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  1. Think it was just Bell. Found an awesome mini doc about the NES posted today:
  2. I'll give it a proper play once the manual arrives. Whenever I played it in the past I always got lost as there's no map.. turns out its just like Zelda and there's one in the manual! Will play it properly!
  3. Recently picked up this beaut for £60, its often double that with the manual alone so was happy to get it on the cheap. For games like this which are mega books I'm not too bothered about using repro manuals as it's only for me. I've ordered one from the US which had amazing reviews on Etsy and seems to be in the typical gloss/paper you get in the actual games. Cost me around £26 so still better than buying the original! Will take some pics when it turns up. I remember completing Zelda as a kid around a friends house on his NES (sequel too!) and was disappointed that there wasn't a
  4. What news? Link or tell us what it is. Lots of people here are at work and can't go browsing gaming news sites
  5. Isn't that just one of the USB adapters? Loads have drivers for controllers don't they?
  6. If you have a Mega SG you can reduce the speed on games to PAL.
  7. Utter bumholes! Take them a few minutes to sort.
  8. I almost bought Power Stone II a few weeks back.. then common sense kicked in and I bought more games instead
  9. Ask the IT Dept, they might do it for you... I would!
  10. Not really, sorts the controls and a few small issues but nothing game breaking. These are more quality of life updates.
  11. Aye you need to run the software.
  12. Some awful lighting and modelling on that car. Seems to be sat on the background and far too shiny for those surrounds.
  13. New update is out: https://www.evercade.co.uk/new-firmware-1-3-0/ FEATURES Added better ROM run handling (performance boost) Added auto smart cartridge repair (fixes bad saves etc) Added automated cart ROM patching + ROM patch logs on cart Added better handling of vertical overscan cropping on handheld mode for all games. (Less clipping behind the top bezel) Added better version control to assist with support Added critical battery alert. (When battery at 10% or less, Green LED will flash) Added new advanced savestate menus for all gam
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