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  1. As far as wars go this ones a bit darn boring. The goons stopped seriously defending their keepstars ages ago, choosing to turtle up in 1DQ after wasting the initiative they accidentally found themselves with in M2. I suppose being so vastly outnumbered doesn’t leave many options though. 1DQ isn’t going to be a lot of fun to attack. The Goons are essentially stuck unless they can increase their numbers but being compressed into a small area gives them some very thick walls to hide behind. There’s not much desire in Brave to defend our old stuff in Catch, after yet another move bac
  2. INIT seem like decent folk who know what they’re doing but I don’t think I could ally with the Goons. Their toxicity got to the point where blocking them from local chat improved the game. It would be nice to get away from the constant pineapple on pizza chat in Legacy comms though, I’ll admit. That's also the second time I've had to deal with 10% tidi in the last couple of weeks, though it wasn't as bad as the first one which turned a relatively quick skirmish into a 6 hour slog.
  3. I saw this on a retro group and it was cheap enough to go in the collection. I’d have had one of these when I was about 6 and even though it was a bit pants, even back then, I still like the idea. It’d probably make a fun kids app. The story on the back is wonderfully grand for a purely stats based children’s game.
  4. I know Doctor Who has always been a bit pants, even when it’s good, but that was awful. John Barrowman seemed to be enjoying himself at least.
  5. Has the old BBC Bake Off been purged from the internet now? I'd have thought they'd have kept it on iPlayer but apparently not.
  6. That Game & Watch is going to be impossible to get isn't it.
  7. There are enough brilliant improvements in Eternal to make Doom 2016 feel out of date to the point I don’t want to play 2016 again. There are enough crap design choices and annoyances in Eternal to stop me wanting to play that again too. So Eternal is a really good game that paradoxically put me off modern Doom completely. Bah.
  8. It's a secondary weapon you can equip without overkill though, which makes them a bit mad.
  9. Those didn’t last long.
  10. I’ve just finished this and realised I didn’t once throw a tv at a combines noggin. mini spoiler sort of
  11. It plays the personal radar voice whenever someone launches a recon drone (no matter how far away, supposedly), but it still seems to play far too much.
  12. I don't think they're necessarily trying to annoy people, more it's that "win at all costs" mindset. I tend to assume there's something a little bit wrong with them.
  13. I've only seen one I could say for certain was hacking. The killcam showed him looking at a crate, spinning 180, looking straight up and wiping me out before I'd deployed the parachute... There are other times when I've wondered, but that's just online gaming in general. On PC at least.
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