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  1. I've been ordering a lot from the US this past year and the prices towards the end of last were ridiculous.
  2. Try opening the game, setting the region and doing a soft reset.
  3. Yeah it will, just change the region mode before you boot the game.
  4. Funny thing is I spent over £700 on crappy clones and a HDMI NES trying to find a decent system. None of them have done the job as well as this. Might not like the prices but Analogue do great hardware for the most part.
  5. Just because you can code doesn't mean you can do things like art/sprites/decent level design or music. Even the worst of games often had several members of a large team working on projectors for a large amount of time (not the odd evening and weekend dedicated by a hopefuly homebrewer.
  6. They only did a limited one off run for the V2 and those sold out instantly and they've said its the last. The older models sold out the same way and have been these sort of prices for a couple of years. High demand but few available so pay or don't get one.
  7. Don't think you have any choice but to use scalpers at the mo? I don't think the price for the NT Mini wll ever drop, the last model clears over a grand a time especially if its in the UK or Europe. I kept an eye on those for ages until I realised the new one was about to come out so took the plunge on a preorder. That's had the niggles of the first removed so better one to grab all round.
  8. Nope, just ordered a Disk System for it as well The grip on the contacts is perfect, they just slot right in and doesn't feel like I'm about to break through the plastic everytime I swap a cart out. Beyond the expense this is everything I've wanted from a clone system, its fantastic and even better with the hacks. Have been playing the Zelda 2 upgrade with proper translation, bug fixes and all sorts of goodies recently.
  9. That's a bit depressing. Was expecting it to be zipping all over the show
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