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  1. The one which I had completely forgotten but was mentioned by somebody else on the first page of this thread (Deathloop from Arkane Lyon), unless you are being pedantic with the usage of the Bethesda name, BGS being their original development arm and Bethesda Softworks is now their group publishing brand. They also greenlit another new IP, GhostWire: Tokyo, from another of their owned subsidiaries, Tango Gameworks (ZeniMax and Bethesda are basically the same thing as ZeniMax was born to provide a legal holding company for Bethesda Softworks by the founder of Bethesda).
  2. The basic porting process might be simpler than in the past, but developers still have to waste inordinate amounts of their time 'optimising' a game to work on whatever target hardware the game is being ported to, and time=money.
  3. Bethesda already have two brand new IP in development which will arrive after the next generation starts, the first announced PS5 game is a new IP. Activision-Blizzard and Rockstar may just iterate on their existing brands, but I think most of the other third party major publishers will at least try something new to go along with their workhorses. 5% of devs who answered the annual GDC survey are making Next Gen exclusives, a fair amount of that should be new IP.
  4. If the most well funded and stuffed full of talented individuals development studios in the world are struggling already to get their current gen games running well on the base X1, it's a situation that is hardly likely to improve going forward. Respawn entertainment Infinity Ward Not exactly developers who are clueless. There are reasons to leave behind the base consoles apart from higher resolution output support. The tech gods at Remedy didn't have much luck with it at the start either. I could compile an exhaustive list, but I only have so many spare hours in my day. Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be an interesting one, given the stated ambition of that game, or maybe they scaled back their ambitions early on to ensure it ran well on the base machines.
  5. So why the fuss over the pre-E3 press briefing then? That can be held at any time or place in the world. X360 was revealed on a MTV broadcast special FFS, X1 technically got revealed in May of that year, but the game part was largely held back for E3 so for all practical purposes, it was launched at E3 as a games machine :)
  6. Or he hasn't played the growing list of big budget games which run like crap on the base X1, a list which is likely to grow more rapidly once the Next Gen consoles become the primary development focus for most publishers, leaving the last gen consoles to external port houses with the thankless task of getting those games working on them.
  7. The massmarket on PC doesn't really play those games, you can see what the massmarket on the PC plays if you look at what tops the revenue charts on platforms like STEAM. Fortnite, World of Warships/Tanks, CS: GO and League of Legends are more the PC equivalents, games which work better on Keyboard & Mouse and all are F2P, but raking in the money still. All the other huge games on PC come from Asia and nobody on here has heard of them.
  8. It wasn't the technical problems I was referring to, more disproving that exclusivity isn't used by all the console manufacturers to get you to use their platform and that is unlikely to change anytime soon. Microsoft control the dominant software Operating System on the x86 PC hardware platform and are hardly jumping at the opportunity to support rival OSes officially. The solutions you mention are either made by enthusiasts who don't care about legalities or a well funded ex-Microsoft founded company with strategic commercial concerns investing in undermining the continued dominance of Microsoft Windows made possible by the open nature of the x86 PC hardware ecosystem, none of which is controlled by a single company.
  9. If you're only playing Microsoft funded games maybe, the major independent publishers haven't said anything yet about how they will approach things. At least one of them based in America is working on what has been described as a Next Gen game that is way beyond what is doable on current gen consoles graphically. Impressions from a games journalist from last August (he used to write for Diehard GameFan magazine, which had the best image layouts in the business)
  10. The Xbox One X has a rather unique memory spec and can't be easily matched on any commercially available modern PC components. It has an abnormally wide memory bus and has memory bandwidth way above comparable PC graphics cards which enables it to punch above its weight. I'd agree that you absolutely cannot build a brand new PC with a similar graphical quality and performance level for £300.
  11. Don't think it's related to that. The game isn't polished enough for release currently, so much like Rockstar, they take the long view and decide to spend more time in the oven. Getting it closer or over 90 on metacritic will help its commercial chances as only the absolute best games stand a chance of selling huge numbers these days. The game was feature complete and playable from start to finish back in the summer of 2018, so they'll have spent over 2 years getting it just looking and running nicely, as opposed to fundamental game design. No wonder games take so fucking long to make these days, the polishing period alone is years now.
  12. The PS4, PS Vita and Nintendo's Switch didn't get revealed at E3. The only part of E3 that most people pay attention to is the bit which happens before the E3 trade show actually officially happens. PlayStation Meetings have generally been scheduled for early in the year for new gen reveals. I'd fully expect the PS5 to be shown before the summer to the general press.
  13. All the generations of Xbox console have a reason for their naming according to Microsoft, the One was designed to be "the One", the centre of the living room console. And if you read between the lines, this upcoming generation seems designed to follow a more regular continuum of released hardware, much more like most other consumer electronic device families.
  14. The difference that you've overlooked is that software is expensive to port to a multitude of hardware, unlike other entertainment media. The console manufacturers all still rely on exclusivity to sell their stuff, even Microsoft, whose exclusive big budget software is only available to run natively on Microsoft controlled hardware/software platforms so they perform the exact same role as the other console manufacturers hardware does, to get you to buy and use their delivery platform. People do forget that most PC games only run exclusively on the Microsoft Windows OS, they don't run on Linux or Mac OS so PC owners are forced to use Microsoft Windows if they want to play most games, unlike if they want to use other software on their PC. Sony used to port some of their first party console exclusives to the PC so this isn't exactly a new thing for them to do.
