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  1. Mine went through (with case) on a 2nd card. Order says Late 2021. We shall see. If it does arrive its going under the tree. I reckon that will be great fun opening on Xmas day.
  2. So are we refreshing or do we have to wait till they send an email?
  3. Bees fan. It was a very entertaining game that.
  4. Is there easy way to invert the right stick camera settings? I can’t find the option.
  5. Fantastic. Thanks. Is the game your developing due to be in one of the subsequent game sets? Or does it not work like that and you just submit it and see what they want to do with it? Sounds exciting to develop for which much be part of its charm.
  6. Any thoughts having used one for a while?
  7. I want more than one opinion on it. They say it’s pretty much fine and admit that they’re nitpicking a bit. It’s not quite perfect. Still can’t wait to give one a go.
  8. Okay but surely that’s a fairly niche thing to do? So ‘out the box’ is it clear if it will run every game in your steam library or is it selective?
  9. Everyone is talking about running gamepass and epic store on it but I don’t understand how. Do they mean if you install windows on it? Surely if it runs Steam OS which I believe is Linux based out the box then not only will you be limited to steam but also limited to steam games that run on Linux? Just like the old Steam PCs out the box were? Or am I missing something?
  10. What would you want them to say though? It seems pretty obvious but it is what is. Probably not worth replacing if you don’t need to but if you’ve got the wedge or you need a replacement then it’s a bit better.
  11. Another announcement the TCGS boys will have missed this week.
  12. So how does this tech work at the backend? A server farm with a load of Series X boards wired up and when you connect it assigns you one?
  13. Correct. Full shut down should stop active downloads I believe. Not sure what’s happened there. They don’t get 4K (obvs) but do get some of the other enhancements. It varies from game to game. Not sure how that comes out in reality. https://www.gamesradar.com/uk/xbox-series-s-runs-xbox-one-s-versions-of-backwards-compatible-games-microsoft-confirms/
  14. I think the criticism of stadia against game pass is more aimed at the pricing model where even though your streaming big new games on stadia you still have to pay £50 for them. I know you get some free games now but the point remains. People have always said Stadia does work pretty well as far as the streaming goes. I think you might be mixing the comparisons. As to what you’re doing wrong. It’s possible you didn’t get a series X instance. It’s also possible it’s overloaded at the moment because it’s new or maybe the internet connection wasn’t great. I think that once the dust settles they will be comparable services from a streaming perspective. Though for me, I still can’t see a phone being a tremendous way of playing a lot of games. I can see a browser being a far more enticing bonus in a number of situations though.
  15. Cheers @matt0 that’s a shame but I guess we mustn’t expect magic to work all the time. Would be nice if they developed this though especially with nearly all the upcoming games coming to all 3 formats. Xbox, cloud and PC.
  16. I had a weird one at tonight where I expected the magic of gamepass to work but it didn’t. I recently started using PC game pass as well and fired up slay the spire for the first time. Loved it then later in bed thought to fire it up on the cloud on my phone only to find that it clearly isn’t a cross save title. I assumed if it was on Xbox and Pc gamepass then it would be cross save. Is this ever the case? I wasn’t annoyed as such it’s just the first tile I’ve expected something to work and it hasn’t like that!
  17. I can live with mopping up the goodies from the first one for now. Im sure they will sort it soon. What’s the deal with the new baddies cropping up elsewhere in the regular game? The crab people etc. I heard it was a thing but wasn’t sure if it was a think for the future.
  18. All okay on PC. Seems odd as tearing is normally an engine thing? I’m sure they’ll sort it. Might head back in tonight to find some secrets. Will hold off on PL Tall Tale 2 as apparently it’s got some bugs in it that need ironing out.
  19. Re Secrets in the first new tall tale. I didn’t look but are there deeds related to it that list them all? I think I got one book on my first run through but clearly wasn’t paying enough attention to spot any others.
  20. Did the first new one. I assume it was meant to feel like a bit of a theme park ride based on the source material! I think its quite clever how they have curtained it off and you have the option of jumping straight into that bit as well. Clearly they are trying to entice new players.
  21. Im not sure but can’t you swap out any already found weapons at the train? You may be further along than me and that’s not an option at the moment.
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