348-Transfer-Poll-Results
  7. I always look at exploring as a role play kind of experience, and the hunt for some nice screenshots. To this end EDdiscovery will rename screenshots on the system. you never know when the next system will have a moon which is in rings, a moon with a fantastic mountain or deep canyon or a satellite with a really short orbital period, or perhaps a supergiant with an orbiting M class star which will give you that fantastic screenshot.
  8. Here are a couple of snaps from my flyby the moon and the Gas giant...
  9. Made it out to Mukland tonight, and grabbed myself AB 5a, to have a Moon with a View
  10. Hi, Danster I was going to head out there soon but thought it might be useful to keep track of the bodies that had been claimed. Perhaps we can get the first post modified? Anyway I hope you don't mind me doing this -if so let me know and I will edit the post. I hope I got the naming convention correct - I was working from the picture only. PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 * = star O = planet 0 = ringed planet / Gas giant o = moon / small body Stellar Body Forumite CMDR --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * - PRU EUQ SP-T B44-3 A
  11. Dood, I don't think the in game super sampling works particularly well (or not at all with HMD). I was initially disappointed with the graphical quality. If you are using your rift use the oculus debug tool to run super sampling (pixel density greater than 1.0 Results may vary depending on your overhead available, I use 1.6 with a seriously powerful graphics card so experiment. There are some reports that lowering in game super sampling to less than 1.0 and increasing the pixel density in the oculus debug tool can return a sharper image with less overhead but I nev
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