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  1. They've just emailed everyone about it today. Check your email account in case it's being blocked as Spam.
  2. Works on mine. Have a range of controllers too without issues.
  3. Thanks Really pleased with how well this turned out. It has its niggles but for me will always be one of the best graphic adventures to keep going back to. So easy to get wrapped up in it that I went right through to the end (again!) when I'd done recording footage. Just oozes atmosphere.
  4. Lorfarius


    Kissanime has the lot. Be sure to run malware scans after as there's pop ups
  5. Ooh found a solution! I gave the Pi cartridge a good rub down with isopropryl, stripped off so much filth Now it's all playing perfectly!
  6. From what I can find out the problem might be to do with the pins between the two. The screen connect it like this little nubbles which don't provide as good a contact, pulling it apart and the unit is a bit flakey. Never sits 100% as it should and sort of rolls over that bit, the case does hold it in place but no surprise its dodgy. Not sure what the solution is.
  7. Hmm sort of. There's lines on mine in some areas, like they are flickering. Tried rejigging everything, using the plug and slotting the cart in and out several times but they still come back. Most of the time it's okay but way too distracting in something like Tetris when they appear.
  8. Ah sorry, thought you meant Beyond!
  9. Are you sure? Seems to be on Steam etc.
  10. I wonder if it was a spelling mistake, it does look like a bolt/nut to unscrew watching some of my footage (I recorded after show ends as I couldn't stop) and they might have messed up linking the two together. Silly mistake if it is!
  11. Isn't that the joy of graphic adventures though? Try everything and leave no stone unturned
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