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  1. I’ll keep plugging away and we will see how smart I truly am.
  2. Okay so I’ve jumped onto this as I just want to feel something. Im about an hour in and due to the lack of tutorial I’m not sure if I’m ‘doing it right’. I’m hacking and slashing a lot and it’s really good fun. I have the bow and the sword so far and get that you perks as you go. A few questions. 1. I get two door options out of certain rooms with different symbols on. What do they mean? 2. B (I think) fires a red crystal thing which seems to get absorbed into creatures and you can collect when they’re dead. What does this actually do? 3. Are there l
  3. I think it’s fair to say that as an Xbox fan (though not a fan boy) I would be perfectly happy for Elder Scrolls to be multi-platform if it meant that I got it day one on Gamepass and everyone else had to pay. So long as that’s what MS think is the best business decision. I see no benefit in wishing it to be totally exclusive just to stick two fingers up at the opposition. ‘Free’ on Gamepass could well be enough to allow them to catch up. It’s an extension of discussion I’ve heard about MS simply paying Devs to have their game on Gamepass day one whilst charging regula
  4. I’m out for an initial pre-order and will pick up as and when available but I’m loving the excitement and energy in here! Bless you all.
  5. Yes i believe I saw something that said they were doing in online. It’s what I’m going to be trying to do I think. I assume you can just pay with Klarna at checkout. Has it been 100% confirmed that you can use up any existing stack of Gamepass Ultimate before activating the 2 years that come with it?
  6. I know we’re a hobbyist forum but I’m always amazed at the amount of people jumping on board the train early despite it being well publicised that there’s not much at launch apart from DS. It does feel like Sony have done a good job by launching pre orders straight away. The national crisis initial stock shortages on the PS2 still rings in people ears I think. I still remember news articles about them flying shipments in and Saddam using them as a super weapon. Having to fill out a paper form and rushing to Dixons because somebody heard that they had a couple. E
  7. Not quite. You will be able to play the PS4 version on the PS5 using backwards compatibility with some enhancements. However the full fat PS5 / Series X version with all the bells and whistles will not appear till 2021 according to CDPR.
  8. I mean surely they will yes. But Sony have been so tight with BC information I’m not sure it’s officially out there.
  9. I think the (now) substantial pricing difference between the disc and the digital version will really work to their advantage. They clearly want people to buy the digital because it locks then into digital sales and gives Sony a lot more power / revenue. So many people seem to be going for the digital version having justified the initial cost saving. It’s playing into their hands a bit but I get it. If I were in, which I’m not I would be more tempted with the digital as well as it’s just so much cheaper but I would be worried about the long term. I think I’m in fo
  10. It’s quite a big call from Sony tbf. They could have priced higher but they have effectively undercut MS on the ‘true next gen’ machine by £90. Not apples for apples but the point is there. The real concern is the lock in with digital and this clusterfuck of pricing small print so far. If they are trying to sell demon souls at launch on the store for £60 with Spider-Man at £50 then that is A LOT of extra wedge to pay. The value just isn’t there from Sony. It’s tough for me as I always end up getting the new consoles but I’m an old man with less funds and time than
  11. Do we know what the performance increase is like when using manual and if its a big advantage at the expert levels? I noticed that the dev ghost times (some of them at least) seemed to be set using AT.
  12. Does boost only build up from drifting or is it also from slipstreaming and close misses etc?
  13. I’m with you. Not played much but it made it real edge of the seat stuff for the whole Grand Prix. Not one for purists who want to demo their skills by getting miles ahead of the pack but if you use the drifting, slip streaming and boosting well there is a definite skill to coming out on top. Also love it when you get nudged positively into a corner which has happened to me quite a few times. I won the first grans prix and was grinning from ear to ear the whole time. Even for the character ending. So silly.
  14. That’s about what I figured. £180 maybe? Hefty but it will drop in a years time.
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