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  1. I've added you too... (Mortis that is)
  2. Oh well, I just spent 160k on turnips. Lets hope there's some kind of decent price this week.
  3. This is an ace idea. I'll have a think.
  4. Is it possible to buy turnips from other people's towns? Do prices fluctuate all that much? I've got 107 here which seems a bit high (or is it?). I fancy gambling all my money on turnips this week.
  5. After going around various people's towns yesterday thinking 'oh yeah, fireworks later!', it got to 7 and I not only totally forgot but then i went out for the rest of the night so couldn't even catch the tail end. Crushed.
  6. I have 127. Hardly great but my gates are open. Also, added you, Doc.
  7. Cheers for coming over guys - that was ace. Got lots of fruit i hadn't even seen before!
  8. anything other than oranges and pears really... Just adding you now - my gates are still open.
  9. Added! My gates are open now if anyone fancies popping in.
  10. Hello, I've just got home so can now finally get online with AC. Friend code is in the sig. I'm in the process of adding a bunch of you.
  11. This is awesome - I was laughing like a bastard throughout. Good work.
  12. evil p

    Put Here

    http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?acti...CF2957C091F87E3 I recorded this earlier and thought of this place.
  13. It deletes as soon as you turn the machine off, so you can only get one at a time. I've currently got the Trauma Centre one which i grabbed yesterday, so my DS is existing in sleep mode. I can't do the second operation at all.
  14. Has anyone tried any of these downloads in shops? I was in HMV on Oxford Street yesterday and downloaded a demo of Trauma Centre. It all worked quite seamlessly and nice. I can't do the second operation though - it appears pretty much impossible. I think i'm missing something...
  15. I S-ranked insane RSG for the first time yesterday and i'm rocking some (probably crappy) Game screen protector. I find the screen is a lot better in terms of feel than the old one even with a protector on. I went back to the old DS as a test and couldn't play for shit.
  16. Posting that picture of a Game-based screwed 360 was obviously bad luck - just gone to turn mine on and have the red flashing lights. Mine's a second hand machine, but should I still deal with Microsoft directly or go through Cex where I bought it...? I think i've got a 12 month warranty with them, but they might just give me some scabby traded one... Hmmm, and I leave town in about 5 days. Not the best time for this to happen. EDIT: 4 lights. Lead wasn't plugged in properly. Me idiot.
  17. Whoah, that's pretty impressive. That was taken last week at HMV in Sheffield city centre by the way. I've always thought the consoles must get hot in those little bubble things.
  18. I did this pre-prder deal last week. Will they only accept the old DS if it's boxed with all the extra bits do you think? Ie, will i need to give the Metroid Prime Hunters demo etc as well? This isn't a problem, it just means gathering together the scattered bits.
  19. That's way bad. How often was Oblivion crashing for you before this happened? Mine seems to be becoming increasingly unstable and i'm not sure whether this is marking some kind of slowly manifesting hardware failure. Had zero crashes elsewhere though...
  20. I get crashes in Oblivion every so often. I've always assumed this is a software issue with the game itself, but I guess this could be overheating/360 troubles. No probems on other games though.
  21. Works fine. P4 3.2ghz, gig ram, SP2, Geforce 4.
  22. evil p

    Pgr 3

    Same story here. Username is: phil boom rich
  23. I bought one of these today too. Randomly, I happened to notice a CEX had opened in Sheffield, so I went in and immediately picked up Donky Konga, which was a tenner, and took it to the counter. After being informed that they didn't have the drums anywhere (and struck with mild 'i want to buy something' syndrome), i was all 'oh well, not to worry. By the way what's wrong with the 360 premium for £240?' The answer was nothing, cash was handed over, and away i skipped (if only - i almost died on the way home with that and a laptop in my bag). So yeah, a premium and PGR3 for £270. Not too bad. E3 is a powerful and expensive influence.
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