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  1. Just to check, is there still a chance to sell tomorrow morning/afternoon or do the turnips go off by then? Never had them this late before... 118 here this afternoon which i'm almost tempted to sell at if tonight is the cutoff...
  2. Mine have been consistently bad so far. 47 or so this afternoon. I'm hoping it's building to some massive price. If no one gets one, this could ruin me.
  3. Cheers Tek - that was fun. Been rocking around Boomland in my witches garb like some kind of bruiser.
  4. The inconveivable has happened. A kitten is lost in Moonbeam and its mother is in Boomland. Is Moonbeam now officially no more?
  5. Happy birthday! If your gate's open later i'll pop over with a pressie.
  6. evil p

    hey guys.

    Added! I've assumed your name in AC is the same as your username here... All lower case. Is this right? My details are in my sig.
  7. Definitely interested. I'm just adding you now. I don't have many swaps right now, but hopefully i'll get a load more in the coming weeks.
  8. (Just added you!) EDIT - Carly that is... PS - I'm staying open until 11 for anyone who might have some emergency turnip-selling needs.
  9. I had a letter from her earlier. Is she meant to be a bear or a human, or some kind of terrifying hybrid?
  10. I'll add you now and get my gate open. May not be at the DS again as i'm doing some work. When I got back earlier there was a load of fruit around my character. Thanks to whoever popped by! Right, gate's open. Also added you Kris Doe.
  11. EDIT - Right, gate will be open for the next few hours while I go out.
  12. If anyone didn't get to Sin City, turnips are now going for 527 in Boomland. I'll leave the gate open at points this afternoon just in case.
  13. Yay! Are your gates open now?
  14. Phew, that was manic! Got some great stuff and a nice chunk of cash to fund my much-needed building extensions. Thanks a lot Rsdio - nicely organised and executed. Sorry about the 'false start' at the beginning...
  15. Ok, let me know when i'm allowed to enter...
  16. (oops) I've done great wrong here today.
  17. So, we have 5 minutes and we can start legging it around as soon as we get in?
  18. I've emptied everything and even taken off my new 'huge shades'. This pretty much means I mean business right here. But yes, nervous.
  19. I'm in! I think. Exciting scenes!
  20. That's kinda tempting - how likely is it that someone will get a 500ish price before the week's out? Or is it totally random?
  21. evil p

    Pgr 3

    Having trouble getting below 1:15. There are all kinds of corners i know i could take better, but it's getting them all in one run.
  22. I added you a few days ago, but i'm not sure you've added me (is this what the triangle as opposed to the circle means?). If you could, that'd be much appreciated! Might not be able to make it, but i'll definitely try.
  23. Yeah, that was pretty random - first time that's happened to me. Judging from what people say though, it's a pretty common thing unfortunately.
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