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  1. No probs with AirPods or AirPod Pros. I love this new feature that’s taken them 4 years to implement.
  2. It really is a lovely machine and so much nicer than the OG console. Think DS to DS lite quality levels. Or the 2nd 3DS model. It’s just a more solid unit. And the screen makes it a ruddy joy. Im firmly feeling the Switch love again. Plus I’m pretending the Bluetooth headphones are a new feature of it and having Metroids synths firing in my lobes is a spiritual experience.
  3. Just started it. Looks and sounds incredible. So these bastard robots.
  4. Heard somebody talking about it saying it was a good port but don’t know any details.
  5. Yiggy

    Nintendo Switch

    Just copy the users you want over to the OLED from the old switch using user transfer. You have the option to leave or delete them from the old one. Then just go to the Eshop and redownload what you want. As long as you have an active online sub it will ask you if you want to download cloud saves. First time you run a redownloaded game You have to download it manually but after that it will all sync up. Bear in mind that on your new switch it will require an online check when you first start an Eshop game. All users on the primary will be able to play anything you own without a check. You can switch this over at any time.
  6. Is it to do with quoted battery life? Like the 5 hours quoted time is with auto brightness on? Time will tell I guess.
  7. I seek this info too. Yes I believe the ‘system transfer’ process effectively wipes the source switch. Could you just switch on the new one. Set-up as a new switch and transfer accounts over?
  8. So did you do a straight swap? Just a standard system transfer and then download what you want after?
  9. Transfer thoughts needed. I have the family switch plugged into the TV. My new OLED switch is MINE and is going in my office. If I do a system transfer that’s gonna format the old system. Can I just set the OLED as my new ‘home’ system with my account and then download selective stuff I want to? Then the old family one can still play those games as long as they run the game using my profile? Would that mean I couldn’t use my OLED at the same time? Obviously Will but carts moving forward for games the kids will play too.
  10. Actually. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/07/yes_switch_oled_works_with_your_old_dock Yes then.
  11. Do we think that the new OLED models will work with the old docks? I’m considering a multi switch setup situation now and figuring out the logistics.
  12. The chicken is in the pot. *Image removed due to stupidity - But trust me it was a good one*
  14. Well I’ve just ordered an OLED model and a copy of the game so I’ve probably jinxed the fuck out of it. 6/10 it is.
  15. You don’t know what courier Nintendo UK use do you? Got a funny feeling it’s UPS.
  16. Any places good for stock right now on new orders? Amazon are saying next week and it’s not clear if Argos will have stock in stores on Friday.
  17. Unimpressed at the game management or unimpressed in general? I can understand the former but not really the latter. They’ve been fearless and tenacious to the extreme. We are always going to be playing a little bit on the back foot when it comes to possession as our player stats are so much worse than most other peoples. We have to leverage some sort of advantage out of the game via legal means. Playing hard pressing football and slowing the game down when ahead is a much more entertaining than parking the bus. 1-2! Woooooooo.
  18. This is the point. It’s so unique. You have to admire it. I’m about 70% in and need to go back and finish it. I’ve really enjoyed all I’ve played.
  19. I have no care either way but I would kind of love it to be a steaming turd of a movie just to see the fallout after all this time. I’ve not seen any of them since Casino Royale. Craig takes himself far too seriously for my liking.
  20. To be fair that does not sound reflective of most trips the flicks.
  21. I enjoyed episode 2 a lot less than episode 1. Gonna stick with it for sure but quite a mixed bag so far.
  22. I mean if you’re looking for action packed sci-fi this isn’t it. It’s a galaxy opera set over 1000 years. The source material is very ponderous and conversational. Saying that there is action in the second half of the first ep and I gather they’ve injected quite a bit into the first season to hold peoples attention who want a bit more excitement. I enjoyed episode one. Fairly straight forward setup and I like what they’ve done with it. I loved the imagery and the costumes and the Roman Empire feel to the baddies.
  23. Man. I’m so disappointed it’s not his real voice.
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