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  1. I loved hearing the creative story of this on Backpagepod. Picked it up yesterday on steam deck and enjoyed the first hour or so. Bit worried that there may be too much micromanagement for my simple brain when it comes to all the stickers and the fusions but hopefully it’s not a problem. 

  2. 1 hour ago, glb said:

    Hope Frank doesn’t leave them for the shambles in North London.

    I can’t see it happening. I think he will be at Brentford next season. The project still has a little way to go and I think he knows right now that the whole club is synergised. 

  3. My first time at spurs as an away fan today. 

    Pretty much what you said. Our Half time sub of Damsgard made the difference and meant we had more of the midfield. We took our chances well aided by poor defending. 

    Can’t be a nice place to be what with being away at Leeds next week and a chance of missing out on Europe altogether. 🤝

    Lovely stadium though. 

  4. 20 hours ago, neoELITE said:

    It's just completely stupid. He would know the rules. Barton got 18 months reduced to 13 months so it isn't something he wouldn't have known. There's a massive chance he'd have been a major transfer target too in the Summer. He's been consistently a solid Premier League striker and would have probably ended up doubling or tripling his salary.

    Given he went down to the lower leagues and had to work his way back up (he played for Scunthorpe), it's even more stupid to throw all that hard work away.

    He might have a problem but the least he could have done was tell the PFA or his club.

    There’s a great (balanced) article about it on the athletic. 

    The PL know that their association with gambling is getting shaky. Front of shirt sponsors removed from 2026. Already gone from kids shirts. Nobody I know WANTS a gambling sponsor on their bloody expensive kit. I think they’ve had to be very careful with this case as any attempts to take a massive moral high ground would be questionable. 

    I am sure Toney is disappointed in himself as yes, he knew the rules but rules don’t stop you doing things when mental health and addiction is concerned and he’s part of a system that has sports gambling at its very core. 

    As a Bees fan I think the ban is justified. It will be interesting when they release the details and any mitigating circumstances. And also how they do that. Purely from a selfish Brentford perspective I do think it means he is more likely to stay with us as without this he was definitely gone in the Summer for £50m+ We can setup for the new season with a few new additions and it will (hopefully) be like a new signing in Jan. Let’s see. 

  5. 40 minutes ago, CrichStand said:

    YES!!! Got the Compendium. So glad this has returned as it’s something I never got around to filling in on BOTW. Started towards the very end and was really enjoying it but, decided to leave it in case it was in TOTK.

    That’s pretty much me sorted for ages now. Just going to wander around and fill as much of it in as I can. 

    I’ve just got it but how do I fill it out? Is it auto or do I have to take photos?

  6. 4 minutes ago, jonamok said:

    Where is this 1-fan shrine? I’m fascinated to go try it. Give me XYZ coords please. (How cool we can do that now!)

    I’ve done it. It’s quite early when first heading west. Can’t remember it’s name but first room you have to glide up by sticking a fan on the floor and jumping with the glider. 

    Thats what I did but I assume there is another way to do it if you don’t have the glider?

  7. I thought this was fine. 

    Im not a massive marvel head but I’ve seen all the gog films at the pictures and enjoyed them. This was definitely the weakest of the 3 for me. 

    There were fewer funny lines and when they happened they seemed more forced. Drax in particular seemed a weak spot. 

    Seemed more by the numbers and overall less natural. 

    The animal stuff didn’t bother me and my 10 year old seemed fine with it. 

    Still entertaining. 3/5. 

  8. 3 minutes ago, Stanley said:

    You only have to look at the sales figures for Sony first party, and the difference in perception that makes. 

    What complicates things more is that the performance of gamepass games is pretty well hidden. The publicity that a ‘number 1’ like God of War gives and the buzz it creates shouldn’t be underestimated. Games fizzle out quite quickly on gamepass. Only example of a recent AAA game with a longish tail that challenged this was maybe the last Forza Horizon? 

    MS have already said they’ve flatlined with Gamepass subs so what’s the measure of success? Does it change to keeping the subscribers you’ve got rather than attracting new ones? I reckon a constant stream of 7/10 games is likely to do that at least. But I for one would consider switching to PS5 if the v2 hardware looks a bit better. 

  9. I’ve been team Xbox since PS2. I loved what they did with 360 and appreciated their slightly more socialist gaming stance with gamepass ‘for the masses’ as well as the cheaper entry point for next gen. 

    It’s honestly not the lack of high quality AAA big hitters that bothers me or the fact that there’s not much hope on the horizon.


