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  1. It also isn't on the Xbox... The reason Hades isn't on the other consoles is much more likely down to an exclusivity agreement with Nintendo or Super Giant being Super Giant. They've done timed/full exclusivity on their prior games too. Their previous game for example, Pyre, is still a PS4 console exclusive after several years! Sony have replaced their internal quirky/niche game dev budget with deals with indie developers instead, much in the same way Microsoft have been throwing money at indie devs for (timed) exclusive content to fill out their XGP release schedule, w
  2. Japan Studio was a collection of various studios and external development collabs, it's now down to a single remaining studio with somebody else taking over the external development part, hence the departure of practically all the high profile staff that worked there. Whatever happened to Japan Studio, it wasn't a simple folding into something else, it's practically been gutted for all practical purposes as Sony chose to let most of the key staff go instead of renewing their work contracts. I suppose the writing was on the wall when Ueda left back in 2011 and it's been a slow decline since the
  3. This is like asking why Nintendo would choose to port/remake a Mario/Zelda game over another niche title they published on a previous system. The Last of Us was the 2nd biggest selling game SCE published 2 gens ago, it's a better use of valuable dev time from a ROI perspective. A full effort ICO remake isn't going to be cheap at PS5 production values and has a higher risk/reward ratio. The only reason they chose it over their original remake target of Uncharted was because that would have been even more expensive to do properly! I suppose the point of the article is sho
  4. As a percentage of the games on the system, 60Hz titles are in the minority, so yes, it's a choice, but the wider market has voted with its feet for decades that advancements in graphical frippery trump 60Hz gameplay on home consoles, hence why some of the major 60Hz PS2 games which got sequels abandoned performance for pushing the graphical envelope. Graphical frippery sells to more people than performance does, is this console generation finally the one where that changes for the majority? considering you had to go all the way back to the year 2000 to show that major devs can do
  5. I've only previously seen the film version of Gomorrah, which was a good film. I think this TV series is actually better. The cinematography was superb, especially for a TV production, practically cinema-level at times. The gimmick they use for the story telling was pretty unique in giving you an alternative build-up to a sequence of events. Bonus points for the MGS2 tactics used by the Mexican Spec Ops It certainly lives up to the meaning of the title. Compared to Narcos, this was on another level, and that had the dream team of reuniting Jose P
  6. After the Google withdrawal and Amazon's glacial pace of progress with their gaming division, the odds grow longer on that being the case. If there was that huge pot of Gold waiting at the end of the rainbow and they thought it was within doable reach, they'd be making way more effort than they have been to get into the game. It's starting to give me VR/AR déjà vu at this point. Apple's efforts in gaming are another interesting thing to keep an eye on. They are huge in gaming due to owning iOS (~$40+ Billion in revenue despite minimal effort) and have their own gaming subscription
  7. When the 'Tycoon' sub-genre exploded off the back of popularity of Chris Sawyer's various seminal works, there were attempts in that specific niche, the problem being they were all made by less talented developers trying to cash-in: A classic in the genre is Yoot Saito's The Tower series of games, which has a great version on the Nintendo DS with a Mario elevator mini-game. The first two are available on the PC as SimTower and Yoot Tower.
  8. But there are also plenty more success stories for Service Games over the last decade than there have been for new single player only games, even indie developers are now aware of how lucrative doing that type of product can be for them, most of the breakout indie games of late have predominately been Service Games.
  9. I got slightly further than where you are at and filed it away until I can build up the enthusiasm to continue. It has the usual Remedy staples of technical excellence and weird story, but it was a major slog to make progress in. The collectables and lore you have to seek out ruin the flow personally and the core combat game loop isn't compelling enough to put up with the rest of it. The last Remedy game I played was Alan Wake, and I didn't make much progress on that one either years ago so maybe it's just a personal taste thing.
  10. If you look at the sales charts, they certainly aren't convincing game devs/publishers this isn't the case... My favourite gaming memories are those games which made a strong impression during their playtime, not necessarily the ones which I spent over the magical 100 hours on (usually only multiplayer titles pass this mark). The problem is you can't tell which games those are going to be until you have spent the money, so I can see why people don't support universally higher priced games. Get burnt enough times with mediocrity or disappointment and you'll only ever pay
  11. The only way you'll ever manage that is to get used to paying for and playing on a powerful PC, the consoles will never guarantee that and nor should they, you can't square a circle sometimes. I'm imagining the thread that gets created in 2030 or 2040 where people will be demanding 120+ fps on everything :) , PCs are in the early stages of that so given how long it's taken for console only gamers to demand something that has existed for decades in gaming already in greater numbers, they'll eventually get a taste for that and the expectations baseline will move up.
  12. Sony seem to have a strategy to get the PlayStation as the preferred eSports platform for competitive console games: https://compete.playstation.com/en-gb/play This will be another step in making that bond stronger.
  13. The whole reason Nadella and the board have opened the money vault for the Xbox division is because of Phil Spencer's sales pitch of the reaching X Billions gamer dream of Game Pass, 100 Million would be the bare minimum they would want to reach to justify the investments they are making into it. Feeding into Microsoft's Cloud-first mantra certainly didn't hurt the acceptance of this strategy. With the Xbox Series X chip being designed by the Azure division, rather than the Xbox division, being another sign of who is writing the cheques for this. It's also currently in the land gra
  14. id Tech is much like most of these once exclusively first person shooter-derived engines, probably not very extendable without decades of work, which is where UE has a massive lead. That's going to take a lot of time and money to achieve, while the current engines used by the rest of their studios is allowing them to ship working software in their chosen genres without that grief. CryEngine has exactly the same problem that faced Frostbite when they attempted to make it more flexible, half the shit isn't there and you have to build it yourself like the various EA studios have bitch
  15. It's the same argument if you don't consider streaming as a suitable alternative to local rendering. It's akin to telling somebody who wants to play PUBG on the Nintendo Switch that they should stream it or play the mobile version, neither would be considered a viable substitute. Or it's Methadone versus an actual real addictive drug.
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