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  1. They really don't need my defence, but it bears repeating - Pokémon isn't a Nintendo-developed series, and this particular spin-off is Bandai-developed game. (though, ironically enough, original Pokémon Snap is one of the few games that was almost Nintendo-developed, being a HAL Laboratory production)
  2. 10. Cyberpunk 2077 A lot has already been said about CD Projekt Red’s working culture in recent months. So let’s go over it again! They promised not to crunch, then crunched, postponed, crunched some more, released an unfinished product, crunched to bugfix, then threw QA under the bus to explain how the game was released in its broken state on last-gen consoles. A class act from management and their comms department. Of course, what the vast majority of players focussed on, and the actual source of widespread outcry, wasn’t the abuse of staff, but the fact
  3. There's wilful ignorance, and there's writing off 100% of a country's output on the assumption that every company there is following the pattern of overtime that said nation is infamous for allowing. I can't do anything about the state of reporting on Japanese developers, but I'm not about to tar them all with one brush either, any more than I work on the assumption that every American studio abuses their staff with 0-benefit, 0-holiday, 0-security roles; or that every British studio is staffed solely by presenteeist jobsworths given more hours to work than work to fill it, even though those a
  4. I don't think so - assuming we're discounting Wii remote style aiming with gyro support, but rather pure gyro-aiming as with Splatoon, then I think Vita games got there first. I know the Vita Uncharted (2011) game certainly had it, as did later games like Killzone: Mercenary (which used it brilliantly, but all the reviews either ignored it or complained about the unintuitiveness of gyro aiming controls until Splatoon came around...) There's also the possibility some PS3 games may have supported it, what with the sixaxis being all about gyro controls, but I don't know whether any sh
  5. Just the opening was too much for me, alas. Bear in mind Alien Isolation also scared me off within about an hour of play, despite a strong desire to explore its gorgeous environments, and even the Resi 2 remake was too much for me (though there I did at least last a fair few hours before it all got too much). My stomach for horror, particularly as the fidelity has increased, is pretty limited
  6. Yeah, I was actually meaning to come back and answer my own question - I picked up the game to find out for myself, and the difference between demo and full game is night and day. The occasional hickup of the full version is sits within my tolerence levels, nowhere near as bad as the demo's stuttering, with none of the feeling of loss of control. Much better! I'm glad deKay mentioned the performance being not so bad in the Edge thread, as otherwise I'd have written off the game based on the demo. A bit unfortunate they chose to advertise the game with a significantly worse-performi
  7. (honestly, if this was to be another Resi game with the level of horror of 7 it would be unplayable for me due to being a massive wuss, and then combining it with the approach of 4 - the game which turned Resi into an action game series that I don't enjoy - would just be salt in the wound) Sadly, as much as the above is unlikely, I imagine this'll be yet another Resi that's outside of my terror threshold, as all modern Resident Evil games appear to be. A particular shame, as I'm a big fan of the Tall Lady.
  8. Ah, and there we have the one, truly off-putting aspect of Nintendo, and one they have no real control of themselves. Their fans.
  9. I'd just like to see Ryu Ga Gotoku studio be given something neither Yakuza nor Yakuza-adjacent to work on again!
  10. To be fair, I'm not sure those are the best examples to use to demonstrate Nintendo looking to create new things; while Splatoon is only one generation (5-and-a-bit years) old, the other two, well, they're old enough to vote (and are famously well-saturated 'IP's themselves). Also, I'm absolutely being thick here, but what's the third of the 'big three'? Mario, Zelda, and...? [plus Pokémon, famously, isn't exactly a Nintendo property, at least not in the same way as their wholly-owned series are] Of course, I'm not sure that the Sony approach of "release 15* variants on
  11. A lot of Nintendo's behaviour does bother me - particularly the crackdowns on emulation and fangames - and I'm not as big a fan of their approach to game design as many. I also think their hardware support is pretty shoddy; the combination of somewhat unreliable machines in the handheld space since the original DS, with a deeply backwards approach to savegame backup, aren't great. There's also a few business practices that bother me - the Disney-esque repackaging of games into time-limited releases, the absolute dedication to nostalgia/mascot-waving - though I appreciate the latter goes with t
  12. Yeah, I actually enjoy a good portion of Ubisoft's output, but given the horrors revealed last year I'm going to have no part in hyping up or cheering them paying horrific-in-other-ways-company Disney to get a license to make a Star Wars game.
  13. I'm finally planning to give the Mulanas a go, so a couple of quick questions: 1. would I be as well starting with LM2 as 1? 2. should I be getting some graph/plotting paper ready?
  14. You mean, like: You whippersnappers and your "Lucasarts"!
  15. Is Hitman 3 an exclusive? I'll be a little sad if it's not available elsewhere, even though I have a PS5!
  16. 18. Paper Beast Frankly, if you want to know why this game deserves to be praised as one of the games of the century, never mind the year, then Treble's post earlier in the thread should give you some idea. Which is convenient, as it frees me up to write complete nonsense, confident that Treble has already done the good work of convincing you of the game's greatness. With that out of the way, let's talk about Fumito Ueda. Fumito Ueda occupies a very clear space in the gaming pantheon. A lauded auteur, he has directed games of unparalleled
  17. I've not had any problems with my Edge subscription (bar this month's being a few days late, which given general mail woes I'm not particularly fussed about), but the discussion in this thread reminded me that I'd put in for a Retro Gamer subscription at the start of December, alongside a set of 3 back issues, and hadn't heard anything since the confirmation email. I'd just assumed the back issues would come with the sub (which doesn't start until end of January, because apparently that's the lag they require to set up a new sub), but I checked said email, and it gave their estimat
  18. As someone lucky enough to have near-best-case scenarios in both cases (a 3440x1440 ultrawide, gsync monitor; a 4K OLED, VRR TV): as with most things, it depends. Really the simplest answer is that anything which benefits from a mouse and keyboard plays much nicer with a screen designed to have your face in it, rather than one optimised for a couch. I've used a small TV as a monitor, and they're just not suited to it. And I've used a monitor as a TV [of sorts], and again, that's not where their strength lies either. So in reality, the choice is just 'where am I planning to sit when I play this
  19. Can't believe the thread got switched over to easy mode like this
  20. I've just realised that this - this - was my 20,000th post on the forum. Fuck's sake.
  21. No, I was too young for it; what progress I did make was courtesy of hints given in a magazine at the time (possibly ST Action). Didn't stop me from repeatedly bashing my head against it, though! These days I'm too used to games running at above 5 frames per second to give it a proper go, though I still find its stark, flat-shaded 3D beautifully evocative. I wish there were a modern equivalent of these gloriously open adventures; when people complain about e.g. Breath of the Wild having too many open/empty spaces to traverse, I think of this series and wish for the opposite: give m
  22. Yeah, this is a hard one to classify with certainty, or indeed to know when something is subtle enough to be truly 'secret'. Do we count Damocles - the (brilliant) sequel to (the also brilliant) Mercenary; or Doomdark's Revenge - the (also also brilliant) sequel to (the also also also brilliant) Lords of Midnight; or Day of the Tentacle - the (also al- you know what, I think you get the pattern here) sequel to Maniac Mansion? As in, you'd know they were sequels if you read about them - or indeed if you played them - but there's nothing on their [original] boxes or in their titles that give tha
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