    It’s the direction of travel towards a lower baseline for innovation and achievement. A race to the bottom where they are happy to produce 7/10 ‘content’ for their service and to drag their 9/10 acquired talent down with them. They’re not beyond salvation yet but I am pretty pessimistic. *sadface*

  10. 3 minutes ago, glb said:

    Big George Foreman - 2/5 (work screener)


    Pretty by-the-numbers biopic of a man who had a far more interesting life than this film presents. Disappointingly flat.


    (#59... was at #332 this time last year! Much prefer this leisurely watching pace)

    Does it cover the grill years?

  11. Memories of Murder (2003 dir Bong Joon-ho) Blu-ray


    An early one from ‘the Parasite guy’ based on true events. Set in 1986. 

    2 bumbling anarchic small town cops are investigating a series of sexual murders against women in rural Korea. They have primitive methods with the lead thinking he can use brute force and intuition to solve crimes. They’re joined by a hot shot from the city with new modern ideas with the rest of the film following their attempts to find the killer. 

    It’s pretty great. Rather than focussing on the crimes it focusses on the people doing the investigations and the backdrop of rural Korea in the 80’s. There’s a lot being said about the state of the place back then as well as how people perceive others. 

    It’s pretty grim in places with some real atmospheric nastiness being played out by the ‘bad’ cops as well against the victims. The director observes behaviour really well and just like Parasite there is a thread of very dark humour throughout, particularly with the buffoonery of the cops and the management. It also delights in zooming in to the relationships of the main players and looking at what’s going on in their heads. 

    The last reel was really good. I thought it was going to become a more traditional thriller towards the end but to my delight it delivered right up till the last scene. It looks beautiful and hopefully people (like me) are checking out more of his back catalogue when they get a chance. 



  12. 3 hours ago, Jamie John said:

    Film #16/52: Apocalypse Now: The Final Cut (1979) - 4K UHD BD




    I hadn't watched this in at least ten years, and when I last did it was the Redux version on DVD. This 4K re-re-remaster is gorgeous - the sweat that drips seemingly from every characters' every pore at every moment is positively palpable. As for the film itself, it's a lot more trippy than I remember it being, which isn't a bad thing, but I must admit to having to watch it over two sittings after nearly falling asleep midway through on Saturday night. Maybe that says more about me than it does the film. Still, 'The End' by The Doors is possibly the best needle-drop in any film, ever.




    Watched in 2023:


      Reveal hidden contents

    16. 2/5/2023 Apocalypse Now: The Final Cut ☆☆☆☆½

    15. 7/4/2023 Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery ☆☆☆

    14. 3/4/2023 Moonlight ☆☆☆☆

    13. 1/4/2023 Amadeus (Director's Cut) ☆☆☆☆

    12. 31/03/2023 Inception ☆☆☆☆½

    11. 26/03/2023 Aliens (Theatrical Cut) ☆☆☆☆½

    10. 24/03/2023 Prey ☆☆☆

    9. 22/03/2023 First Man ☆☆☆☆½

    8. 17/03/0203 Sicario ☆☆☆☆☆

    7. 15/03/2023 2001: A Space Odyssey ☆☆☆☆☆

    6. 17/02/2023 Portrait of a Lady on Fire ☆☆☆☆

    5. 11/02/2023 Zoolander ☆☆☆

    4. 04/02/2023 Ad Astra ☆☆☆

    3. 20/01/2023 The Raid ☆☆☆☆

    2. 14/01/2023 The Tragedy of Macbeth ☆☆☆☆

    1. 02/01/2023 Good Time ☆☆☆


    I have the set with the Final Cut, redux and the theatrical release and I’m due a viewing. Is the Final Cut the accepted best version of it now? 

  13. 3 hours ago, Clipper said:

    I assume you mean first stallone movie franchises?

    I didn’t actually. But I didn’t really mean franchises either. Of course there had been those before. Bond or Carry on being pretty massive examples. They rarely used to be numbered or direct sequels though as they didn’t want to cut off an audience who hadn’t seen the previous ones? 

    But the idea of proper ongoing sequels was something that went nuts from the late 70’s and early 80’s. It’s quite possible I’m talking bollocks. 

  14. 8 hours ago, David Kenny said:

    I absolutely love First Blood (the "Rambo" part of the title was added later on), but the other films are very very different beasts. They don't have any of the pathos of this one, and are played as over the top action films (really over the top). There's still something to enjoy there, if you forget the link to the original masterpiece.

    Very much like Rocky as well. Which is pretty interesting bearing in mind those 2 series were amongst the first movie franchises. 

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