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  1. Wiper

    Zool Remake

    Walker! Great game, delivering an early version of the ideal FPS control system, despite not being an FPS.
  2. Wiper

    Zool Remake

    Have I got news for you:
  3. Wiper

    Zool Remake

    I would love a remake of Zoop.
  4. It will no doubt come as a shock to learn that their HR department is completely useless. Highlights include: And Always nice to know the company has your back!
  5. Ugh, can't believe they'd pick that trash over the infinitely superior PS1 version
  6. Ah, that makes sense. I loved the game because of its punishing, timer-based gameplay, but I can see why being given a demo with a very different approach could lead to disappointment! A shame the game never offered an alternative, 'sandbox' mode of sorts for players who wanted a more laid-back experience.
  7. So it turns out we've all been writing and saying it wrong, forever:
  8. There is precisely one day a month with no Gamepass daily rewards in, I'm afraid, and it's the last day of any given Gamepass month. It sucks, and it's caught me out before like that
  9. I'd forgotten that demo! Add that to my list; a brilliant, atmospheric demo, absolutely sold me on the game. I rate the game as a whole, but the opening level is definitely one of its best. Having never played the demo (and loving the full game), what were the differences between the two?
  10. Yeah, the general consensus I've seen is that it's a free to play promotional period, which is certainly one way to try and replace all the negative publicity around ActiBlizzard's wonderful working environment/treatment of women/executive team.
  11. I hoovered up demos as a kid, but it wasn't until the late 90s that I really got the chance to act on them, as until then I had no pocket money and the vast majority of games we got were £9.99 or less budget options, so generally long after the demo had come out. Still, there were a few significant ones which led to [eventual] purchases: One Must Fall 2097's shareware version hooked me, and I spent years trying to get my hands on the full version in the pre-me-having-internet days. I eventually got it a half-decade later, and it was totally worth it. Grand Theft Auto's 15 minute demo completely won me over. I replayed and replayed that demo so many times before eventually getting the complete game. I 100% spent more time playing said demo than the final game, despite enjoying it. Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord's demo was unlike any other strategy game I'd played, and was so good that I went through the arduous process of making an international order direct to the developer in the days before e.g. Paypal, while too young to have a credit card. I can't actually remember how we got it sorted in the end, but it was a right faff! Incredible game though, definitely the right choice.
  12. It gets better. For anyone who doesn't want to read the article: the above-mentioned Executive Vice President for Corporate Affairs (aka the lady who penned the outright denial of any wrongdoing at the company which was a catalyst for the walkout), after retweeting that article decrying whistleblowing, decided to engage with any critique of said choice of retweet by blocking any negative respondents. Including, er, any ActiBlizzard staff who deigned to comment. Cue bemused staff on Twitter. Just what you want from the *checks notes* company's Women's Network sponsor.
  13. Yeah, that's a really important thing to highlight: a (bad) thing that a lot of [J]RPGs teach players is that debuffs don't work on bosses — giving the player access to abilities that will only ever work on mobs and thus become abilities to ignore outside of random battles (where you usually won't need them anyway). SMT isn't like that, with the significant exception of the instant-kill abilities; debuffs are incredibly important, from start to finish, particularly when fighting bosses. (obviously, to make up for this strengths and immunities are a big part of the game, and mean you have to build wide, not just deep, but that goes for enemies of all types, not just bosses)
  14. It's very much dependent on your expectations: by the standards of the genre (and particularly of its time) Nocturne is actually quite forgiving. However, compared to other (non-dungeon crawler) RPGs — particularly modern ones — it is punishing, demanding extra care and attention and some grinding (though the importance of elemental weaknesses and the like does mean you can dramatically reduce the need for grinding if you plan and fight effectively). Definitely challenging, but ultimately fair (in a way the earlier SMT — and even Persona — games aren't).
  15. I know someone who is deeply invested in the Halo story, its lore, and holds it up as a bastion of great sci-fi. As someone who played Halo religiously up to Reach, solely for the campaigns, and yet can't remember the plot outside of CE (and the fact that the Arbiter is Keith David, a deeply significant piece of world building), I find that perspective slightly bemusing. Still, though. 34 novels. Crikey. I'm sure some people will be upset by the spoilers.
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