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  1. Had a quick bash last night and only got to 300th or something with the 360. Must. Try. Harder.
  2. I see a few games got completed last night. Optimus if you're about this eve then I should be on to play. Leave me a message on the competition forum and I will be there. Ta Yigs
  3. OpTiMuS17 we're up. I will be about most of the evening so okay me as a friend and we'll play.
  4. Does this start tonight? If it does then I would love for someone to tell me what the heck I am supposed to do next? DO I go into Multiplayer - Live - XSN Game? I tried that and it started asking me for round id's and allsorts. Sorry this is a bit new to me.
  5. By the way forgive my total ignorance but how do we now know when we're playing etc? And against whom? Im not used to these online tourneys. Ta.
  6. Yiggy

    Top Spin

    Come and sign up for Toberts Tourney if you fancy it. A few threads up.
  7. Brilliant. I got it for Christmas so am well up for this. I have registered too and should be able to play most evenings. We need some more so step right up boys and girls.
  8. Now that was brilliant. The man likes his booze.
  9. I didn't 'get it'. I nearly cried it was so bad. It wasn't funny and it wasn't clever.
  10. Just wondering, is Tempest X3 meant to be a rare game? It took me a while to find it, I tell you. Dont think do as I see it quite regularly. Its a good version though.
  11. I believe Crave tried this with another game previously and did a million copies. I've ALWAYS believed in lower price points, I'm very happy about it. Well I hope this does bloody well then. Good luck.
  12. JP - Are you worried at all that people might not buy the game if its that cheap. Percieved value and all that? How come the publisher is selling it so cheap over there anyway? Surely thats unprecidented for a new game in the industry. Unless its Barbie Skating 4 or some tosh.
  13. Best Easter Egg in any piece of media. Ever. One of the best multiplayer games. Ever.
  14. "What's on the table?" "An apple, A key, A Horn and a pair of pants." "Take the pants." "No. I've got the horn."
  15. Yeah I saw you on there and was about to try and join before falling asleep.
  16. You seem to have mistaken a look of 'confusion' for a look of 'Get away from me you sad bastard'. Easierly done.
  17. And then get a copy of Speedball 2 and play that.
  18. Yiggy

    Donkey Konga

    As soon as there is any word on Freeloader let us know.
  19. BASTARDS! I picked up 2 games from Gamestation today.
  20. Picked it up in Gamestation this afternoon for £19.
  21. There are loads on Ebay at the moment. Exaxtly the same package for £99.99 buy it now. Its a good deal.
  22. Yiggy


    Just bought Broken Sword 1 for £4.99 on PC and got Broken Sword 2 free. Not bad.
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