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  1. Wow! I feel honoured to be given this low resolution image. I remember laughing about the NSA but no idea what it was about.
  2. Yeah I will take a full wet race. High variability too for tyre chaos!
  3. I knew I had a 2:04 in me, so couldn't help having one more go: As far as I can tell setup is the same as the practice server. How to get into the 2:02's is beyond my skill!
  4. Thanks everyone. On the second race my concentration went and had a few laps of track limits or wall kissing. I also think the track is unforgiving and I was really happy to get pole - it means I could concentrate on consistency. Would hate to have been racing at the pace of someone else behind me as the pressure would be too much. A pitch black night race was a bit of a surprise also, so thanks for that Dave . The first lap was crazy, and terrifying trying to spot braking points. Still easier than blinding sun at Zandvoort I would argue.
  5. Thank you! - having lots of fun right now. There is a 2:04 in there but just beyond my ability I suspect. My most recent fastest lap I lost half a second on the last two turns, which should be straightforward, but the green excitement got to me
  6. Jesus, Zandvoort was easy mode. The track is very bumpy, every 10 yards there is something to unsettle the car.
  7. What an ‘interesting’ car and track combination. I have an hour to kill this afternoon so going to try and set a clean lap!
  8. Is it possible you are exceeding track limits? No idea otherwise - only PC for me.
  9. It’s a great track, two problems for me: hitting the bump before Bocht 10 while still braking and cutting too much kerb at Hans Ernst Bocht and bouncing the car. When you hook up a lap though it’s really great fun.
  10. winky

    F1 22

    Only interested if I drive as red bull and get race director assist …
  11. I think it was just a racing incident I honestly thought I had been to greedy on the inside Later on I out braked myself and gave you a proper tap at the entrance to turn1 - so sorry!
  12. Watched the gt4 race yesterday and race 2 just finishing. The number of incidents where cars are rear ending others at the start of FCY has been crazy.
  13. yeah - cheers. I might have to bail out tonight ... should know in the next 30 minutes if I need to help my folks tonight
  14. It was good fun racing with you. To be honest I was glad to have some company as I had no practice and following you got me to learn some braking points which helped my pace. I got a drive through, messed up my pit entry and really slammed the brakes which caused my racing chair to collapse a bit! (It had not been tightened up enough) After that I had to quit because it felt like the chair was about to collapse so I just quit out the game.
  15. You definitely should take them up on it. I had one crack and it sheared the pins which led to me having to replace the main wire loom on the rim.
  16. One tenth a psi per degree ambient. As @davejm says - one click per degree ambient
  17. I also took the opportunity to bow out. Sorry to those who are left. it’s for a good cause. Got a new friend coming to stay for the weekend and I want the flat to be pristine!
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