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  1. So you need to consume it in its entirety to get anything out of it? That's always a turn off if the episodes can't convince you on their own of their inherent quality. I just started watching DEVS, the first episode was enough to get me interested, but I like Alex Garland's previous works, so that probably helps. I'm not adverse to Star Wars, having given Disney enough money in the past to watch prior stuff based on it, but the episode of S1 of this didn't seem to be more than a TV-level effort, so I was curious if S2 had stepped up the quality level. I also only watch
  2. Given the high profile games they manage to convince to give away, including the biggest selling big budget game of all time, which is still selling copies, it would seem nobody is too bothered about taking Tim Sweeney's personal cheques as of yet. I'm more surprised they haven't scaled it back yet, over 2 years and they haven't announced a cessation of major combat operations against Gabe Newell's Valve yet. No idea how much market share they've managed to grab since launch, but I'd love to know. The self-publishing angle they began to pursue last year is an interestin
  3. An interesting factoid about Gears 5, it doesn't push CPUs (at least on PC, unlike Cyberpunk) But it's a game with different design goals and scope to the new Halo. Turning it into a wide-linear game would do wonders if you want eye-melting visuals.
  4. I watched Episode 3 of S1 ages ago (primarily because of Werner Herzog) and thought it was fine, if unremarkable. I've been recommended to watch S2 of this. My question being, is the hype real or is this a case of for fans only again? The IMDB/RT scores are stupidly high and I'd like to know if they are actually justified.
  5. Works fine for multiple other Service Games. R6: Siege, Minecraft, WoW, Fortnite, Roblox, GTA: Online, World of Tanks, PUBG, all have done or will reach 10 years of service life while being held back by a shit outdated base line support hardware spec. This discussion for whatever myopic reason only ever concentrates on the X1 console, get rid of that boat anchor, you still have the much larger potential PC audience holding you back as 8C/16T Zen2-class or better CPUs are hardly mainstream, let alone DX12U-class GFX chips or fast I/O. Service Games are all about audienc
  6. OLED monitors do exist on PC, primarily in either laptop or TV sizes though. The monitor sized ones are for specialist graphics work and have professional-grade pricing to match, £3000+ for 21.6". There is/was an upcoming eSports-designed one which should be pretty good for games, unknown pricing and probably a Japanese exclusive as its being produced by JOLED.
  7. I think that is the current expectation from them. Their own internal forecasting expects the streaming services they own (Disney+/ESPN+/Hulu) to only become profitable in 2023 or 2024. It would have to be insanely profitable on its own to directly replace the $13 Billion box office revenue they generated in 2019, which then generated a whole lot of secondary income as it trickled down to the other traditional release outlets most films rely on to make a profit. HBO Max by comparison to Disney+ is struggling to attract paying customers, so having to firesale their valuable cinema c
  8. Same as Apple or Samsung iterations, raising ASP. 4K TVs are now mainstream, so if they are pushing the 4K angle (as stated), they are joining everybody else in offering an option for that. Might even finally support Netflix (depends who does the paying on those media app deals).
  9. From either historical precedent, Game Boy to Game Boy Color, DS to DSi, 3DS to n3DS, or this news article: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-08-25/nintendo-plans-upgraded-switch-console-and-major-games-for-2021 The journalist has sauce and a decent track record. Also, this report on what developers have been told to do going forward: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-09-09/nintendo-said-to-boost-switch-production-by-another-20 It's when, not if at this point.
  10. Given the state of the game, waiting for patches in general if you are one and done inclined would be a good idea. How much or little RT they manage to get in for the console versions is going to be interesting to see, this game has a flagship Nvidia implementation, so I'm expecting it to kill RDNA2 as a result. I wouldn't be surprised if its even more hacked back than the Watchdogs: Legion implementation for consoles.
  11. Whatever deal they have with WB isn't in their favour, WB cockblocked a potential deal with Netflix aswell. The stories coming out about this HBO Max idea paint a picture of AT&T wanting to sacrifice their film division in the pursuit of what they see as the future. They didn't bother asking any of the people involved in the films they are now moving to HBO Max and are apparently not even compensating them for this change in release plans. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/christopher-nolan-rips-hbo-max-as-worst-streaming-service-denounces-warner-bros
  12. It's going to be interesting to see if that level of RDNA optimisation carries over to other game engines in the future, otherwise it's an exception in terms of how the consoles perform relative to Nvidia's PC GFX cards, as AMD's PC GFX cards also outperform by a noticeable amount their NV competition in the game, while they usually don't in most other games. In Watchdogs: Legions, the XSX is slightly below the RTX 2060 Super, but that maybe entirely due to the RT and it would move up the NV weight class if you could turn RT off.
  13. Vampire Energy, its share of total home energy usage isn't insignificant. https://www.saveonenergy.com/learning-center/mapping-vampire-energy/ On a related note, thanks to a potentially lethal virus curtailing human activity for a bit, CO2 emissions are down 7% this year. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/dec/11/rebound-in-carbon-emissions-expected-in-2021-after-fall-caused-by-covid But as we're about to remove that problem, back to destroying the planet at full speed next year.
  14. The X360 was successful enough in its 2 primary markets that it even managed to outsell the Wii by the end of its run in both hardware and software in those 2 markets and outsold the PS3 by ~50%. This generation wasn't anywhere near as much of a swing back in the other direction so hope springs eternal at Microsoft HQ. The original Xbox was comfortably in 2nd place in both those markets too. Now if Microsoft could figure out how to appeal to non-Anglophones, they might actually stand a chance globally too (but that's an observation from over 15 years ago, so...)
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