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  1. It’s still roaringly atmospheric and I’m still loving it but it does feel a bit like a job at times. The landscape just about manages to save those parts. Best terrain system in a game? Can’t stop, got a big hike to do.
  2. This is correct. Though It’s not a case of too much. It’s a case of anything. If you’re genuinely getting upset about this then I feel sorry for you and question your grip on reality. And I include the presenters in that too!
  3. Thing about this sort of scenario with TcGs is that there will always be some people who take it too seriously and start to think of it as something other than entertainment. And if your answer to that is that ‘but it’s not entertaining’ then I would argue that a huge amount of the audience find that it is and that it might be that that particular section or skit just isn’t for you. Luckily you can just skip it and get to the conference stuff.
  4. I mean I don't think any of us really expected it this year did we?
  5. I mean thanks to all the hype that’s built up throughout E3. Nintendo being the last one. Others being generally disappointing (Xbox exception for many) and the usual levels of Big N hype coupled with them being in their ‘lazy phase’ I would say disappointment for many is guaranteed.
  6. Figured it was 2024 anyway. I don't think they had gotten very far with it. I don't think the 'reboot' thing really applies.
  7. Not till it has Frameboost.
  8. Anyone saying they were disappointed or ‘there was nothing that interested me’ should be made to say what they could have put in there that would of made it better. 1st Party Narrative Single Players - Fair enough. It seems that Xbox is not really the place for them any longer. Surprises - Does any conference really have them any more other than just showing a logo or a CGI trailer (like the vampire one), in which case people complain that it’s just a logo or a CGI trailer? I would argue the Pirates Disney one (dropping this week), Redfall and the Heist one were all surprises. It’s a v
  9. It’s not offensive or anything and I’m sure the new tall tales will be fun, but it feels a little bit dirty to merge a decaying franchise into their lovingly created world. But I do understand why and clearly there is an audience for it.
  10. Interesting (I guess pre prepared) polygon article. Emphasising the grand plan and reminding that cloud should be in web browsers in the next few months (hopefully using X hardware) blowing things even wider open. Talk this week of the logo appearing on TVs etc sounds like the next step. https://www.polygon.com/platform/amp/e3/22532197/xbox-e3-2021-game-pass-announcements-starfield-halo-elder-scrolls?utm_campaign=polygon&utm_content=chorus&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&__twitter_impression=true
  11. There was no mention of Deathloop on day 1 PC gamepass which I was hoping for. I guess it would have been on the graphics if they were gonna sneak that in.
  12. Yes. I wasn’t that surprised. Bit like flight simulator.
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