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  1. Unfortunately, I've spoiled things for myself by having arranged to meet up with a group of people I love and care for in order to play board games and generally have a nice time tonight, so I won't get to play this until tomorrow. Evening ruined!
  2. Fair, Double-Dash always felt more like a 0/10
  3. Fully deserved 9 for Pentiment, there. Also, with Frontiers getting a 3 and CoD getting a 6, it is evident: Edge 3 is the new Edge 6 (and Edge 6 is now just... 6) In seriousness, I'm interested to read the reviews — I'm curious to see what sent Frontiers quite so far down the rankings!
  4. I loved my move deck, until we got into Season 3 and I uniformly failed to pick up any of the related cards (no Torch, no whatever the one who boosts herself based on opposition is etc.). It's been sad spiralling down from the upper-60s into the low 50s as I fail to pull together synergies. (see also: my discard deck missing Hera and That One Wot Discards Your Lowest Value card; my constraint deck missing Green Goblin and That One Wot Moves Your Energy 1/2 cards; my spawning deck missing Lockjaw; my On Reveal deck missing Wong...) Had a fun location pairing just now: filled my hand with junk turn 1, played Ultron from said junk turn 2. I retreated, strangely enough
  5. I'd been a little ambivalent about this since its announcement. On the one side, you had the fact that it's from Firaxis (and specifically Jake Solomon's team), whose output has ranged from good to incredible; the fact it's a small-scale tactics game with a high-level strategy aspect, a format I love; and the fact this is a move away from their traditional cover-oriented tactics — very promising. On the other, the fact that this is based around Marvel superheroes (which I'm apathetic towards at best, moving towards antipathetic as they achieve greater media saturation) and the fact that it uses a card-game system as part of its gameplay (a mechanic I'm very hit and miss on) gave me reason to be wary. The reviews, while mixed, have completely allayed my fears; more, they've drawn my attention to the ridiculous sounding social aspects of managing your team, and I've gone from being rooted to the fence, to having ordered it to play this weekend.* I can hardly wait! (also, I loved Christian Donlan's review posted above; just a very enjoyable piece of writing. Top marks, would read again) *on PC; I'd been tempted to pick it up for Xbox using £25 of credit, but then realised that even after taking that chunk off it barely came to less than just buying it from Green Man Gaming for PC, so I've opted for the option that will hopefully allow for both decent trackball control and, somewhere down the line, Steam Deck play.
  6. The number at the top-right is your balance, the number in the "lozenge' is the cost. I'm guessing in your case both are 3000? (for me the option was Ghost Rider, who cost 1000 vs my balance of 3000)
  7. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, more satisfying than taking apart a gribbly deck on the last turn with a clutch Enchantress. Particularly when it in turn leads to Typhoid Mary eating the middle lane whole (as suddenly the collection of 6-point cards that were there all find themselves at the same power level as the 2-pointer that had been screening them).
  8. Can't relate: (that said, the limited surface area of the Steam Deck and the fact it runs hotter than the surface of the sun does mean I don't foresee stickering it up any time soon)
  9. What's the game:skinner-box ratio like on this one? I enjoy a gradual, permanent unlock structure in a game, and I like top-down-shooter-esque mob management, but Vampire Survivors left me cold thanks to having virtually nothing to its gameplay bar the unlocks. Also, thirty-minute levels where the last twenty minutes can be played while unconscious made things feel a bit like the pacing was off. This having a degree of aiming(!) and active dodging(!!) sounds like it could be significantly more engaging, but it all depends on how integral those aspects are!
  10. Of its many qualities, being a "little thing" isn't something I'd attribute to the Deck! (alas that I no longer have a Gameboy Micro for the full scale range) It is an excellent, dockable emulation machine though, no doubt. Definitely outperforms my old Pocket 2 for PS2 and Dreamcast emulation, happily rendering everything at high internal resolutions, before considering the convenience of docking it with the TV for local multiplayer. Though having to buy a dock separately for ~£30 did rankle somewhat. (I still prefer the Anbernic for 16-bit stuff and the Vita for PSP/PS1, mind, thanks to their more comfortable sizes)
  11. As someone who owns everything you've listed, I can confidently say that the best way to spend that sort of money is on a toilet — specifically, a Japanese toilet. The benefits of their added comfort and hygiene can't be overstated.
  12. Some of IKEA's finest; a couple of VITTSJÖ units clipped together: https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/vittsjoe-shelving-unit-black-brown-glass-20213312/
  13. Added a Steam Deck to mine, so had to shuffle things a little. It feels wrong owning a hand held that's notably bigger and heavier than my N64! I'm of course using it to play the latest and greatest* both on the TV and in bed. Also I have more posters up now (of which a handful including Phantasy Star — RIP Rieko Kodama — and The Banner Saga are just about in shot) *emulated Dreamcast and PS2 games. Finally Persona 3 Portable, but it's actually FES!
  14. Well, I'm a few decades late to point this out, but it's not the exact same graphics — it uses the same unit sprites, but the levels and camera are fully 3D; it's using a very similar engine to Final Fantasy Tactics. Which is only appropriate, given Final Fantasy Tactics is a port of a PS1 game, which was itself designed by the creator of Tactics Ogre! Of course, now's the perfect time to pick up the new remake of the remake of Tactics Ogre. I'd recommend it, inasmuch as I think it's a brilliant SRPG to the point that I prefer it to FF:T's take on its formula. Or you could even get the PSP version (which I honestly think looks nicer than the new version), which is still surprisingly affordable!
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