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  1. If you don't get anyone else I could fill a spot. But I am only level 32 so don't know how much help I could be other than healing with bandages and a few of the warrior effects like demorilizing shout and such.
  2. Fair play. I'm ok with everything goes. Doesn't help a lowly smith like me though.
  3. Just hit level 32 I soo need to grind this week!
  4. Yes but I don't see how any of the other professions influence the fight so directly as alchemy does.
  5. phreak

    Avoid List

    He he. Not true though. I have been in that situation and I was a model player.... I died a bit more than usual tho.
  6. I'm in! I think bandages should be allowed but no potions. Full stop. That way it makes it more even. Cause otherwise those of us like me who doesn't have potions readily available are at a severe disadvantage.
  7. The thing is. Is you wanted to be friendly with the alliance members then you should have joined the alliance. The whole point of ths game is that it is set in Warcraft which means Horde Vs Alliance. If you start breaking down those barriers then you still have a great game but it is just like every other great MMORPG out there. I know what we do isn't excatly Role playing per say but there is an eliment of getting into character as it were. And it's not malevolence. Because 99% of all horde members would kill me or attempt to kill me as soon as look at me if my pvp tag was on. Or sometimes they just wait for the guards to attack and then gank you from behind. So likewise 99% or horde members I have ever encountered are wankers.
  8. Fine then. A duel it is. I'm only level 60!! Just give me a time and a place and you got yourself a duel.
  9. phreak

    One Game

    This was one of my first ever games I played with colour and caused me many many hours of frustration trying to find the right bloody thing to type to get the keycard.
  10. Where is a good place to go for gold/xp at level 32 then?
  11. What sort of level do I have to be to take on these kinds of places? I am level 32 at the moment.
  12. Bring it! What sort of level am I up against though?
  13. Have you got any spare silk? I am trying to raise my first aid. I am at 188 already tho. Edit: to realistically reach the big 100g how much should I have in the bank by the time I am 35 or so?
  14. All orcs are woman arn't they??? They fight like woman anyway.
  15. Yea sure!! Rub all us -40 level characters faces in it.
  16. You could not be more wrong. And I am willing to turn up if we ever arrange another ruck to prove it! Alliance Rulz!
  17. What is a good site to host pictures so I can post them here?
  18. This is what normally happens in most Online Rpg guilds that I have know anyway. Hell, I even was one of the ones to break away a couple of time in other games and yes I know our guild does sometimes lack that something that people crave but hey, it could be worse. We could be a completely role playing guild. But for me I am only an occassional player so the guild is perfect for me.
  19. I kinda know what you are talking about. I am only level 29 but end up just using the looking for group chat in whatever area I am in at the time. But I have have it recently a lot where I just end up finding and joining with other guild members who are doing same/similar quests in the area. Whereabouts are you questing these days and I don't mind helping out if I can.
  20. Ok, its been a while since I last checked and last night I checked my total playing time. 5 days 1 hour and a few minutes. That is an entire working week! And not only goes the game take over all my free time but I'm paying them so that I can continue to let them take over all my free time!!! But everytime I start thinking along this route and thinking about cancelling my account I just think Nah, I'll play it til I am bored first.
  21. Omg, the hours I could waste on just doing that. Compared to the hours I spend running between places and mining.
  22. phreak

    Content Patch

    YES!!!! I'll be a happy warrior when these kick in
  23. 9 months? Pff, thats nothing. I was hooked to Ultima online for 4 years and still have my account even though I haven't played it in months. I think I might kill it off for my Wow account now though.
  24. Arghh!! And I walked right past Lil timmy the other day! What about the rat trapper that I sometimes see in the tram from Ironforge to Stormwind? Does he sell pets as well? Also, do you have to feed them?
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