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  1. There's a £1 final fee due this friday on eBay so I'd stick it on there. I'd start an auction at around £170 with £20 postage on top then see what happens, I've seen similar setups go for as much as £210.
  2. If it's acrylic plastic this stuff might do the trick
  3. Not sure if anyone has picked up an RG351V but there's a huge flaw with a number of the SD cards. They bought in a faulty batch and if you get any screen flicker when you turn it on its a sign the cards will fail.
  4. Thought I'd try a couple of practice runs from behind the car and the bonnet view. I thought I'd be much quicker at the back as I feel more used to it from years of gaming but on my first attempt to compare the two I was 2 seconds faster from behind Seems it does make a difference!
  5. I should also add that on my first proper practice lap with these new pedals where I was getting 2.02.600 before is now down to 2.02.500 with what I thought was a normal lap. I can't believe how different it is for the brake to do what it's supposed to and the accelerator feels like it does in my car. Can't wait to start practicising properly this weekend, think I might nail my first full race
  6. Not sure what that is but start with the very first season. The whole thing builds on whats gone before and whilst the first season is a bit ropey it puts so much backstory out there that makes the rest of the shows click to what's probably some of the the best anime going.
  7. Tried barefoot but feels all sorts of wrong after years of driving a real car. I just use some smooth soled Reeboks to do the trick.
  8. This has been my morning. Replaced all of the springs in the pedals with a set of GTEyes and.. they are a god send. The brake pedal has switched from next to useless to actually playable! Every pedal feels so much better and reacts as it should. If you have a Logitech G set these are def the way to go as they make a massive difference. Biggest one is no longer have to drive your foot through the floor to use the brake all the way.
  9. Just received a new RG351V, this woodgrain stuff is something else. Actually feels like wood! Yes I know its just a fancy printed texture but I had to give it a sniiff to make sure I loved the last GBA style Ambernic I had but the metal case was too heavy for its own good. I was playing RPGs for hours and it just became too heavy to hold so ended up getting rid. This new one is light with a really big screen so very easy to play. Haven't done much with it beyond a quick blast on R-Type but its packed to the rafters with games/systems. On charge at the mo so will give it a proper rundown tomor
  10. Wandering over here from the wheel thread as I've only just started playing this. I've got a Logitech G920 wheel and just been sinking loads of time into spinning round the Monza track, Italy to learn the ropes. I'm still on practice and gradually learning how it all goes and just managed to finish 10 clean laps without a crash or spin out in a Lambo Evo. My best track time is around 2.02.60 seconds at the moment, still have the racing line on but I'm really struggling on the first corner after the crowd stand/crane that shoots right then an immediate left. Watching the AI racers they seem to
  11. I've got a G920 and the brake pedal is truly woeful, you get about 30% press then need to stamp on it to get it all the way down. Been many a time where I've needed to slow but just can't get enough of a push down to make a difference. Got some new springs for it on the way so hopefully that will help make me prep for corners a bit better. I've found going in slow won't keep me on par with other drivers so I think its speed then good braking to make up for it. I think all this driving is helping as I'm not spinning off as much as I used to even started to be able to "feel" when its
  12. Chaos, CHAOS in here! The worst part is I typed it in Google and just copied the spelling over I should read websearches when I do them! Sunk a fair bit of time today on Monza track in Italy trying to learn how to drive and to get through 10 clean laps without causing damage. Just done it with 2.02.60 seconds or so as my best lap time in a Lambo Evo. Think when I started it was 6 minutes so that's def an improvement. I've no idea how that compares to anyone else for a practice lap. I saved the replay but can't figure out a way to export it as a video so will just have
  13. Can't remember for the life of me but he shows them off in a couple of of the vids, weren't anything fancy from what I recall just a camera mounted on what looked like awful 90's sunglasses.
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