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  1. That's almost certainly never going to happen. At some point they're due to turn on the option for NVMe drive expansion, but Sony have been pretty explicit that they never plan to support external drives for PS5 games.
  2. Reminded of this while replaying it on Vita; it's a turn-based JRPG, but whenever you have Jowy in your party Suikoden II fits the bill:
  3. A bit more obscure, and honestly I don't know whether it's as appealing if you didn't play it at the time, but I've always got time for Obsession on the Atari STe, which should emulate well. Great music, which is always half of the battle. (admittedly a large part of my liking it surely comes from it having been a complete powerhouse demonstration of the STe's capabilities, one of the few games which really took advantage of the system's strengths over base Atari ST models)
  4. Well, Maquette is a delightful surprise, excellent month for that alone. A bit ungenerous to not make FFVII upgradeable, though as I already own it I'm not personally affected either way.
  5. I thought they'd killed them? Edit: ah, no, that was Guerilla Cambridge, after the lovely-but-misunderstood RIGS
  6. Well, that leaves Asobi as the only team within Sony making games I have any interest in. I may have started with the wrong console this generation Edit: in fact, doesn't this leave Sony with virtually no in-house development presence outside of North America? You've got, what; London Studio, Asobi, Polyphony and Media Molecule as Japanese/UK studios, and then everyone else is based in the US. Hope everybody likes Cinematic Action™!
  7. Wiper

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah, I'd love a new version of Panorama Cotton. Didn't realise the original had been remade, though - very tempting!
  8. Ah, I'd never put Tomb Raider in the adventure game category; it's clearly an action-adventure, which is entirely different I would agree that the name if the 'adventure game' genre isn't fantastic, but I think we can blame the first significant text adventure - Colossal Cave Adventure, aka. Adventure - for that. See also the helpfully named 'role playing game' for a genre whose name is pretty meaningless, but is a meaningful* genre nonetheless. I mean, the thing is that Visual Novel - or ビジュアルノベル - exists as a term in Japan; it's not a label we've invented to describe their games
  9. I do think there's some merit to it. I find it quite odd that there's this long-lasting reluctance to call any games in Japan "adventure games", but instead refer tirelessly to the term Visual Novel - a term coined for a very specific subset of adventure game that is now actually quite rare. Not least as I often see people then weaponising that naming convention: dismissing the genre as just visual novels - a name which after all suggests extremely limited interaction. Personally I consider visual novels a subset of adventure games (which is, after all, the origin of the genre - a
  10. I've not played them myself, but by reputation they're well-written, gorgeous games marred somewhat by illogical, trial and error wrong choice = death sections. Edit: or just listen to the person who's actually played it! I do wish fewer adventure games would fall into the "unpredictable choices lead to failure" trap. It's something western adventures largely abandoned with the death of Sierra, but Japanese ones still seem fond of it; see also e.g. Somnium Files.
  11. I don't care what anyone else says, he's going to make a beautiful Tali.
  12. I know this is the MS thread, but seeing that Amiga HDMI solution made me realise that if Analogue made an Amiga clone I'd be sorely tempted (though I'm not sure how they'd pick which variant to opt for). (If they made an STe clone I'd be there day one)
  13. The only issue I've had with wireless has been for rhythm action games - specifically Beat Saber - the lag is imperceptible in other games, but screws up the timing for that. (battery life would also be a concern, but I tend to avoid using VR for extended periods so it's never actually run out on me)
  14. As much as I appreciate the snark, never understimate the genuine boon to smaller studios of overpowered hardware allowing for inefficient software; it's a huge save on time and resource to be able to just brute force good performance from your game.
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