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    In store as well?
  2. I got a code in about five minutes using that Expert Zone thing.
  3. They also sold their console, I assume, so it doesn't skew the number of console owners at all.
  4. How many is "loads"? Three?
  5. IDGI. Are you saying they would? I'm not saying nobody did it, just that scottcr seems to think repeat buys due to the release of a smaller console skews the total number of PS2 owners, which I don't think is all that likely. It isn't like the DS Lite or DSi where the changes were more significant (brighter/bigger screens, extra functionality etc.) and there was actually a reason to upgrade.
  6. What's that got to do with whether or not a significant number of PS2 sales were repeat purchases?
  7. Why would people rush out to buy a new version of a home console where the only change was it's physical size? It's not like a handheld where that makes a significant difference. Obviously there are people who did but to suggest it makes up any significant proportion of the PS2 sales is just silly, regardless of whether or not a few of your mates did it.
  8. It's not that weird. I'm sure it's easier to write one good story with several permutations which differ slightly than one which can be dramatically changed based on the players actions. I haven't played Heavy Rain though so the story could still be really bad.
  9. He said it ripped off Zelda, not TP specifically.
  10. Same difference. His kids all have their own consoles and they want to play the same game at the same time. Big deal.
  11. Three different people buying the same game to play on their own consoles at the same time are mugs?
  12. People buying their own copies of games are mugs? Eh?
  13. It's not, unless they've had a massive increase in the number of people moving from silver to gold accounts in the last year. It was 17 million gold and silver account a year ago, and I think it was just a little over half that which were gold accounts but I'm not sure if that was ever properly confirmed.
  14. There's negativity, and then there's antagonistic negativity. Guess which one bcass is. There's also antagonistic positivity, like ramone in the sales thread. That one's funnier though.
  15. Didn't work all that well for Wii Music or Animal Crossing, did it?
  16. That was exactly my point, I posted that a couple of pages ago.
  17. It dosn't appear to be outselling Silent Hill Homecoming based on VGChartz figures.
  18. It sold less than 50,000 copies. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles sold even less.
  19. You mean Braid the critically acclaimed XBLA game which sold extremely well? There's an outlet for that sort of game now and it isn't full price retail. Fair enough if your game has an IP attached which will allow it to sell at retail (Mario, obviously) but releasing something like A Boy and His Blob as a retail product and expecting it to sell remotely well is ludicrous. You can moan about it all you like but it isn't a product of some misguided hatred for all things Wii and unfortunately it's something which seems to apply to most third party Wii games.
  20. Perceived value. I'm not saying that are more worthy, but compare Bayonetta and A Boy and His Blob and tell me which one you think people would happier to pay full price for.
  21. Exactly that. Nobody is going to go out and buy A Boy and His Blob for £30 when there's going to be at least one or two 360 games every month they want to play. That's assuming they even have a Wii, they're certainly not going to rush out to buy one so they can pick up De Blob and Silent Hill, especially when nobody has really cared about Silent Hill for years. It just doesn't have the games that are going to take people away from these big blockbuster games which are being released so frequently on the other consoles.
  22. That this isn't a "hardcore gamers against the Wii" thing, it's a "most people don't care about the third party games on the Wii because they're not the kind of games they like and they wouldn't care about them on any console" thing.
  23. Would have been ignored on the other consoles as well.
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