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  1. True I guess, but i've just done something entirely different. I've just transfered the full total back to my card without even touching the bonus. I'm assuming they would have stopped me if I couldn't do that.
  2. I mailed them last night and they basically instantly credited £50 which was nice of them. Balance now rests at £107. Not bad for a first attempt Still, I'm not entirely sure how getting money back out works and what i'll be forced to do with the free £50 worth of chips. Will they require a repeat £500 wager, or could I just wager £50 and have access to them?
  3. Hmmm, just finished my first £500 worth of wagers and the Paddy Power site is only saying i've reached £180 or so... Does it take a while to update or something or should i give them a ring? Wouldn't be best pleased if i've just spent the last couple of hours hammering away at the mouse button for nothing... EDIT - hmmm, i'm hoping it might be because yesterday turned into today mid-session. It is a 'daily' summary after all. More investigation needed methinks.
  4. Ok, got there - cheers for that. So I basically only earn the bonus ONCE i've bet to the value of £500? Presumably I can then move all money back to my card?
  5. Um, i've been following this thread recently and decided to 'take the plunge' on this today. However, i'm finding the Paddy Power site pretty confusing and would appreciate any advice... Basically, i've deposited £50 (though i think I did this on PaddyPower but have now successfully transferred this over to PaddyPowerCasino), but now can't seem to find where I can play Blackjack and claim my 50 free chips... It's going on about some 3-hand version, and all gets a bit 'shit, i don't know what i'm doing' from that point. Basically, have I fucked up in some way? It seems pretty tough to just get to the standard blackjack game with £100 appearing in the bank...
  6. evil p


    Oops, i had the input set to 'microphone' rather than 'line-in' in Audacity. That was a bit silly. Right! On with the tune-making.
  7. evil p


    No, it's fine when it's playing through headphones. Also, the really strange thing is that is sounds fine out of the speakers. And it has to be going through the computer to get there, so the actual output is fine. I'm certain it's the DS mic that the recording picks up though (I can talk and my voice is a lot louder than anything else). I'd try another game, but i've now managed to make Audacity think there's no input signal at all. It just records silence. Oh dear. I'll continue to fiddle.
  8. evil p


    I got Electroplankton through the post the other day and have a bunch of ideas for tunes and the like. I have a problem though: When the DS is plugged into my computer using a mini-jack to mini-jack cable (plugged into the blue line-in socket), the sound then comes through my hi-fi fine. However, when I attempt to record in Audacity, the sound recorded is that coming through the DS microphone. The recording I get is therefore what the mic is picking up of the sound coming out of my speakers as well as any movement/tapping on the DS itself. Anyone else get this problem? Is there a setting I can change in Audacity or something? It doesn't quite seem to make sense seeing as it's plugged into the headphone socket...
  9. It's worth looking out which version you get. I once borrowed a version which had white subtitles with no surround. There's a scene in a park where the bottom of the screen is completely white. I still have no idea what happened in this scene because the subs were totally unreadable.
  10. I saw this last night. My thoughts: I was pretty much expecting to hate this film. I've never really seen the Sixth Sense properly (just in lots of bits) and knew the twist long before i even saw any of it. Unbreakable - to me - was pretty rubbish and Signs was just very average for the most part. But weirdly, i came out feeling like i'd enjoyed The Village. This isn't to say I think it's a consistently good film - because it's clearly not - but there are brief moments of quality film-making which show Shyamalan to have talent which I never thought he had. Bits like the scene when that guy's on the watch tower and you see the red-cloaked figure walk under it. I can't remember the last time I saw a collective cinema audience jump in unison to such a degree. Then there's the bit in the forest where the horrible thing starts running at the girl and the camera. People around me were actually screaming. Like, really Screaming. Because those bits are genuinely unsettling - they're brief, straight-forward and they're not very frequent, but when when they do happen they're top notch. I always remember the bit in Signs with the children's party and the alien moving across in the distance. Can't really recall much else from that film, but it's that kind of moment within which Shyamalan excells. Which leads onto my main problem with the film. Shyamalan's great at the short-term scares, the jump out of seat moments, but when it comes to long-term atmosphere and building tension it all seems a bit flat. It often feels like it's all fragmented and chopped up just so all the important information surrounding the twist will work. The middle of the film suffers for this and it all gets a bit meandering. But ultimately I think the payoff is worth it. Shyamalan seems to work on a huge scale and then zooms in as he's writing/filming. His dialogue is therefore incredibly stilted in places, but the end twist kind of justifies this. I was sitting in the cinema during the first hour or so amazed that I could be watching a film so bad, but by the end I was questioning my own judgements due to the revelations revealed to me. I think moments like that are of genuine value - when you suddenly realise a film has completely tricked you in every way. You're sitting there watching with a set of values, a set of benchmarks upon which you make your judgement, when you suddenly realise these were just preconceptions, stupid little metres by which we desperately try to judge and make sense of things. The twist in The Village isn't just a twist in plot, it's a twist in genre, setting and our quality judgements of the film. I can see why people would feel cheated by this. I guess it feels a little cheap and a little easy. But I was left satisfied by it and this genuinely surprised me. Also: Bryce Dallas Howard's performance is rather grand throughout - one to watch methinks.
  11. The Spanish DVD is pretty terrible in terms of quality. They're just VHS episodes on DVD by all accounts. I have the DivX rips (which i think are from that DVD) and they're pretty poor all round.
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