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  1. I think the Ayew one yesterday was fair as his miss-hit shot could have gone in (thus the handball was potentially stopping a goal). However the Southampton one just now was just a random ricochet. They were saying in the commentary that it was wrong as well, so I think the ref just fucked up.
  2. Yeah, it's really good. The opening two tracks (Lost Power & Big Climb) in particular are excellent. I've been a fan since the first album. The last 3 have been really strong records. I went to the VR gig last week which was weird and pretty neat, but I can't wait to see them next year if the COVID thing calms down.
  3. Just finished it too. Absolutely superb. The way they realized the Half Life universe is VR is incredible. I've been working in VR for about 6 years now (my most recent game was Blood & Truth) and it's great to see this sort of progress within the medium. I just loved being there, slowly moving through taking in all the details. The combat has a nice amount of restraint to it. It has that typical perfect Half Life pacing as well, they know when to ramp things up and then ease off. I think one of my favourite aspects was scavenging from the downed soldiers and taking
  4. What's the deal with the ticketing situation at Arsenal? I was thinking of going to tonight's match as I don't live too far away, but the official website said it was sold-out. However, when I was watching it I noticed loads of empty seats. Why?
  5. Pikuniku is on sale for £5.84. I got it yesterday and it's awesome. Finished the story in one epic sitting. It's a really happy and silly game. Like a Mr Men game or something. Get it.
  6. Holy shit. What is going on? Amazing from Spurs.
  7. Wow. Simply amazing. Liverpool have been spectacular this season, but that was astonishing. The Champions league has really delivered this year. First that epic Man City-Spurs and now this. Great stuff.
  8. Why did the referee just give an indirect free-kick in the penalty area to the attacking team? I didn't see any pass-back.
  9. Holy crap. Switzerland have been deadly in front of goal. Amazing game.
  10. Ah, the good ol' Mexican Wave of Doom.
  11. I'm not a Liverpool fan, but I'll be cheering them on. They've been the most exciting team for me this season. I think they deserve something. As for the 1999 and 2005 finals, they were both bloody incredible. If Gillingham ever did anything like that I'd be banging on about it for years.
  12. Just ended a session by trying the Far Cry Arcade multiplayer. The first map was a 12-man deathmatch (everyone armed with only a pipe or a smoke grenade) in a small room with a giant monkey. The next was a "farm" map with everyone just spamming grenades and rocket launchers. It's totally crap, but funny. They've created the Trackmania of first-person-shooters.
  13. The thing is Ubisoft sort of did the PUBG thing before PUBG came out with that excellent Division Survival expansion. Granted, it was only 24 players, and was a bit more complicated (enemy npc's, a virus thing, hypothermia, etc) but it was awesome. As for Far Cry 5, I got the mondo edition (a very nice steelbook and vinyl soundtrack). Game seems good so far, although I think I saw a turkey have a fight with a shotgun guy and win, which looked odd.
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