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  1. PMed a little while ago - sorry, only just saw this new thread but great idea to separate it out.
  2. Amazing! Will pop over if that's ok!
  3. Ooh, if you've got a dodo code that would be massively appreciated.
  4. Thank you! I got them - much appreciated and thanks for visiting!
  5. My turnip price is now at 198. Should still be the same code - 03S79 - if anyone wants to swing by. I've only got half an eye on the Switch but will stay open for an hour or so.
  6. Yes, of course! Does it tend to go up after 12 from what you've seen so far?
  7. Ha, i've just realised my sig has my old DS codes in. The memories...!
  8. Hi all. I don't think i've posted here since I was playing Animal Crossing on the DS in 2006. Nice to be back. Just to say that my turnip prices are currently 193. Is that worth selling at do you think? I'm also happy to open my gates while i work if anyone wants to pop by and sell at that price. Dodo is 03S79
  9. This is fairly shameless, but I just did a cover of 'Remedy' in case anyone's interested: http://www.sendspace.com/file/jkkv73\ Remedy_Exerpt__Little_Boots_Cover_.mp3
  10. Hello. I did this over the weekend. Just a little acoustic song in case anyone's interested: http://www.sendspace.com/file/wuoytt
  11. evil p


    I'm not an Arsenal fan, but two of my friends are. Here's their rather earnest but potentially entertaining blog in case anyone's interested. http://www.myarsenalbloggers.blogspot.com/
  12. evil p

    Guitar Hero II

    This just gets better for me as I start a new difficulty. I was kind of thinking 'i'm never going to be able to do this' when starting expert but then 5-stared Surrender on my first go. I think the difficultly is really nicely weighted in this way.
  13. I knew this might go down pretty well, but i've been genuinely amazed at how much my family love this thing. My dad has a Gamecube and DS and I know he plans to get a Wii at some point for Zelda, but he has never been into any kind of multiplayer/sports/party game. And he absolutely loves Wii Sports. But what's really mad is how much my MUM is enjoying playing it. I can't really emphasise enough how much of a non-gamer my mum is and she's never really played a game beyond picking up a controller for a couple of seconds and putting it down straight away. It's amazing just how quickly people adapt to something like tennis and how much more involved in the game they get because they're standing up and doing the actions. My brother who doesn't really play games is also totally obsessed with boxing.
  14. Don't worry about it! Sorry about the crash - I guess leaving the DS on the wireless for 11 hours straight was a bit of a push...
  15. I'll be open until 11 hopefully. Though i want to play Elite Beat Agents at some point I'll make sure i'm open at 7:30 for you.
  16. 374 in Boomland this afternoon. My gate will be open most of the afternoon but am going out in a bit so won't be able to add anyone new unless it happens shortly...
  17. It was indeed ace. I think the new one was something 'Snow Bird' - and he mentioned he'd been doing a bunch of songs about birds which could suggest the content of a record. £3.50 for a plastic bottle of Red Stripe. Ouch. Needless to say I cradled the same drink for the whole night.
  18. Yup, gate's still open and will hopefully remain open until 12. I might not be there, mind... Just added you!
  19. If anyone's looking out for a price this week, i've got 564 this morning. Will be open for most of the morning hopefully.
  20. Coming! (I hope i have you on my list!!)
  21. I have 140 odd. Had a lot of middling 100s this week which is kind of worrying in terms of actually getting a big price.
  22. The Modern End Table is still eluding me... Help me help me real-life-red!
  23. Sweet, I appear to be registered. Now to run up the road and get some fish and chips before it starts... Also, is this software pretty normal? I've never used Ladbrokes before.
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