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  1. ACole

    The Bookies

    Betfair don't settle the market on F1 until they have the "official" result. It should be later today.
  2. Who would win in a fight John Matrix or Bryan Mills? To be fair when I came out of the cinema I loved this film and thought of it as a 21st century/European version of Commando and absolutely loved it.
  3. ACole


    Does anyone think Murray has a chance tonight? His first ATP masters final so you would imagine he will be up for it and having beat Djokovic last week, he certainly has the talent. However, Djokovic ended the Nadal winning streak last night will some really impressive play. Not many win a set 6-1 against Nadal. I think it should be a good match either way.
  4. My X-Box has had RROD for a couple of months, I've been borrowing one off someone else in the meantime. I finally rang up and got shipping labels from customer support this weekend. But then I tried the towel trick and it is working okay at the moment. Should I still send it to Microsoft even though it is okay or will they not not do anything with it?
  5. Going to bed now and getting up to watch this at 3.30am. Can't wait, if qualifying is anything to go by we could be in for 1 or 2 surprises. Or I could be totally wrong and Hamilton runs a clear victory but I just have a feeling someone will take him on the first 2 corners.
  6. Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones is my current game of the moment, chapter a night in bed is currently my gaming fix. Still early days yet as I'm breezing through most levels but I can imagine it only gets better once the difficulty rises and I start having to think about my moves. HDTV is arriving this week so I'll be back onto Xbox & PS2 sometime soon. Need to finish some games; Burnout Revenge is probably going to be the first on the hit list come the weekend.
  7. Killer 7 for GameCube £19.96 on Amazon, only game I want at the moment. I'm really trying to save over the next year for a HDTV and some PC upgrades so the less I spend on games now the better.
  8. Bought 3 new games this week, Makai Kingdom, Battlefield 2 Modern Combat & Ninja Gaiden Black. The online aspect of Battlefield 2 has been getting the most attention but I've been playing some Ninja Gaiden but I can only repeat what everyone else has said about it being damn hard. Currently on that horse boss on Chapter 2. I tried Burnout Revenge online as well but realised I need to get down onto single player and unlucky some more faster cars to keep up.
  9. Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow First mission in Paris. Vagrant Story About 1 hour in. Skies of Arcadia Legends 6 hours played. Games to Buy Just Cause (X-Box)
  10. The game currently being played whenever I have some spare time is Grand Theft Auto 3. It’s my first GTA game and has me well and truly sucked in, it’s excellent but of course everyone already knows that. I've also got Vagrant Story waiting in the wings to be started but I'm not getting round to that as long as I have the above in my PS2 drive. Oh, and I pre-ordered God of War yesterday so I'll have that to look forward to after I return from my summer holiday in Zante. Happy times
  11. Played Project Zero on Saturday, only at the early stages of this game but it's already scary but it’s a lot of fun as well, think I'll get a lot of value out of this. (Cost £ Then on Sunday I played Pro Evolution 3. I'm struggling at the moment on difficulty setting 3 stars but on 2 stars I walk all over the computer. I need a lot of practice but I'm slowly getting there. I’m starting to hold a lot more possession but always mess up in the final third of the pitch. Hopefully if I can slot it in tonight I'm going to be back on Disgaea. I think I'm on Chapter 6/7 with about 17 hours on the clock. I really loved this game last time I played it so I'll be looking forward to playing on it again today or tomorrow. I'm really enjoying my gaming at the moment.
  12. My tally for the year so far is Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow and Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town. It's that low down to having 16 games on the go since Christmas and not having finished 1 yet. I've had a bit of a set back though as I've lost my second GBA SP so instead of buying a third I've pre-ordered a DS which I didn't intend on buying until next year. All in all though except for the DS it has been a cheap year though.
  13. Nintendo 64 - Super Mario 64/Mario Kart 64 I've got some really fond memories of these games, loved them to bits. Dreamcast - Shenmue Although I've only recently aquired a Dreamcast this was the sole reason why, to see what all the fuss was about and I'm having a great time finding out. GameCube - Super Mario Sunshine But a shadow in my opinion of Mario 64 but it was the reason I bought a Cube, not much else on the Cube has really griped me. X-Box - Halo/Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic The games that the box was made for and I absolutely adore them both, shame I can't dedicate more time to them. Playstation 2 - Disgaea The Hour of Darkness/Pro Evolution A strange title to buy a PS2 for but Disgaea is a wonderful game. I'm turd at Pro Evolution but its the best football game around, couldn't resist.
  14. I'm very bad at sports titles, mainly Pro Evolution and Tiger Woods even though I enjoy them I have very little ability and to progress I have to put a lot of time into them. All the other games I'm playing such as Freedom Fighters, Manhunt, PGR2 Gold medals, Metal Arms etc, aren't really taxing to make progress in. Saying that haven't got far in most of them so I'm probably far away from the difficult sections. I'd say I'm a decent gamer who overcomes most challenges that are thrown my way.
  15. I've picked up a copy of Shenmue this month after reading the EDGE feature and I'm enjoying it immensely but I can understand fully why its called gaming marmite. It can be boring running around the town with all the pointless side distractions and lack of action. But the detail and compulsion to see how the story carries on keeps me going. I might have grown tired of it by Disk 3 but at the moment its quality. I wouldn't like all my games like Shenmue no way; it’s more of a novelty than anything else.
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