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  1. That's a fair enough explanation, it was just your original response seemed to indicate that you couldn't conceive why anybody who cares enough about games to spend the time to write in to GC about it doesn't want XGP or an Xbox. I've just read the article, the bloke puts forward his reasons as to why Xbox doesn't float his boat (doesn't like their existing exclusives), even with XGP, which has only really started gaining traction in the last year+ with the greater focus and promise of mega budget games being available for it cheap. If we ran a mandatory poll of
  2. I think it's more to do with the simple fact they build open-world games and those are generally more dynamic in nature. A stable 4K/60 is difficult to achieve, dropping it to 4K/30 and whack up the visual polish is a better compromise that many devs will choose instead. AC: Valhalla is supposedly 4K/60 on PS5/XSX, but how stable that is remains to be proven. Halo Infinite currently targets 4K/60, but if they jack up the graphics to make them what people expect from a flagship game, it's going to be impressive if they can get that to a stable performance/resolution leve
  3. Talking of Hollywood shitting itself, the boss of AT&T (who now control Warner Bros, the 2nd largest Hollywood studio) recently made some comments about the situation: https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2020/10/22/warner-bros-says-tenet-wasnt-a-home-run-not-optimistic-about-cinemas.html
  4. Plenty of console games will be targeting 4K/30fps, from shinobi602, who works in the games industry and is fairly well known as somebody who knows people, Watch Dogs Legion has RT and has not announced anything beyond a 4K/30 mode yet and that's a mere tarted up current gen port:
  5. The graphics are already pretty much that way on the Xbox One and PS4. Resolution and performance aren't graphics though, but most people care way less about those comparative metrics compared to how many puddles or bits of grass a particular game version has.
  6. It's kind of the opposite problem really. The menu screen is less complex so can be rendered more easily and so you can fully utilise the GFX card and get all the frames which results in it doing more work. It's a perfect example of what Mark Cerny talked about with the PS5, simple to render scenes can actually pull more power than complex to render scenes which don't utilise the hardware 100% at all times. I always cap at 60Hz, anything above that is just a waste of power really and I don't play online e-Sports games that benefit from the reduced input latency.
  7. Moon Studios have ended their exclusivity deal with Microsoft so clearly have no interest in being bought, they've signed with Take-Two for their next game. You can only easily buy people who want to take your cheque, and not everybody has a price. Their next game is an Action-RPG. https://www.privatedivision.com/2020/07/29/private-division-teams-up-with-moon-studios-league-of-geeks-and-roll7-on-upcoming-new-games/ CDPR is an interesting hypothetical, they've been about as tight with Microsoft as BGS were in the past and are publicly traded so a bid i
  8. This isn't really due to the refresh rate of the panel, though that just happens to help alleviate the problem. It's a side-effect of just how shitty sample-and-hold type display technologies are, even OLED suffers from the problem.
  9. If the consoles had a working generalist ML reconstruction method available to them, you'd have thought it would have been enabled already and heavily marketed. Much the same for the vaunted generalist DLSS that is supposedly coming any day now that doesn't require effort to implement. UE's temporal techniques seem a more probable way forward that is actually universally usable, without being stuck behind one manufacturer's hardware.
  10. If it was that much of a slamdunk in terms of compelling content, everybody and their dog would have signed up to Gamepass or owned an Xbox by now, it's been available for 3 years and is heavily marketed aswell. If you want to reach people still not interested in it at this point in time, it might pay to find out why they aren't biting.
  11. Some of these films aren't even fully financed by Netflix in the first place, for example Uncut Gems was an original cinema funded release that Netflix bought the international distribution rights for. So it remains to be seen if the original cinema funding dries up for the more interesting stuff, is Netflix going to ignore their algorithm and actually fund all of this stuff in the first place. Cutting out a major revenue stream is not going to make life easier for the film industry, even Disney are going to find it hard to plug their $5+ Billion funding hole. Hollywood
  12. You got to play the algorithm if you want people to watch the videos now, it's why a lot of people do variants of the derp face these days, even on subjects you wouldn't think it was required for. Though the footage of Dirt 5 he was requested to watch hardly makes the game look great so his reaction to it is not abnormal, it's not much of a looker in most of the footage I've seen so far. Some people on YouTube do make some coin playing to the fanboys, it's interesting seeing that worldview on things every so often. Superchats can be quite lucrative, even for channels wi
  13. I thought it's basically a taster course of some the best premium games available on the platform that people might not have tried yet that might then interest people in the upcoming sequels to some of those games. It's an interesting marketing tactic. There should still be PS4 titles added every month to PS+, those will be playable on both systems. PS5 games on PS+ will be more likely to be indie games at first as the licensing cost of big budget games would likely be too high for quite a while.
  14. It's the latest fanboy battleground as GFX is marginal or at parity between console versions these days. The problem isn't the information, it's how some people choose to weaponise it. Consoles don't have ways for end users to monitor performance so you are reliant on people with the tools to provide you that information. VRR only fixes the visual presentation, it still wouldn't fix the gameplay feel of erratic unstable performance. Though to the casual player, this doesn't matter as they are fine with sub-30fps anyway at present. These things only concern dedicated gamers. John Li
  15. It's not a lie, it's a performance target and some games do manage to hit or exceed it so in a court of law you are covered. But I think as the average punter just swallows marketing messages whole without any thought for nuance, then it'll come back to bite them as the power gap between the 2 consoles indicates the chosen rendering resolution gap is too small to be sustainable, without other changes needing to be made. People can see how it works with PC GFX cards running on the same underlying CPU, etc at the same graphical settings but a different rendering resolution. People ca
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