  15. Do you have a link for these latest rumours? The last credible leak was from Jason Schreier who stated Microsoft are telling devs to target 1440p/60fps for Lockhart compared to 2160p/60fps for XSX which would indicate they can't be gimping it that much if it needs to push that many pixels in comparison to the XSX at the same performance level. The dev comments mentioned in that article do make the current cross-gen games development arguments quite amusing. https://kotaku.com/sources-microsoft-is-still-planning-a-cheaper-disc-le-1840203823
  16. The X360 version of Forza Horizon 2 wasn't really the same game, but less prettier either. They basically built two separate games sharing the same name branding for that one. Call of Duty dropped last gen support for the single player for the final last gen entry as they couldn't 'scale' (which seems the magic buzzword du jour that means games work on toasters now ;) ) it down back to last gen. I'm sure a hypothetical last gen version of Red Dead Redemption 2 would have been oh so playable too, it's just graphics that got better with the sequel after all and it was built on the same engine as GTA V.
  17. GTA is the glaring omission if talking about landmark UK developed game series. Lemmings is owned by Sony so they licensed 2 games from the list. Lara Croft must be really special as they also released a director's cut and boxset of her stamps:
  18. The derided PC exclusive that may or not ever release as a finished product, Star Citizen is an interesting realworld example of a game with a very high baseline target, it is practically unplayable on a HDD due to the constant pauses for instance as it is designed around SSD asset streaming speeds. At least Microsoft have been consistent with their messaging on this, as this was their plan from the start.
  19. It would seem Epic have decided to do this until they decide not to do it anymore, a bit like EA with Origin then :) https://store.steampowered.com/app/527230/For_The_King/ This game is the next one to be free, currently selling for $20. Yet another game I've never heard of and will likely never play. At least virtual tat doesn't take up physical space :)
  20. As Microsoft never gave out final numbers for either software sold or consoles sold, it's hard to say either way. The PS3 likely crossed the 1 Billion software units shipped line by the end of its run, as it was really close to that number as of 2017. It actually shipped more software than the Wii, despite selling less hardware. PS3 - 999.4 Million (As of March 31, 2017) Wii - 921.19 Million (As of now) This is an anglophone world view forum (unsurprisingly) so there will always be a disconnect with what appeals globally versus just in the anglosphere, which has always been Microsoft's traditionally only competitive region. South America is the only other minor battleground they might make up ground this gen, as evidenced by the amount of attention they have been paying that region over the last few years.
  21. We've already had a comment from a member on here who works in dev saying it is far more nuanced than that. His game had a lump sum downpayment with any further earnings tied to hours played. All these subscription services are still in the honeymoon user acquisition phase, once they become more entrenched, like the music streaming services, then you'll see how they plan to operate longer term when they've got more of a profit focus and have hollowed out the alternative distribution methods.
  22. By that definition, is Nintendo going to allow me to officially install Google's Android OS on a Switch and allow me to run all the Nvidia Tegra software that would otherwise work perfectly fine on the device? Probably about as soon as Sony provides me with tools to enable full Microsoft Windows or Linux distro support on a PS4. All the console manufacturers use other people's commodity hardware technology now, in some cases literally unchanged, and yet the mere application of bespoke tailored software makes all the difference, despite the shared underlying hardware ingredients. The PS4 and X1 designs are divergent from one another, despite using the same basic building blocks. Code for one can't simply be dropped into the other, much in the same way that Apple Macs aren't just Intel x86 Microsoft Windows PCs or a userfriendlier variant of a Linux distro.
  23. Some of the comments in this thread have mentioned only buying Nintendo games as they hold their value. There is a reason for that, as Iwata stated many,many moons ago this rapid discounting and now literally giving shit away will devalue games and train consumers to never pay fullprice for them in the future, which is precisely what has happened over the longer term. The absolute deluge of predominately indie games flooding the market over the last generation probably doesn't help either as there is now so much content competing for people's time, let alone their money. Most of the games Epic have given away are either old catalogue greatest hits material or indie games or commercial duds. I can't think of too many actually commercially viable games that can sell unaided that any of these services have managed to bag soon after launch. Sony had to pay a fair whack for the 5+ year old GTA V to put it on PS Now for instance so much like Friends, the old popular stuff is expensive to license.
  24. The Xbox One cost more to make even without Kinect. Microsoft's problem was they wanted 8GB of RAM for their centre of the living room domination dreams and so bet on cheaper and slower main system RAM. As a result of that decision, they had to waste their precious SoC die area budget on a eSRAM memory pool to compensate for the shit slow system RAM they chose. Sony originally designed the PS4 with only 4GB of faster expensive GDDR memory and used their SoC die area budget on slapping in as much graphics/compute processing and pixel pushing power as they could fit in. The Xbox One SoC is actually physically bigger than the one in the PS4, but is ~30% less powerful in terms of compute power. The current rumours would suggest a partial re-run of the PS4P vs X1X situation, but more so as the SoC size difference between those two machines isn't actually that much, the power difference there is primarily down to how high they were both clocked, not how many extra physical processing units one has over the other. The X1X also had way more RAM and crucially bandwidth.
  25. That's why it wasn't available at launch and Mark Cerny wasn't in favour of it at the time, it does indeed break compatibility with some software :) Earlier gen emulation isn't really a technical problem, more of a CBA question. Their enhanced PSP emulator for the PS4 got barely used. They certainly haven't made any official promises about earlier gen support either so any disappoint if it doesn't happen won't be caused by Sony talking about it.
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