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  1. So how do people win money on them? There always seems to be some sneaky bloke in the back of a pub, watching like a hawk for big losers and swooping in to bag a massive pay out.
  2. Nothing to like and nothing to hate. Just so...bland and boring this week.
  3. Have you tried FM with a Wireless mouse/keyboard? Series X appears to be fully compatible with them, might be easier.
  4. Not out yet but possible Crunchyroll or Funimation will get it soon. Been a big one so could be a toss up between Netflix and Amazon too.
  5. What is it with all these modern movies ripping of that awful spinning building/mash together thing? I know its ripping off Inception but ick, its everywhere. Even Spidey's been hit with it.
  6. Large monitor box. Loads of bubblewrap triple wrapped should do the trick.
  7. I dropped the bow for the shield, being able to run around whilst its doing its Captain American thing can be a game changer if you've got some good boons for the dash.
  8. Ruddy hell this is bloody good. I was a bit bored of the GP stuff yesterday morning and thought I'd give it a quick blast to see what it's like. Kept going back to it every hour or so, working my way through. It just nails everything with the combat and exploration, had an awesome time and sad I'm stuck in work not able to go back
  9. I ran a weekly Amiga podcast for over 2 years covering each games history and reviewing over a 100 games, there were certainly way more than you think worth playing. Loads still hold up today and its a fantastic system to go back to. Things like the music still stand up incredibly as well.
  10. You could say that about any system, try working your way through the Wii library and not tearing your hair out
  11. No point, I bought a Pi400 and loaded it with a full Pi Amiga WB setup. 128GB of glorious Amiganess.
  12. Another year and yet another trailer. They must be running out of funds
  13. Love it, you in for some amazing times ahead
  14. It's going to be the same handheld platform for everyone and loads of people will be keen to get some sort of Linux setup running for it. Won't be long before the community come up with something. The smaller editions are out later this year so if you go for the bigger ones, due next then there's a very good chance the solution you want will be up and running.
  15. The first model had a card slot on the front but it could only hold really small games so they ditched it shortly after for bigger carts.
  16. Was playing that Cluster Truck for a bit last night, didn't realise it was a moving running platformer. Controls were fine but having to jump over and over again in 3D like that isn't the best, made me feel a bit ill after a bit so got rid
  17. Have you even seen the first movie recently? There's loads of serious, scary and melodramatic moments in it, you make it sound like a laugh a minute comedy. It wasn't Caddy Shack. How can you serioulsy not be excited to see it after those closing seconds of the trailer??
  18. It truly is a masterpiece, made even better by the fun night club scene with that dinosaur theme. Happy times.
  19. I think my Bing traffic is useless, I just sit there on both devices banging in random letters/numbers on both browsers that I don't use for anything but gathering points. I don't buy anything or lead through to ads, sites etc. I don't even do the questions properly, just click at random to get through as quickly as possible
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