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  1. The superhero genre seems to provide the greatest range of effects fun times; including the all time classic:
  2. No, it's important to remember that anybody scoring a game lower/higher than the average is doing it for clicks/has been bribed, because the quality of games is barely subjective and so any variance can only be so-explained. Hence the writers at Vice, PC Gamer and Metro are all playing devil's advocate, while the writers at VG247 and the Washington Post are shills. Such a shame. The silly thing is, as the Giant Bomb review flags up, the whole 'buyers guide' angle is even less important than usual; a very large portion of interested players will get to try the game for very little outlay at all, so if anything we should be getting a wider selection of reviews as actual reviews, i.e. exploratory articles showing us different people's experiences with the game, rather than focussed on If You Like X You'll Probably Like Y. I'm certainly hoping for a wide range of viewpoints to read once I've had a chance to play the campaign, to see what other people make of it.
  3. I find it to be the exact opposite, largely because the better part of the 360/Bone games were already on PC, so already available in high res/frame-rate; the OG library is far more frequently console exclusive, being able to play e.g. 4K, 60fps Panzer Dragoon Orta or Dead or Alive 3 has been delightful as there's been no way to experience that previously. I mean, I've had a lovely time playing Binary Domain through on a couch, but it's not as though the Series X edition improved on the experience I had playing it on PC nine years ago! I'm not contesting that the audience for later games is probably larger, but for me the jewels in the crown are the OG titles because of their restricted availability.
  4. Yep, every demon in the SMT games is an existing god/demon/fairy/folk character from various myths, religions and fairy tales; the visual designs and personalities may often have taken flights of fancy, but the names are very much not 'JRPG name generator' ones!
  5. The reason is that the PS3 architecture is still, in specific ways, unrivalled; its specialist coprocessors ("Synergistic Processing Units") mean it outperforms even modern machines in very specific situations, which makes for a crippling blow when emulating games which make use of those advantages. So even though the PS5 is dramatically more powerful than the PS3, it's unlikely it could emulate the console well across the board: those games that were designed to properly take advantage of the PS3's architecture would need to be patched heavily — effectively carrying out a mini-port of the game — as the PS5 won't be able to emulate the PS3's coprocessors at the level of performance required. If Sony were to go down the emulation route and not end up with either a tiny selection or a fundamentally broken set of games they'd need to take an approach similar to Microsoft's, with mixed emulation and patching of games, albeit involving much more work per game; the question is what level of resource Sony are willing to bring to bear. This video gives a decent overview of the challenge, with the most relevant part from 9:55:
  6. Yep, same here. For ADHD me it's been surprisingly brilliant, and I say that as someone who far prefers owning to indefinitely subscribing for access to game; it's seen me try and fall in love with games I'd otherwise have missed, either because I wasn't aware of them or because I assumed I wouldn't enjoy them and was proved wrong. It just depends on the individual whether it's something that will work for you or not.
  7. Mine's fairly different there too, but that makes sense given a chunk of my listening isn't done through Spotify (plus of course the fact that Spotify discounts December entirely every year. Like all those GOTY awards articles which are written before the end of the year). Which is possibly for the best, as otherwise mine would end up skewed by its inevitable use as a Christmas song player for a good portion of the month!
  8. I mean, professional-level snooker is typically played in theatres, so there's still some room for confusion...
  9. The sad thing is that Keighley has enough journalistic nous to be completely aware that "not taking sides" in a situation means that you are, in fact, siding with the status quo, and that marketing ActiBlizzard's games for them and letting their behaviour go unmentioned benefits one very specific side. It's brought into starker relief by the fact that he was perfectly happy to take a "brave stand" against Konami when they were sidelining Kojima — almost as though he was only willing to do that because Kojima is his Famous Friend, and Konami (particularly at the time) not an important element of his lucrative extended promotional reel awards show highlighting all that is good in gaming.
  10. Yeah, shameless is definitely the word. It's a bit rum, the effort to which Avalanche have gone to deny the obvious influence. Then on the other hand you've got the (very decent) Iron Harvest openly licensing Jakub Różalski's not entirely dissimilar art, but frankly failing utterly to express it meaningfully beyond "mechs in early 20th century Eastern Europe lol". It would be nice to see a developer manage the double whammy of licensing an art style and evoking it successfully!
  11. You all need to get on my level.
  12. Be curious to see whether a) pans out at all (given the heavy lifting that 'could' is doing there) b) is aiming for an Xbox Backward Compatibility style heavily tweaked perfect-or-enhanced port approach; a Nintendo Online style dump-it-in-an-emulator-and-hope-for-the-best approach; or a Playstation Now-style stream-from-original-hardware approach. The fact they're seemingly intent on locking the functionality behind a subscription paywall (and aren't currently trying to push out of last place) makes me expect one of the latter.
  13. Wiper

    Nintendo Switch

    Yep, and given how timing-heavy Paper Mario's combat is, I fear for how the emulation will stand up. A shame, as it's a game I'd like to revisit, but I don't expect this to give it a fair showing!
  14. Wiper

    EDGE #365

    Yeah, same here. How am I meant to get properly outraged about the scores if I can't read their accompanying review excuses
  15. Wiper

    EDGE #365

    To be fair, AC on wheels sounds incredible. Trying to figure out how to get your Trabant to the roof of an apartment block in East Berlin in order to assassinate your target by unceremoniously dropping on top of them; maneuvering surreptitiously around the side-streets of 1980s Miami in your bright red Ferrari Testarossa as you try to tail a DEA goon; engaging in destruction derby combat against a selection of templar-driven psychedelically-coloured Volkswagen Campervans in the middle of Woodstock.
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