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  1. Sorry for the random post without too much back reading but I’m interested in watching some horror films. Particularly creepy atmospheric ones. 

    Is shudder a decent service and are the any really good ones that would meet this simple criteria?

  2. On 18/09/2021 at 16:04, moosegrinder said:

    It reminds me of Speed Devils on the Dreamcast. That wasn't a Cruis'n game under another name was it?

    Oh man. I bought this tonight with that very game in mind. I really liked it. 

    Not played this one yet and kind of excited to see which side of the thread I fall on. The lovers or the haters. 


  3. 10 hours ago, crocked said:

    the series s is outselling the series x. Is this because you can actually easily buy the series s

    Yes that would make sense. 

    Also for your average joe the S is fine so they ain’t gonna want to spend the extra. I imagine a lot of those new S owners may upgrade to X’s over time if they stick with it. If there are any out.

  4. A bit of advice please. 

    I like this very much but I’m still a little unsure how to play it. The map is full of stuff and I’m wondering what tactics people use in working through races. 

    I have tried filtering on say, one type of event but then there’s huge drives between races. If I just do things nearby I get overwhelmed with what to do. Is Anna the answer. In Previous games when I’ve used her she sends me to events I’ve already done or ones that I didn’t have a suitable car for. Not sure if she’s better this time round and I should just be saying ‘take me to a race’. 

    Then there’s all the non race stuff and the online stuff. It’s a great game but I’ve given up in the past because of all this and I want to come up with a tactic this time that works to allow me to push through. 

  5. I’m shit at it but I’m really enjoying it. I like the simplicity of it but there’s a lot of finesse there if you search it out. 

    For those grandads asking what a battle pass is…


    Its a way of paying a small fee (£8) per season (Approx 3 months) so you can earn cosmetic items and other in game stuff as you gain XP. You can pay a larger amount (premium) to get more stuff. That’s it. You don’t have to buy it. It’s only for those who like getting stuff and feeling a bit premium. 

  6. I bought crime and punishments following discussion on backpagepod a few months ago so mean to get stuck into that as I gather it’s the best of the series. This one looked decent enough but their games commonly have major flaws. 

  7. 17 minutes ago, Hardbattle said:

    The options for comfort should allow anybody to play this.


    Hang on. What are the options? I'm intrigued but as per above my VR sickness is pretty bad. 


    A game with smooth first person motion makes me hot, sweaty and sick within about 1 minute. I can last slightly longer with some minor comfort settings but not long enough to make me actually want to risk it in my experience. I have owned PSVR and Quest 1 and am hoping that eventually smooth wide field of vision 120 fps lenses might enable things to be a bit better but I doubt it. 


    Games with a 'blink and you're there' motion are about the only ones that work properly for me and I can't imagine that they would make the game anywhere near as effective? SO SAD. 

  8. Having just played and completed RE4 on PC for the first time and totally loved it I am kind of gutted I will never be able to play this as direct motion in VR makes me so sick. 

    Im just hoping one day that the tech gets powerful enough that it magically fixes it. 😞

  9. Yeah it’s a bummer. I’m group 2 so early 2022. About a 3 month delay I guess. 

    I guess it’s not surprising though and at least they spotted it. 

    (The delay in part is caused by a battery issue but the longer delays are caused by chip shortages so they’ve had to do a main board redesign for further units)


    Shame I won’t have it for Christmas but I’m not too fussed. 

  10. Done beaky and wrapped it up tonight as well. Final boss probably took me about 4 hours overall and loved the stuff after that. Always felt like you were progressing and getting a bit further on the final boss. I could walk the first 2 phases in the end and the third was probably the easiest to master of them all. Amazing final credits music too. 

    I’m on about 40% items and I have no interest in going back to hoover up. I just  enjoyed the whole ride. 

    Yea that’s a photo of my screen. What of it. 😃

    I reckon I must have done 30 hours+ overall with all the reloads. Stupendous value for money. 

  11. On the last boss and I can walk through phase 1 like I’m in the matrix. 

    Phase 2 though. I can see the dodges but not sure how I’m supposed to be finding the time to get enough damage in whilst doing so. 

  12. I think I’m on the end game stuff now. Clock says 12 hours. That doesn’t count reloads right? Fairly certain I’ve spent 20+ actually playing. I can’t see any more slots on my character sheet to unlock and the computer is ‘trying to locate the Beak lord’. 

    I’m not sure I’m gonna 100% it because the slight fiddly nature of the control set combined with my old man cack handiness is going to make some of the more challenging items very tricky and frankly I have hundreds of other things to play. I’ve really loved it though. It’s actually gotten me back into gaming after being out of it for a few months. 

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