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  1. mushashi

    Google Stadia

    They had a tech demo at the original GDC reveal showing multi-GPU usage (it was used for enhanced fluid physics). They also demoed another tech demo which did what Crackdown 3 originally promised to do too.
  2. BC from an under the hood technical feasibility POV seems 50/50 at present. Nvidia don't have a known much better direct replacement for the Tegra X1 available AFAIK. Their mobile division seems more interested in other sectors after the failure to establish themselves as a viable alternative to Qualcomm or the Asians. All prior Nintendo recent generation BC has relied on re-use of the prior gen hardware to enable the feature. It's certainly going to be interesting to see what Nintendo do, change supplier once again or pay Nvidia market rate for a Wii U-style custom chip that has the Tegra X1 bits included to enable BC.
  3. Is this going to be the case for all the higher physical reward tier items too? As that is my primary concern when I found out they'd got a foreign company to fulfill the backer rewards, paying £50+ of customs charges wasn't something I had ever thought about. I suppose I should confirm my details then and get my copy sent out, though the thought crossed my mind that they'd somehow manage to fuck up the initial pressing and it would be prudent to wait to see an all clear before getting it sent out :P
  4. Do you know what the customs situation with this is going to be? As technically it would be over the threshold if sent from America.
  5. I've seen a proof-of-concept for the idea years ago from a European production company, it works fine. You get the benefits of HFR on the otherwise jerky blur-tastic high motion action sequences and for the low motion scenes you are only seeing the standard lower unique frame mode. They do this sort of shit on TV programmes these days, where they mix pre-recorded content which is authored at 25fps and live stuff running at 50fps the rest of the time, though that may be more noticeable to some people. TVs which have a 24fps mode don't actually refresh at 24Hz either, they usually refresh at a multiple of that to avoid problems. The cinema projectors do something similar already with 24fps material, so you could easily display more unique frames per second, though mixing 60fps and 24fps footage seems a bit more technically difficult as you usually do a multiple of whatever the base frame rate is.
  6. But neither of those two games is a perfect substitute for what Star Citizen is envisioning. I can easily see why people interested in a total immersion simulator don't just play either of those two games instead. This is like people telling me to go play Ryu ga Gotuku instead of crowdfunding a game I actually want to play ;)
  7. In theory, mobile should be exactly the same as they all use ARM and various graphics vendors, in practice it isn't quite that simple as time goes on. Even on x86 Windows, BC has been a herculean effort to keep going, especially for games where you now have to resort to fucking emulation to get really old PC games working, despite everything still using x86 CPUs... If they switched to Intel and Nvidia in some hypothetical future console, it'd be interesting to see what broke during that transition :) As the underlying hardware has differences, masked by the software layers that exist on Windows.
  8. Because they realised it would never make back the cost of doing it. The fact they've never really spoken about the commercial performance of the re-releases would indicate they made the right call (from the keeping the company having a financial relapse perspective). One of the people currently working on Shenmue III originally did some proof on concept in his spare time on what a current generation iteration of Shenmue could have been, quite close to the sequel in terms of rendering and he did that on UE3 which is the last gen version of the engine.
  9. A mandatory baseline of a very high speed SSD could be pretty transformative to how games can be developed, developers do spend an awful lot of their time and money working around the I/O bottleneck at present. Just need to kill support for HDD users first... so probably only something first party funded games can do in the short term.
  10. Seamless retention of their existing userbase. BC finally makes strategic sense to implement in full, with crossplay with the existing PS4 userbase too. Surprised this useful bit of info hasn't been spread across the internet since it went live: https://www.sie.com/corporate/release/2019/191008.html
  11. mushashi

    Google Stadia

    The hype machine is clearly starting to move into gear at Google, a balanced article from Wired UK about it. Probably be more of this type of thing over the next month as we get closer to seeing it enter real-world deployment: https://www.wired.co.uk/article/google-stadia
  12. Much like the previously mentioned potential sequels to Alita: Battle Angel, they'll only happen if the films proceeding it get enough people voting with their wallets, which is pretty much how every single film sequel gets a release, isn't it? He may already have the scripts, but won't go ahead with full production if Avatar 2 & 3 don't make enough money, simple as.
  13. Interesting behind the scenes of how these action scenes are constructed. Thanks for posting that.
  14. It's been that way ever since they decided to go full on unrealistic with Fast Five, that safe
  15. I dunno, it's really no different to Microsoft having to give away all their AAAA games to get people to subscribe to XGP, consumer expectations keep on getting raised and PC games have been devalued for many years now by the pile of mega budget titles that have been given away over the years. Some of the comments from certain people once Epic started bringing in the big guns were pretty telling, indie games are so worthless, you can give away even the cream of the crop and some people wouldn't bat an eyelid and so it takes mega budget titles to move the needle now. By the end of this run, Epic will have enabled a bigger entirely free game library of mostly killer titles than I own games on nearly all competing digital delivery platforms, any new entrant will have their work cut out matching that in future. Rockstar have decided to move up a gear this week too and are throwing away GTA: San Andreas, which is better than what Blizzard or Bethesda could manage when they went looking for customers. https://www.rockstargames.com/newswire/article/61123/Download-The-Rockstar-Games-Launcher
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