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  1. You will still be able to visit the eshop you just won’t be able to buy anything new.
  2. Games will disappear forever left at unaffordable prices. Like a shop not discounting before it closes then chucking all the stock it doesn’t sell on a fire. It’s not like anyone other than nerds will be hoovering this stuff up anyway. Trouble is those same nerds will buy it again in a few years when those things get re-released. Though they would probably buy them again then anyway.
  3. It really is the ultimate risk vs reward game.
  4. As above if they enjoyed it that sounds like fun. If you had loot on board that you don’t want to lose and (from what you described) you had a bit of a gap between you both then head for the nearest outpost, do an emergency stop and hotfoot the loot to the sovereigns to sell it quick. Then hop back in the boat or entice them onto the outpost for a ruck. This is the thing. I’m hostile waters you do have to be on your game to avoid conflict but it is possible. It’s easy to ignore the wind or leave the ship unmanned without checking the horizons first but to do this can lead to pain. You just have to acknowledge it as a learning experience and move on. I think a tall take might be the best way to get into some fun stuff or a vault quest from the fold hoarders. Or just head for any sort of glowing thing on the map and just see what’s going on. Whilst keeping an eye out for scoundrels of course. We had a go. It’s fun. I think the hourglass is a quick way to work for one of those factions but then it’s the battle map that takes you into 1on1 PVP. The only weird thing we found was that there was no way to turn it off except to go to the appropriate desk to turn in your hourglass. Does this mean you’re vulnerable to PVP battles that whole journey back?
  5. That 3D Outrun is a true example of the tech being used so much effectively in a simple way. It doesn’t make any difference to the gameplay but it massively enhances the experience. It really makes the sega blue sky’s nature POP.
  6. I love persona so got the cross over. Also picked up the cheaper etrian games because I make break my legs one day and need more entertainment to choose from. Picked up the last of the 3D classics I wanted which was Gunstar Heroes. Now just need to see if there are any last week sales that start tomorrow.
  7. What’s the essentially Altus games to buy?
  8. How about a bit of ‘rate by purchases’ before I bite the bullet and purchase them? All bangers right?
  9. Amazing thanks. One question. Rolls?
  10. That’s really quite cool.
  11. I had a ticket for tonight (this was the rescheduled game from when the queen died) but decided to watch at home as its midweek, far and I'm old. Observations... Southampton were up for the fight but they can't create or score for shit. We were messy, especially in that second half but we were resolute and efficient where needed. Toney is an absolute club legend. If we win on Saturday (Leicester at Home) then we go 6th with Brighton up next. Oh, and we're mathematically safe. HUZZAH!
  12. Latest idiot question. What’s a good tactic with armour? Find a set of legendary kit that has a good starting allocation of stats that suit you then keep upgrading the overall power of that item as you pick up higher powered gear? Previously I’ve been just scrapping the lower numbers when I end up with 9 items and need to have a clear out. Edit: Same applies to guns too I guess.
  13. I bought one a year or so back. The screen is good and it does look notably better than the steam deck screen but it wouldn’t stop me buying a game on deck if it were cheaper. I’m not that bothered. Especially taking into account the hand cramp the switch gives me.
  14. Oh man. I’m back in then!
  15. So I’m thinking of getting back into this with a few buddies. When roughly is season 9 set to start as it would be a good time to jump on board I think.
  16. @DumbMagician Sunday morning vinyl listening ahoy. 😃 First time I’ve listened to a modern pressing of a Floyd record. Very impressed with the sound and overall package.
  17. So I got lightfall in the end and started it. Will go back to Witch Queen after if I’m still loving it. is there an Rllmuk clan that somebody could invite me to? Would be up for playing some strikes and maybe even getting in on some noob raid action at some point. Did lots of strikes back in the day but never actually taken part in a raid. X. Yiggy#5966
  18. I've bought it now. What do you mean by 'the current material'? Should I play the Witch Queen campaign anyway and then get lightfall with the current season if I enjoy it? I'm a bit confused as to how the seasons work in the game? They're separate to the campaign?
  19. So. Feel like I’ve asked this before but… If I want to jump into Destiny 2 having played it when it first came out then played half of beyond light… Would buying The Witch Queen for £14 be worth it? Or should I just jump in for £40 with the latest one? Not fussed about knowing all the story but I gather the witch queen is one of the best?
  20. Makes no sense that capcom would leave money on the table by not discounting in Europe. But I’m sure it’s more complicated than that. I really hope more stuff comes on sale in the l next week. It just makes so much sense if after that ITS GONE. 😕
  21. Yeah that was the reason it’s on my list. My hope was that it might get a tiny discount as it feels perverse paying £40 for a digital 10 year old game on a dead format but that’s the kind of self entitled guy I am! I just need it to complete my ability to play them all on my 3DS.
  22. Yes I have bought Steamworld Heist and Dig 2 for a 3rd format without ever having played either. Remaining on my ‘waiting for final discounts list’ is… 3D Fantasy Zone 2 Tokyo Crash Mobs 3D Thunder Blade 3D Streets of Rage 2 3D Kid Icarus Boxboy Boxboxboy Bye Bye Box Boy Liberarion Maiden Friday Monsters Zelda Oracle of Ages Zelda Oracle of Seasons Oh and Layton Wright but I can’t see that dropping below the frankly ridiculous £40 mark.
  23. Sunday morning. Coffee. First time I’ve ever listened to a Stevie Wonder album.
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