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  1. I mean do get how they both seem weird and out of place in the context of the series arc. But why cant people just enjoy them for one off pieces of artistic creation?
  2. I absolutely loved the beard episode. ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. You people are weird.
  3. There’s an unconfirmed sequel in production.
  4. Yeah. I’ve had it since I was a kid. 1. Had to use the emergency stop button on the VR Michael Jackson ride in Sega World when I was 14. 2. Couldn’t play Timesplitters on my launch PS2. 3. Couldn’t play Doom 2016. 4. Any VR game which has any lateral movement in makes me instantly feel like I’m going to vom. Even games that are static but use the slow movement to get from A to B (rather than blink) and I’m done for. Interested to try a few things mentioned above like the FOV. It’s a curse which I think is getting worse as I get older.
  5. Another absolute banger. Love it when they do something as clever as that. Adored the When Harry Met Sally couple at the game.
  6. It’s an amazing ground. Especially fitting it in the space. People talk about it being small but the only scenario that’s a problem is if you can sustain 10+ years in the prem and you want to push for top 4. An outcome that even the most feverish Bees fan would seem silly to dream of.
  7. I’m off to the game tonight. I’ve had the shits I’m so excited.
  8. I was there too to check out my ST seat for Fridays opener against arsenal (and check out some of the new players of course!) It's amazing what they've managed to squeeze into the limited space and though the atmosphere was limited on Saturday I expect the place to explode on Friday. I am confident we can play less shit than 3 other PL teams this season. New signings have been good pre-season. You may know this but it will be tough to get tickets for most games as even members have a rotational system but I reckon it is worth doing as cup games etc should be easier to get tickets for. Are you local?
  9. If that’s the case then good. Though I’ve seen tweets doing a fair bit of conflation. Twitter does that a lot I guess! Its horrible that these situations happen when an ego doesn’t allow people to consider others and make their lives unpleasant in the process.
  10. That’s a fair point. I had not considered the size of the company and whilst it doesn’t change my overall opinion that this situation is very different to the others it does change the dynamic of this particular situation a bit. Probably for the worse as there would be less protection from a middle management layer.
  11. I know what you mean. I guess I’m not defending him in particular. I’m saying that if a collective of ex staff from most companies (Any industry) got together they could put together a decent assault on the senior management which, if given oxygen would sound pretty much like this. And lumping it in with illegal, discriminatory, sexual or racial misconduct focused behaviours (which this will be) muddies the water.
  12. I disagree. It has the potential to set the tone but I’ve seen plenty of good natured companies with senior management who have questionable traits. Take the ‘he uses the fullbright account’ thing. I can see how as a collective staff might feel that wasn’t inclusive. But why is it a problem? He’s the founder. Another way to look it would be that he cares enough about the company to take personal responsibility for direct communication with the public. Not saying that’s the right way but it’s an angle. Of course I do t know the sort of stuff he was posting so it could have been a car crash bur fundamentally I don’t have a problem with that.
  13. These were my thoughts as well. I am not justifying it but I think at the moment these sorts of situations are gonna get lumped together when they’re not the same. There is some specific reference to women but there’s mostly reference to him being an arsehole who sees the company as being all about him. If we’re gonna start cancelling (some people will) companies for that then I’m not sure how I feel about that.
  14. Thanks that’s exactly where I am but I hadn’t clicked that there was something to do with the big plant things. Ta.
  15. No. I was heading East as instructed but guess I need to get what you said first. Which direction should I be going?
  16. So I’ve done Grandma and made my way East to the sunken bit. However I make it so far in (to the first door) and then I’m stuck in the area with the big frog statue without seeming to be able to do anything. There are glowing green blocks about but can’t seem to do anything with them. Am I missing a power and where do I go if I am?
  17. You have to switch to DX12 then press esc which gives you a save option. Then restart the game and it should be in DX12 mode with RT options active. However it’s apparently a bit bodged in DX12 and some are saying RT effects aren’t always working or FR is all over the place, which, to be fair, it is anyway. Sounds like there’s some bugs to be ironed out. Ive played 90 mins or so solo. It seems they’ve out a lot of love (and neon) into the world but not sure if it’s interesting enough and the plot seems a bit meh. I quite like the feel though the walking backwards and shooting mechanic is getting a little stake already. Wanna break through the first few hours and will try MP with the boy.
  18. I have a RTX card but RT options look greyed out in the Graphics settings and there's no DLSS option I can see.
  19. Changed that to make you feel a bit better.
  20. Keep trying Dekay. I was really looking forward to your inevitable delivery day debacle.
  21. Yeah. When the first card got declined I sort of saw it as a sign. Then tried another card anyway.
  22. I thought they weren't gonna 'sell out' just move to later shipping?
  23. £188 with the case shipping and taxes according to a currency converter.
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