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  1. 485 on Trangle this morning. Gate open for anyone still in need of making a sale: https://turnip.exchange/island/9a673bb3
  2. Yes sure - happy to stay open after 8! Errm, nothing in particular but thank you. I guess a recipe card is always good if you've got any swaps...
  3. Apols again all for the connection issues while i was out. Island is back up now for those that missed out or looking for a price this eve. 535 on Trangle: https://turnip.exchange/island/bd488de1
  4. Thanks all for the amazing tips! Just to warn you that i'm heading out on a run for a while and will leave things open and as they are. Fingers crossed things continue to run smoothly but apologies if something falls over for whatever reason. If it does, i'll be back on later for those that didn't get in. At the moment though, seems to be flowing quite well!
  5. Hope you've managed to get back in the queue. My fossils are now complete! But some more seedlings would be amazing if you've got some to spare. Thanks!
  6. Ah - good point, i didn't even think that'd be an option. I'll definitely try that if it happens again.
  7. New link for Trangle: https://turnip.exchange/island/e1849e17
  8. Gah - communications error. No idea what caused that as my internet's still up. Sorry all who were on the island or near the front of the queue. New links shortly...
  9. Thanks so much for the fossil and seedlings (i'm assuming it was you!). That's massive - basically just completed the fossils in my museum with that after being on one to go for about 2 weeks. Now just to find a moment to go speak to Blathers... might do that a little later.
  10. Of course! Very happy for people to make as many trips as they like.
  11. Thanks all! Really appreciate the generosity! Think people are rolling through pretty well now from what i can tell...
  12. Right, finally back and on this link: https://turnip.exchange/island/2003c2fe I've limited to a 3 queue now to try and calm things down a bit...
  13. Really sorry for the wasted time. I'll be back in a bit with another link and should be able to open until 10 so if i need to be so hopefully no rush for people and plenty of time for everyone that wants to to visit. Just need to hope my internet stays up for a decent length of time. Just waiting for my brother and a friend to sell before i post again. Need to get them out of the way first so they stop congesting things...!
  14. And now my internet just went down. Sorry all. Will open again shortly and might limit the queue a bit more. Link to follow...
  15. Things got a bit chaotic there... Apologies. My brother is also here which explains the higher number of people.
  16. If you've got a bracho head then that's the only fossil i need! Also, any bamboo seedlings you can spare much appreciated. Other than that i'm all good!
  17. 535 on Trangle at the moment. Will try and keep open all afternoon - having a weird intermittent internet drop issue lately but will repost later if it does go down. https://turnip.exchange/island/3fdff21c
  18. All done - thanks again! Tip by your feet.
  19. Just going to go grab some more turnips from him - i will be back for another quick run if that's ok...!
  20. Amazing - thanks. I'll pop over now.
  21. Anyone with a turnip price over 100 and willing to open let me know. It would be massively appreciated. My dad (in his 70s) has horribly miscalculated his turnip dealings this week and currently has a price of 38 (as do I) so i'm trying to sort something out for him!
  22. Thanks for coming over and thanks for the tip! Everyone else, i'll leave this on while i pop out on my bike. Small chance my Switch goes to sleep (does this happen??) or my internet goes down as i've been having a couple of probs, but a decent price for anyone that needs it for the next hour or two hopefully.
  23. I've now got 393 if anyone hasn't sold yet. I'll try and stay open for the next couple of hours. DPDD4
  24. I'm at 203 currently. Dodo KXGX8 and should be open to all until 12 if anyone wants to pop by.
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