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  1. BoggyB

    Dredd 3D

    Most people outside of comic books don’t have muscular faces. Robert Z’dar, maybe, but he’s 72 and dead.
  2. Are people still thinking of Wii motion controls whenever any sort of motion controller is mentioned? The wiis abstract waggle was a bit crap but motion control aiming with something like the steam controller is very subtle, barely needing any movement at all really, and vr controllers are 1:1 mapped with where you hands are so unless you open real doors in strange way you’ll probably not look all that odd doing it in vr.
  3. I watched them all again fairly recently and thought they’d gotten a bit naff so kinda wish I hadn’t. The university challenge bit is still great though.
  4. BoggyB

    Boomer Shooters

    The illusion of the AI working together in FEAR was amazing. It managed the make the generic clone soldiers seem like characters actively working against you rather than a sequence of pop up targets. I played through the demo so many times because the firefights would play out in different ways and I don't think that aspect of it has ever been matched, let alone bettered.
  5. Seconded on mutant caterpillar. I had an A500 and A1200 done through them at the same time and it was a very clean job.
  6. BoggyB

    Dredd 3D

    I agree that the helmets proportions are a bit janky but the film is fucking great so I barely notice it.
  7. I’ve got no idea how they didn’t see you coming but well done, that looks very satisfying. My and my regular sloopmate sank a fully crewed galleon last night. Initially they interrupted our treasure hunting and we assumed we wouldn’t be able to take them down so we tried tto be as annoying as possible by knocking down their masts and setting them on fire over and over. After 20 minutes of that they retreated but returned later on for another 20 minute rumble. They were awful shots, which helped, and them being such a big target made it easier for us to consistently lay into them with the 400 cannonballs and assorted goodies we’d amassed. They ran out of supplies before we did so in the end it was a fairly sad sight of a single sloop circling an immobile, burning galleon and picking it apart. We got an Athena emissary flag out of it but not much else. They said GG though, which makes a change from the usual toxic players we encounter.
  8. I think that's me done. The ship to ship combat is good fun but as soon as it gets to the boarding point.....eehhhhhhh.... [day later edit] Never mind, I’m back in after solo sinking a 2 player level 5 reaper
  9. Two player PVP is really bloody hard in this, since everyone else we come across seems to be in 3 player brigs. It's gotten to the point where if we get into a scuffle we just try to mess with their ship and throw their loot overboard rather than trying to sink them.
  10. I haven't had a haul anywhere near that yet, so I'm a bit jealous. Me and my regualar duo sloop crewmate had a 30 minute battle with a 3 man brigantine this evening. We burned through hundreds of cannon balls, took hundreds of hits, fought off incessant boarding attempts and got pushed off boarding them over and over again. Eventually both crews gave a GG and we slinked off in opposite directions feeling a bit dejected.
  11. 3 dated references in one ship name.
  12. I’ve been playing this with a mate for the last few days, first time either of us have tried it, and blimey. I’ve played Eve Online for 18 years and that has a reputation for being unforgiving to the new players but the Sea of Thieves community are vicious. Our undecorated, badly controlled sloop has been routinely given a kicking by every other player we came across. My naive arse was expecting at least some players to be friendly but not one has. So after a few sinkings in a row for a few days in a row we decided to stop giving other ships the benefit of the doubt and treated every encounter as a pvp encounter. We lost every fight still since we’re crap, but at the very least we made them work for it. During one of our latest games we were ‘chased’ down by a level 5 reaper (I think that’s right, the dudes who show up on the map) after we saw them heading towards us on the map and we feigned docking at a small island before hiding below deck. When they got close enough to fire on us we ran back up, dropped our single sail (we hadn’t dropped the anchor which made us feel very tactically clever) and started zipping around their 3 mast ship lobbing fire bombs, blunder bombs, cursed cannon balls, everything we had while scurrying about repairing the damage they were causing. They reacted poorly, hitting the rocks a couple of times, and everything we did seemed to hit the mark, blunder bombs disrupting repairs and throwing sailors still vomiting from the cursed cannon balls into the sea, who then tried and failed to board us. Eventually they sank and were picked off with flintlocks. While they were in the water being sniped one of them yelled “we’re friendly you fucking noobs”. Aye, right. I didn’t know people still said noob. We grabbed their emissary flag and sold it before they could get back to us for revenge. 10k gold is still a lot to us but not worth as much as our first hard fought victory. It’s alright, this.
  13. Star Citizen is getting there, incredibly slowly, and probably has more of a future than Elite does. After playing it a few weeks back even though I decided it was shit I could see something in it. Not enough to spend money on but there's something. The fuel rats are the sort of nerds you want playing your online nerd games. They create their own gameplay mechanics completely seperately to the developers so it's a free way of expanding the universe and making the whole thing feel more alive. I didn't want to waste space with a post about it before but this game doesn't have an uninstaller so I had to go to each folder path and manually delete them. Fucking stupid.
  14. Eve Online. The ruins of a Dracarys Alliance keepstar, the largest player run stations in the game, sitting by the systems star while capital ships from the attacking force jump home in the distance. These things rarely explode outside of war time so this undefended target of opportunity was enthusiastically picked apart by almost 2000 pilots with no resistance.
  15. For some reason I assumed this was Oculus only but I spotted it on Steam yesterday so now it's mine. I've played it for 2 hours and I'm about done but it made me laugh a few times (the Queen's portrait being the first one) and got a bit of a scare in one scenario so it was £4 well spent.
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