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  1. I'm not really a fan of sports games in particular golf. I can actually play and used to do it on a regular basis until the local course was closed, so these days my only trip to a club consists of the odd round in Tiger Woods from around 2009. That doesn't mean I can neglect my NES golfing and NES Open just dropped into my lap for a decent price (just £6!). Great thing about this it has a lot of advanced golfing elements despite being an earlier game and lets you save! A god send when you are making your way around the courses. Has a very good reputation and deservedly so and I only wish it had a more involved career mode like later Mario Golf games but considering the time this is as goodas it gets on the NES.
  2. I still use mine and though it's annoying that the batteries don't last as long as I'd like, it's fast become my fav way of playing music in the car. Even started copying podcasts over to pass the morning drive. Completely pointless but fun!
  3. Also Magical Drop they look a wee bit too close to that radiator. Overtime that could do some damage to the screens if its turned on a lot.
  4. Found a great Youtube channel that only focuses on handheld retro gaming systems. Well worth a look as he posts all the time: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKF5151a6yAooOILrYTvfJg/videos
  5. I wouldn't worry too much, he was a bit part that grew more in reference than actual air time in episodes.
  6. To be fair on Discovery, Enterprise was able to hit the studio vault for years and years worth of long built props across several different shows, movies and loads of TV seasons. Discovery will be building everything from scratch to a budget at speed.
  7. From what I recall it's being Commodore decided to pack single button joysticks in with the base units at first which became the default for developers to make games for. Even though the Miggy was easily able to use more buttons it set a president which everything else followed to get to the most customers.
  8. Would it have had testing with such a small run of devices? Not that, that's an excuse but sounds like they were almost out of cash. Also for those waiting for another Kickstarter it could be months away. I've a preorder on the new Evercade which was due out on the 9th April, because of the virus over in China it's been delayed until at least the 22nd of May. Possibly later. Loads of manufactures will probably be delaying orders for months and months sadly.
  9. I think a good reason why the MS was so much more successful is that they hit the market with loads of cheap, budget titles that were more expensive than tapes but not too far away price wise to spoil the market. I had loads of the cheaper titles and with stuff like Enduro Racer it was no surprise it was a hit.
  10. I think with the topic of this thread and the anger it might cause for some we should have a rule in place. No negs! Safety for those living in fear of sharing these controversial opinions.. it's the only way we finally see who has been hiding in plain sight for all these years. Come one, come all. Feel safe to share your dirty, terrible retro secrets. Another of mine is.. I don't get fighting games. I could see the fun in playing Streetfighter 2 round a mates house as a kid but every sequel seemed to be the same thing. No matter the game it's all just a mix of button presses and movement to do fancier moves. I don't like beat em ups and have zero interest to play more.
  11. In a journey which I believe started way back in 2015 I finally achieved something truly amazing. Having a day off work I had a strange inclination, almost like an overpowering urge to stop in Greggs to try and find an omelette. Getting out of bed I was determined to get a steak and mushroom butty from another shop but the pull was strong this morning and I couldn't stop. Imagine my shock and awe at being told that didn't have sausage and omelette but.. they had plenty of bacon. Were my ears deceiving me? Were the tingling in my toes a true sign of an omelettey Greggs sense finally appearing? My hand was shaking as I nodded at the cashier, her eyes were sparkling almost as if she knew the momentous occasion. Not wanting to spoil this upcoming treat I opted for a Cappuccino with no chocolatey sprinklings. One doesn't want to ruin a chance of perfection so early in the morning. Scanning my card and biting my lip at what was happening I began scanning the menu's, looking for bits of text to read in case I was dreaming... but this was no fantasy. It was... eggstacy. Then appeared in a flash of light, glowing as the microwave dinged in the background. The end of my journey was almost upon me. Running home and putting on my comfiest slippers I wanted to share this feast, this moment of wonder with you all: The heat emanating from this was sensation, it didn't need a few seconds in the mic to cook. It was ready, I was ready. I think we all were. Opening the muffin the strong smell and mix of ketchup I added myself in haste seemed to add to the enticing appearance. I had no salt or pepper, sadly in my excitement I forgot to ask. My years of hope and dismay, days of searching as if it were a lost child. They went hand in hand as I took that first bite. Tears were pouring down my cheeks people. This was it in my muddled state I'd even forgot that I don't like ketchup with eggs, has to be brown sauce. But my mental state wasn't stable I couldn't focus on anything. All of it came flooding back to me the hate and annoyance, the vow to never give up. Yet here I was. At the end. Standing strong. 5 years of agony and hope. And then like a fart in the wind it was over. My eggy delight was gone. All I was left with was a sense of bitterness and pleasure, a delight that I'd found my holy grail but true recognition that I was finally done. The Cappuccino was good too.
  12. They've had to delay the Evercade because of the situation in China, now expected on 22nd May: https://evercade.co.uk/announcement-impact-of-new-coronavirus-on-evercade-release-date/
  13. I don't get Jeff Minters games, never have and always been very unimpressed every time I've tried one. Had more fun with stuff like R-Type than those Camel games.
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