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  1. Shipping update! Important bit: UK/EU Stock (including Funstock.co.uk) The other boat will be arriving in the UK on Saturday (23rd May). From there, stock will travel to our UK distribution centre, who will book the stock in early next week (start of the week commencing 25th May) and then ship it out to UK and EU retailers. For UK retailers (including Funstock), stock should be arriving in to their warehouses by the end of that week (end of the week commencing 25th May). For EU retailers, stock will be arriving in to their warehouses the following week (week commencing 1st June). We expect all UK and EU retailers (as stock arrives to them) to begin shipping the following week (week commencing 1st June) and all retailers to have finished shipping by the start of the following week (week commencing 8th June). You should have received your order shipped confirmation no later than the end of the week commencing 8th June.
  2. Well it's not out yet so no one knows fully. 99% of reviews have been very positive from all the places I've seen it across lots of news sites too not just YT.
  3. Looks like they won't be shipped this week as the stock still hasn't hit UK stores. They are estimating as late as 12th June for delivery.
  4. Won't take too long for that to come down or drop in price second hand. Great thing about it just how far tech has come and that much better stuff is just around the corner.
  5. New interview with Evercade out, saying they plan to have 50+ cartridges over the next few years.
  6. Yeah its a funny one. I don't think I felt it lived up to the first and gave up quite early on. Going back to it about 10 years later it was much better when seen on its own and wish I'd stuck with it.
  7. I always thought S1 of Voyager wasn't half bad, they were really struggling and dealing with problems from episode to episode and it hinted at a really good premise. But they just dropped all that they'd set up with the Maqui crew switching solely to reset of the week. Shame.
  8. Would have thought it requires proper testing to meet EU/UK standards for USB power like that?
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