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    Good old Tesco

    I did the same the other day and the woman behind the kiosk thing looked at the price in horror and was all like 'I paid much more!'. Still, now i've got lots of mics hanging around. I wish it allowed 4 mics at a time.
  2. It's worth a try at least I suppose. Once you deposit, is it possible to withdraw straight away without wagering a thing should they refuse to give the bonus?
  3. Whoah, wish I could get double stats like that once in a while.
  4. Shit, didn't know that - i'll go withdraw now.
  5. It was an 8 grand wager so probably over 8 hours. I did it in chunks over three days though. Podcasts and the new Sonic Youth album pretty much got me through. Ended on £180 profit which 'isn't amazing' when you look at the bonus, but fuck it, it's £180. May do £2 bets at OnlineCasino and hope i get some luck. Also: I've had replies to my questions about MyCitadel withdrawls, and Golden Palace are all 'you can withdraw through MyCitadel from the flash version of the casino'. I go to the flash version and still no option, so they've now sent me an email saying ring them. Wires are getting crossed somewhere. I think i'll just go with the bank draft.
  6. Yes, it's been a little taxing at times. Still, if i hadn't, i'd have been on a much smaller profit... (down to £270, £170 profit). I can almost average 1000bets/hr though. Thank god for the speedy software, basically. EDIT: Actually, that's not strictly true, but i may have been close to hitting my own £100.
  7. Got 2000 left of this to go - been doing it at £1 bets (!). Question for people using MyCitadel: Is it possible to withdraw back to your wallet? This seems obvious, but i went to 'withdraw' and couldn't find the option - only Netteller seemed available.
  8. That's the one I was going to go for. (Single player blackjack surrender that is).
  9. My account has been activated, but it appears i can only transfer funds by bank transfer... That's going to be a good few days i should imagine. Oh well, let's hope they don't go changing that bonus any time soon. (Just a note, but I was having a go with the GP software and it really is stupidly fast - this is good news, as it's normally the speed of software that gradually grinds me down into a robotic mess).
  10. I've been trying for pretty much the entire day to get money into Golden Palace. First my debit card wasn't accepted (they're not accepting Switch anymore apparently) and my Mastercard won't go through either. Randomly, as i was trying, some dude from the IM help started talking to me. I got chatting and he was recommending all this stuff i could try (very helpful). I'm now in the process of getting a MyCitadel account activated which i assume is just an alternative to NETeller. It's required scanning and mailing my driving licence and bank statement, so i hope things will work this time. It was mad though, at one point this 'Trevor' guy was offering me all kinds of sign-up deals to keep me around trying to get it working. It was impressive customer support and i now kind of feel obliged to get some money in there for him. Still, it's been a hassle like no other casino.
  11. I've made about £500 since I started at Christmas. That's mostly Intercasino monthlies and a few of the sign-ups discussed in the main thread. Plan to move onto Poker pretty soon as soon as I get another couple of books read and my limit game sorted.
  12. Just did Virgin Casino too and made £47. Nice easy £500 playthrough and information regarding wager etc is all easily accessible. The flash window was getting really slow yesterday evening though, but was nice and fast this afternoon.
  13. Another thing, this time concerning the Littlewoods bonus: i've just put in £25 and it's matched me to £50. Can I qualify for both the £25 signup bonus and the monthly £50 in the same month? Ie, play for a bonus of £75 for a wager of £1000. I can't see anything which says otherwise, but it all seems a little generous especially for a deposit of £25...
  14. Update on my whiny Coral nightmare - basically just completed the wager at £1 bets and ended up losing £35 overall which is obviously excellent compared to the -£100 I was on before. Still, on the £50 I put in, i was actually up about £20 until a freefall before the bonus came in. If i'd actually made a profit off of all this, I guess it wouldn't have been right. Still! £75 saved! Thanks to those who recommended I carry on (ie everyone). EDIT: or, £65. Being a bit optimistic there.
