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  1. Cool - i've set an alarm so i don't forget...
  2. Thanks Exidor - my mush room is now complete You sure have a lot of acorns there...
  3. Brilliant! I'll check at my gate for when you open.
  4. I'm free at any time today really. Just name a time and i'll 'be there'. I have no Palace Wall unfortunately though I can offer you money, but after seeing your current bank balance i'm not sure you'd be interested
  5. I didn't want to have to do this crawling on my hands and knees thing, but as the end of the acorn festival drew closer, it became clear that I had started collecting a day too late and wasn't going to make the full collection of mush furniture. In heartbreaking style, my acorn resourses dried up with the finish line in sight and only 6 needed to reach the magic 230 total to get the flooring to complete my mush room. So, if anyone had a good run of acorns and has any spares, i'd be willing to buy/swap/do anything to get six of the bastards. I am assuming this festival ends at midnight tonight? If, by some happy quirk of fate it goes on into tomorrow as well, this can be ignored. Sorry to do this, but simple desperation has set in.
  6. Brilliant! Thanks a lot for that. Is there anything you're after furniture-wise that i can have a look for? Off out in a bit, but i can come over/you come over tomorrow if that's alright with you?
  7. After a month break from this i'm way into it again and want to start properly getting my rooms sorted. I'm after some modern stuff if anyone's got particularly modern-populated catalogues: Sofa, end-table, chair and wardrobe are the ones i'm after. In return i'll look for anything in my catalog that might be needed.
  8. My gates are open if anyone fancies popping round. I hadn't been to my town for about a month, but the acorn festival has pulled me right back in.
  9. How can people not dance to the Pipettes. I mean it's the Pipettes.
  10. The new Mountain Goats album called Get Lonely is pretty sad. But like all good sad albums, kind of quietly beautiful too.
  11. evil p

    Royal Crown

    I'd definitely be interested if you're still around. I don't think I have you on my list though... What's your town name/name?
  12. This album is growing on me at an alarming rate. It could be a masterpiece, but i'm not sure yet.
  13. evil p


    Will do Do you need any fruit or anything?
  14. evil p


    Adding you now! My details should be in my sig...
  15. Definitely interested in coming over when your gates are next open. I'll set a reminder on my phone so I go on at 6! I'll be able to pay off my final mortgage!
  16. This was harsh: I played a tournament earlier which was around £2000 to buy-in and everyone in it was pretty crap and playing really loose. I was folding most stuff and quickly gained a reputation as only playing top hands. This meant i could generally take down the odd big pot and win some here and there. In the end I managed to double up a couple of times and ended up heads up with this one guy who clearly didn't know what he was doing all that much. I was chatting to him as I played, but a couple of hands into the 1-on-1 i pressed Y twice by mistake and put myself all-in with total rags. It could have been a sweet bluff, but I couldn't stop myself saying something like 'SHIT SHIT SHIT I didn't mean to press that!' and the guy laughed and called me with Ace high. He then started singing 'we are the champions' in a nasaly American accent for ages while I basically cried. So, the perils of the Y button basically. Beware.
  17. I noticed this too - I had to sit closer to the screen to make sure I wasn't mis-reading what people were raising etc. Just managed to fold into second place in an 8-handed tournament and then win heads up because the other guy would call any raise I made regardless of his hand. Haven't tried the normal cash-game play yet because every time i go to a table I seem to have to wait about 5 hands to join which is a little annoying.
  18. Yeah, surprisingly i've rarely run into proper text-book Live twats, but there were definitely a couple round my first table. I didn't bother turning the mic in because they were annoying me too much.
  19. This is ace though a little slow compared to online. Ended up head-up with an incredibly annoying American kid who kept saying 'I've been playing poker for years, once I played my brother and he said if i could beat him he'd buy me two games, he bought me Madden'. Beating him was satisfying.
  20. Ah, cunning. Flummoxed by my own timezone. I feel all excited about this and I already spent too much time playing poker. PS, adding people in this thread to my list.
  21. Definitely up for this, but where is it...? It doesn't appear to be on Marketplace yet.
  22. I'll pop over too - i've gathered a few spares together. Now just to remember what I actually need.... I'm not great at remembering all the names.
  23. I'm still looking out for a price if anyone gets one. Didn't quite get to sell all mine last night as I had a stupid amount. I'll sell at anything over 100 I think...
  24. Oh My. Could you possibly add me if you have the chance? Just adding you now.
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