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  1. That's total sales for ALL of 2022, the UK isn't that big a market :) . It also isn't that big a market for the Switch either. It's only just past the Xbox One total sales at this point, while it's already beaten all the other 'home' console total sales in both Japan and France so regional strengths still exist for all the players still left in the game. 2023 seems like it will be the make or break year for Microsoft as Sony will finally sort out their supply problems and dropping a new cheaper model so momentum isn't a problem for them, while Microsoft need to get out of first gear if they want to close the global gap, which stands at ~1.5:1 at present.
  2. This sounds wrong. Performance generally scales with rendering resolution with 1080p being about ~2X 4K and 1440p being somewhere inbetween depending on various bottlenecks in any particular system. DLSS is just fancier realtime upscaling so you generally want to attempt to stay at the highest quality levels if image quality is your primary aim and only go down the DLSS settings level if your GFX card can't cope at that level. You also want to test in the highest stress areas if your aim is 60fps locked, not just sortof 60fps, but it turns out most people aren't nearly as sensitive as they claim to be about fluctuating performance so I suppose sortof 60fps is fine.
  3. Talking of Genshin Impact and this cloud exclusivity, it's ironic that it's another example of Microsoft letting the fish off the hook (like when they had the option to make GTA 3 exclusive). A Google about this cloud claim led to this story. They wanted to cockblock Genshin Impact from competing platforms when it was early in development, but ended up getting what they themselves desired happen to them. Should have paid more money to HoYoverse. https://kotaku.com/genshin-impact-microsoft-playstation-hoyoverse-1849701955 If you believe some people, King is the real reason Microsoft are overpaying for ATVI, which personally seems a questionable assertion. King haven't exactly proven they are God-Tier at this mobile game business, unlike Tencent, who have. Buying them isn't going to transform Microsoft's fortunes in mobile gaming.
  4. It is curious that Sony once sought to chase Microsoft in catering to FPS fans, then completely abandoned the genre. The people have voted with their wallets on this one as Open-World 3rd person games sell way better than those FPS games ever did at their peak for Sony. It's interesting to note that Google Stadia Microsoft have had to help fund most of the recent examples in the genre too, despite all these games being technically independently made, which just shows how commercially unattractive the genre is these days if it requires a reach-around from a platform holder to make commercial sense. High on Life started at Stadia before being funded by Microsoft. CrossFireX by Remedy was funded partially by Microsoft. Stalker 2 is funded in large part by Microsoft. Atomic Heart is funded in part by Microsoft.
  5. UK LTD Sales figures for comparison to the US: 2022: NSW: ~880K PS5: ~770K XBS: ~720K LTD: NSW: ~6.04M PS5: ~2.37M XBS: ~1.88M So US LTD ratio between Sony and Microsoft is running at ~1.2:1 while the UK ratio is at ~1.26:1 so despite Microsoft being close in 2022 in the UK, they are still actually further behind overall than the US, while Sony managed to open up the gap in 2022 in the US by a fair bit.
  6. The difference with Boomer Shooters is the reason the major publishers hardly do them anymore. Unless AI is somehow going to steal all the artists jobs and replace the load of people required to make a story-led cinematic FPS, then I'm doubtful Indies will fill that gap. They can only fill the gaps on cheap to make genres. I'm still waiting for the Indie Arcade Racer renaissance FFS and Hell will likely experience extreme Climate Change before then and those games had quite small teams when they were Arcade games too.
  7. If anybody watches this, see if you can spot the cameo, like a Boss. 😍
  8. Story-led FPS games still get made out of countries with low wages (the Metro series falls into this category also), but out of those 3, only Judas is likely to qualify for the sort of game Timmo wants, though Valve finally delivered a major Western FPS sequel a few years ago that doesn't get counted because of the cost of entry. Usual real reason for why anything doesn't happen anymore is the reason nobody wants to hear.
  9. It's 100% accurate, the person who provided them definitely has access to the very expensive NPD subscription report. Interesting how the UK is actually currently a stronger market for Microsoft than even their home market, which has always historically been their stronghold. Apparently consumers aren't quite as price sensitive in the US compared to the UK.
  10. Netflix have exclusivity on quite a few mobile versions of hit games, including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge and IMMORTALITY, almost makes you want to subscribe to their service.
  11. Given that the only people making them these days are primarily Sony, the answer is probably yes. None of the previous WB stuff did AMAZING numbers and the only known none-Sony game to do big numbers relied on being a poor man's FromSoft clone attached to one of the biggest brands available, so the sequel to that one will be worth watching to see if people do want more of the same. This was clearly a Service Game in concept from the very first reveal.
  12. You have to generate the keys, they don't get generated automatically so it's quite easy to run out if you decide to give it away.
  13. If the rules for this game are that a potential game has to be available on some form of XGP subscription by the end of 2023, then Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is going to have to fail commercially to be included by that cut-off point. The first game took just under 12 months to come to EA's subscription service. Even Battlefield 2042, which was widely considered a commercial failure took 12 months to get put on EA Play. The only fun with guessing EA published not-annual sports games is then working out which will get put on EA Play in less than 12 months. Some minor Japanese publisher games will be on XGP day one, but nothing leapt out from that Gamespot list.
  14. This is only true if you take a Nipponese-centric viewpoint on things. Japan is at best a static or shrinking traditional games market and its global share and importance has dropped over the years. Dedicated handhelds were never an amazing business for Sony, it was at best decent so spending resources fighting for a share of the Japanese handheld market versus expanding their home console reach globally and their other expansion efforts seems quite logical as to which is the better longterm bet, which is all about Service Games and Recurrent Revenue. The PSV couldn't get major third party support, unlike the PSP so was Saturn-doomed at birth and they obviously kind of knew it so never attempted a major rescue operation.
  15. To an extent this is true, but new hardware sales drive software sales historically and unless you think the Switch is some magical device that will defy that intrinsic link, then new software sales will slow down with dropping new hardware sales, it usually lags it by a bit if you look at the Nintendo sales data.
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