  15. Hmmm, i'm not sure I really get that last sentence... What do you mean exactly?
  16. Just to check though: places like Intercasino that match your initial or monthly deposit do allow you to withdraw funds at any time, right? So you can be betting with £100 in total, but as soon as it reaches £50 you can think 'fuck it' and withdraw your intial deposit anyway? I've never had to do this, so i'm not sure. If that's the case, it's surely a kind of safeguard against this sort of bad run.
  17. Oh well, it's official - i've lost £100. All my initial money has now gone having wagered just £387. After thinking about it over-night I was well up for putting extra money in, but I continued with my £11 just now, lost ten straight bets in a row and am now faced with putting more money in off the back of that. To be honest, now I know it's very easy to lose a huge amount from a small wager, I can't justify putting anything more in. I know I sound like some paranoid bastard, but when you see the runs of losses I was getting, it defies belief - something is going on here and I don't like it at all. Another £100 could easily be gone before I even wager £1000, and i'm not going to risk it. It's chucking money around which I've chipped away at over the last week or two to earn and i'm not going to walk away from this casino stuff with nowt after the hours i've put in. Just gonna have to chalk this up to a savage loss and try and win it back when i can face blackjack again. Think i'll stick to bonuses which are given upon deposit from now on...
  18. I see this is the right thing to do, but i'm not sure i can face it now. Weird the way blackjack suddenly becomes much harder to play when you've lost a load... Anyway, time to 'sleep on it'. Cheers for the advice.
  19. Cheers for that - it's the sort of thing I need to keep telling myself in this 'lull' in my gambling career . It's just so unpleasant carrying on when you're basically doing it just to reduce your losses as much as possible. And, for me at least, clicking the button to put more money in would be fucking hard.
  20. Well I am (deep) into my own money because I haven't reached the bonus yet. Yes, with the bonus i'm still technically in profit, but it's whether i'm going to get there that frightens me. I guess at the moment i'm worried about playing out the bonus because my luck is so bad that I can't see myself making the £1600 wager requirement without losing another fortune first. I'm barely over £350 wagered and i've lost close to £100. At the moment, bringing myself to hit the deal button any more is the hardest thing. I'm just losing every hand i play.
  21. Weird you should post that a minute after mine! The other side of the coin i guess
  22. Oh dear, some advice needed. Basically, i'm doing the Coral £100 in, wager £1600 and get £100 bonus one, but it's just going absolutely disasterously. I've never seen anything like this. Betting £2 hands, i've managed to drop from £112 ish which i built up early on, to around £15. At the £25ish mark i dropped to £1 bets as i didn't want to run out of money, but this is just soul destroying. I'm putting bet after bet on (and i have a fucking long way to go) and i'm slowly decending to £0. Basically, if i get there, should i cut my losses and lose £100, or put MORE money in and play out the wager? Chances are i'd probably end up losing less than £100 if i did that, but there's still the chance of losing even more with this terrible luck. It's really difficult not to question a site like this when this happens. I've genuinely not moved away from the wizard of odds table and i've kept my bets very stable and consistent. Anyway, what should i do? I've managed to build up around £270ish over the past week or so from doing all this, but £100 lost would be difficult to take... EDIT - only wagered £341 so far. Got to get to £1600! Agh!
  23. Are you using Firefox? I've found a couple of these sites suddenly get fussy and demand IE to function properly. Could try that if you haven't yet...
  24. My code appears to be: 262054 793020 I'll probably be playing a load today if anyone fancies a game. Not sure where to start with the large list on the first page... At the top I suppose. Oh, and - happy christmas all.
  25. Shit! The current ferocity of dollar-sign-rotation across my eyes has clearly left the goose's life comprimised. Oh well, there's plenty of others to try I suppose. Bet365 here we come! Cheers for the advice everyone by the way - sorry for the questions/repeated questions. It's all a bit nerve wracking to begin with.
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