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  1. It looks like Ericsson announcement at Brentford is gonna happen by the end if this week. If it all goes through it has the potential to really help the bees and for the bees to help him get to the World Cup. Will take a few games to settle in and build up to match fitness but, assuming he’s been training and can deal with the spotlight he should give us some creativity that we desperately need right now. I think there will be a lot of love for his return. There will of course be people saying it’s not worth it and offering up armchair medical opinions but I think we have to assume that if doctors have signed it off, he’s happy and he’s not doing it for the money then it’s fine.
  2. Wordle 210 3/6 Yeah Boy. It’s gonna be a good weekend.
  3. You get a point if you take less guesses that your opponent. No points for a tie. Ties (usually 4 guesses) are common but forces you to think hard and go for the three.
  4. I’ve got a nice competition going with my wife on this. I’m 3-1 up. We have a bit of this going on…
  5. That’s probably right. Maybe a 7. It’s a really good fun arcade racer but there’s not a lot of depth to it. We’ve really been enjoying it with the family over Christmas in mp. Dinosaur racing a flying saucer bumper to bumper. Yes please.
  6. 4 chapters in. I’m not a big fan of Marvel but I think this might be one of the most fun and impressive solo adventure games I’ve ever played. The script and character representation is so good.
  7. Flipping heck. I just bought most of these having popped in after getting myself a new kindle for a treat before Christmas. A new pile of shame has been built up already!
  8. I nabbed Shenmue 3 for free on Epic Thursday I think. Then Neon. Then Remnant. They’re also doing their endless £10 vouchers again. Jett for £7.
  9. I believe their new rule is that ANY game can be picked. Whether it came out this year or not. Obviously picking a game that didn’t come out this year runs the risk of not getting through the rounds however I suspect Pirates Life will be seen as enough of an upgrade to get it through. I don’t think it will though as only Sean likes it! Unless, shenanigans!
  10. Yiggy

    Disco Elysium

    Thank you for taking the time to write that. I don't remember getting told about the healing items but I probably missed it and was treating it too much like a point and click adventure and forgetting its RPG elements.
  11. Yiggy

    Disco Elysium

    Sounds like I may just have had some bad luck. Will try again as it’s clearly a very accomplished video game.
  12. Yiggy

    Disco Elysium

    Interesting take because I have a similar thing that’s really fucked me off. I started playing last night as it’s been on my must play list for ages. I was not sucked in straight away because it takes quite a long time to get through the scenes because of all the dialogue. However after a while I started getting into it and I was enjoying the free form dialogue and clearly it’s brilliant written. I was playing my character as a bit of a 70’s wanker so saying slightly antagonistic things and being a bit of a prick. Still with a bit of balance. I saved early on but then got into a conversation in the same area as boozy which very promptly and seemingly without any real build up caused me to have a break down and end my game. Unfortunately I had not saved for about an hour and have apparently lost all my progress. WTF? I don’t recall any prompt to save often and IF you can die by saying the wrong thing then how is that encouraging you to truly role play and if that’s a game decision then surely it needs to have a more robust auto save option so it doesn’t waste your time? I am really debating whether I go back and try again. I want to but do I need to save before every conversation in case I just die because the conversation has taken a weird turn? Felt like a choose your own adventure book where I had forgotten to keep my finger in the page.
  13. Watched this tonight, came here to post thoughts and found this summed up my thoughts perfectly. Tedious and ponderous are the best words. But yes, clearly very well made and pretty. It didn’t hold my attention at any point. I struggled to get through it all. Best bit was the ending… *Wizardofoz Scarecrow.jpg*
  14. It tells you straight away on the plaque as soon as you spawn. Find the other plaques to find out more about the demo. It’s a tech demo. An impressive looking world you can walk / drive around in. That’s it.
  15. Thanks for that. I can definitely see the appeal and clearly I can see how the finding them in the 80’s thing would be a big thing. Having watched a bunch of the extras I am getting round to a 2nd viewing. I may do the commentary first. The cast is great and I loved what they did with the special effects. Music too. Weirdly It’s growing on me already. I have Big trouble, and prince of darkness lined up never having seen either before!
  16. Awise from your grave… Help me out. I watched Escape from New York yesterday evening knowing very little about it except I that it’s a cult classic with B movie stylings. And of course that it has influenced many other things. But I’m not sure I got what’s good about it. It’s an interesting setting and there are a bunch of really weird characters and things like the car with chandeliers on the front. It had a slightly mad comic book styling. I expected snake to be an amazing character but I found him a bit underwhelming? His moodiness level was strong but his line delivery? Not so much. There were large sections of nothing happening and despite the fun chasing stuff towards the end there wasn’t a lot of action. I promise I’m not shitting on it for the sake of it because it seems to be such a sacred piece of cinema and I want to appreciate it. I feel like I’m missing some context about its style or it’s making or maybe just it’s brilliance. I’ve not seen a lot of Carpenter stuff but I loved The Thing for its creepiness and Halloween for its horror. I just wasn’t sure how to approach this. Any advice? Was also interested to read carpenters comments that Escape from LA is in every way a better movie and he always felt that it just wasn’t accepted in the same way because of timing factors. Would be interested to watch that as somebody who (right now) can’t find the love for the first one and see how a more modern update compares.
  17. Doctor Sleep Great 4/5 I watched The Shining on 4K yesterday and watched this today. Of course I loved the original and like a cynical old bastard I expected to hate Sleep but to my surprise I really enjoyed it. I thought they did a good job referencing the original whilst making it its own movie. The balance shifted a little too much towards fan service with the ending but whilst it would be easy to say that it just used too many modern horror cliches (vampire like baddies, gory body shock bits) it kept me hooked all the way to the end. A problem these days is that movies have to be a lot ‘fuller’ than they did 30 years ago. Examples like Bladerunner, Alien and The Shining were all really simple films because they were at the cutting edge of their time. Their modern sequels have all got a degree of complexity that it seems Hollywood demands. I’m not saying that’s a good thing, but it is what it is. I think once you stop comparing something like Doctor Sleep to the movie magnificence that it’s based on then it becomes better for it. There’s not doubt all these sequels are more forgettable though. An unfortunate side effect of the multitude of movies that have happened in between.
  18. Yeah that’s fair enough. It’s a bit like Kentucky Route Zero in that respect.
  19. Played this after it got praised so highly on TCGS. I really didn’t get on with it. I quite like walking sims and I like good music bits like the music levels in Rayman but by god I struggled in the 90 minutes or so I played. The story was mind numbing. I had no idea if it was meant to mean anything. The music itself was okay but overall it just never seemed to get going. It was just like a constant intro with nothing interesting to do. The Simon says bits also seemed really non responsive and it was one of those that I just gave up on and uninstalled. It’s a shame as I wanted to like it and I thought it looked stunning but it’s a big nope from me.
  20. Sorry for the random post without too much back reading but I’m interested in watching some horror films. Particularly creepy atmospheric ones. Is shudder a decent service and are the any really good ones that would meet this simple criteria?
  21. Smashing opponents in the teeth with the flag or the skull never gets boring.
  22. No problem at all. Always happy to get shot in the face with a mukker by my side.
  23. I’m getting ever so slightly better though I’m still shit. Was that you @Fonduein my game tonight?
  24. Oh man. I bought this tonight with that very game in mind. I really liked it. Not played this one yet and kind of excited to see which side of the thread I fall on. The lovers or the haters. TIME TO STRAP IN.
  25. Yes that would make sense. Also for your average joe the S is fine so they ain’t gonna want to spend the extra. I imagine a lot of those new S owners may upgrade to X’s over time if they stick with it. If there are any out.
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