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  1. Well that worked. Thanks. I will give Scribd a go for a month or so as well but initial perusal leads me to believe that there is not bags of stuff on there that I would want. Though all the usual mag subs are on there including Edge.
  2. Yeah my son quoted batman when we were watching it. That scene was well done. Had a general Alien vibe to the who sequence as well. Only without the Alien and a big bag of dicks instead. I guess it wasn't so bad. Will try and finish it off tonight.
  3. @Jammy @HarryBizzle Okay. Good that we all have opinions and I’m worried i might have missed the goodness in episode 6. It’s happened before. What did you like about it? I thought all the characters were cliched and painful to watch. The situation seemed nonsense and bizarre. It had Moss as an irritating quirky robot. Give me a counterpoint or 2?
  4. The village one had the novelty of being a proper western storyline aka Seven Samurai/3 Amigos. I didn’t enjoy the prison break one at all though. I thought the characters were terrible, the use of baby was utterly shoehorned in and it lacked any merit. Imo of course. Still enjoying the series on the whole and I’m looking forward to the last couple as I’ve heard it ends strongly.
  5. On episode 6. The prisoner one. They REALLY dropped the ball with this one right? It’s horseshit.
  6. Yiggy

    Billie Eilish

    I think older people / musos are always going to be skeptical of a 16 year old rich girl and her validity as an artist. Thrown in the whole is she / isn't she manufactured argument along with immense success / record sales and you've got the perfect polarising figure. There's almost too many factors to process. At the end of the day though none of that really matters. Like the producers on the link above say, its how the record sounds that matters. And I reckon it sounds decent. If you like that sort of thing.
  7. Yiggy

    Billie Eilish

    I dismissed her initially because I’m a grumpy old bastard. However I started really liking bad guy as my kids kept playing it so I bought the album (she’s only done one proper one) On vinyl. It’s pretty banging. She’s got a good voice and a lot of it is quite soulful. Gave me Winehouse vibes in places. However yes it’s all about the production really. There’s some cracking whomping bass on there and some interesting stuff. The album loses it towards the end with the last 3 tracks being a bit bland but the rest I found very entertaining.
  8. Yiggy

    vinyl lovers

    Well I picked up (ordered) the Prince 4LP 1999 remaster, the Mono Analogue Productions Pet sounds 2LP set and the Frank Zappa Live in New York 3LP 40th anniversary set. So looking forward to trying all those. Question on cart changes. I’m gonna replace / upgrade the cartridge on my Project Debut 3 to the Ortofon 2m red. I actually bought it ages ago but never got round to it. Never changed a cart before. I’ve watched a few vids. I have a force gauge and a laminate cart alignment template. Any tips? Videos make it look reasonably easy with the main tip to be to take your time but hit me up with any of your experience.
  9. Yiggy

    vinyl lovers

    Really helpful. Thanks for taking the time @Art Vandelay
  10. Yiggy

    vinyl lovers

    Thanks. With so many reprints of old albums out there I guess it’s pretty hard to establish which are the best versions to buy. I see a lot of ‘limited 180g’ tags which suggests A high quality product but I guess a lot of the time it’s just a marketing ploy. Do you generally think that visiting record shops and buying decent (looking) quality vinyl of classics (assuming a reasonable price) is the way to go? For example, I love Pet sounds (Cliche but whatever) and would like to get it on vinyl. I could choose... The modern reissue Any old version that looks In good condition A more expensive fancy limited reissue which, presumably a company might take some time over Another choice! Or is it all about doing some research and taking each case as it comes.
  11. Yiggy

    vinyl lovers

    Thanks for those recs. I ordered a bunch of lockdown sale items off whatrecords. I think my purchasing is going to be a combination of albums I love from the past, albums I know are highly regarded that I want to try and (hopefully) brilliant new music. I am conscious that there are some shit re-issues out there (I've read a lot about pant early repressings of Universals back to black label for example?). For the re-issues, are there any really good labels to keep an eye on and any really duff labels to avoid? Also I have subbed to some of the shop newsletters but is there a really good single resource that covers a lot of what's coming out in the coming months?
  12. Oooh 3D and physics were tossed out for the iOS version? I'm very interested to see what form they took. Well done again (see above post!)
  13. Bought this on iOS and streamed it to my TV last night with my 13 year old son. It is really well executed. The way the video plays in full screen alongside the UI works really well. Marsden does a decent job and I loved the sound effects and the integration of the original art-work. Loved the map too and a clever digital translation of the 'finger in the page' save system. Clearly a huge amount of effort has gone into it and I really hope it does well so you can make more. Presumably now the format and resources are there it should be slightly easier next time? I really loved the long intro at the beggining which really set the scene. I recall there were quite lengthy intros in the books which I assume this is a direct translation of but I think a combination of my 10 year old self skim reading and the narrators performance meant that it seemed longer on screen. A simple, really effective touch is the video still animating even when you're not doing anything with the narrator blinking always waiting for your response. So much better than video just stopping. Only thing was I chose the 'new' combat rules which finishes each combat after 3 rounds. It worked well and sped things up (possibly making it easier to get through too I'm guessing) but it feels a little weird when the combat just ends even after you get hit a few times. Would be interested to try again with the original rule set to see how it compares. Still works well though. As we have some devs @Oafhere... Are the dice rolls completely random? I got really high numbers for my character without having to do any re-rolls. I was never that lucky 'back in the day!'. What was Marsden like to work with? I love it when he does a voice for a character. Did he know the gamebooks from when he was a kid? In the best case scenario would you like to make more? I hope it does really well for you as its a great piece of work. If you either fancy some nostalgia or just want a couple of hours of adventuring fun then I recommend it.
  14. Yiggy

    vinyl lovers

    So I dug the Pro-ject debut out the loft today and set it up in the bedroom. It’s great. Should have done it at the start of lock down. I like all sorts but where are the best places online these days to buy new records? I used to get from amazon but figured there might be a good seller for new releases that I don’t know about. Also interested in picking up a few Jazz classics. Whisky, Ella and Vinyl!
  15. Hang on, so if I visit somebody's island and pick up and drop an item of furniture will it then appear on my orderaable list at Nooks? I had no idea.
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