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  1. Ressurecting this to talk about some rumour that's flying around about this seasons "Bad Wolf" style phrase. It would seem it's "Torchwood" - apprently the BBC just bought the .org domain. It's also an anagram of "Doctor Who" (which for me makes it a bit cheesy), and has apparently featured in the Bad Wolf episode as a answer to one of the Weakest Link questions. So No "barcelona" for us then! Has anyone else heard of this, or are we just being baited? Oh and David Tennant's going to be on Blue Peter next week, apparently you can ask him questions via their website. Any takers?
  2. I'll have to get this someday! Billy Idol has been one artist that, despite what genre of music I'm into, I always have his greatest hits on my playlist. So many classics during the Steve Stevens years, Sweet Sixteen (which has the oddest backstory for a Rock Ballad, Its all about This place and It's creator) Hot in the city, and Eyes without a face (which is my personal favorite - the Video Rocks too ) I saw Billy on Tv at the download festival recently - He looks about 5 years older than he did in to 80's
  3. True. But as a younger person I used them to cement a rather negative persona. Now they are just good albums, back in the day, they were a lifestyle
  4. well at least you've learnt a bit about the music of the time, and gained a bit more experience. I'd just let the club know that if they need you to fill in that you are available. And then keep an eye out for new oppertunites. In the past Nottingham was hot bed for atl/goth disco, maybe try there? (Ah, I do hope that it's "Head on the door" or the latter part of the single collections era Cure that you've got on there.Pornography or 17 seconds never did cheer me up very well )
  5. Edit:- Sorry just posted after you did. I'm sorry that they have chosen the other guy, particually as you have put alot of work into this. Bah, I just hope you've still got the recipts. I hope that you can get a better gig than this in future, you deserve it! Good luck! (oh and don't be tempted to indulge your bleak mood now with all the dark stuff you've just bought - you'll end up lounging in cemetaries with back-combed hair, drunk on cheap red wine, trying to recite byron. It's not worth it! )
  6. I watched the first episode of "Day of the Daleks" today. I think it would be better in book form. the Daleks are not scary at all, which is mainly down to the poor vocal work. As the Doctors new clothes - I like them alot, and the retro-ness may hint at more off-world adventures now. As I hoped Tennant reminds me of Bowie in a mixture of his thin white duke and Let's Dance era's Although the outfit calls for a new kind of Master "There is a business like showbusiness Doctor"
  7. Ah, I meant that I'm happy with both Portman and, after the trailer, Weaving. It's the rest of the cast that concerned me. Particually as they do most of the work in the book (V is rarely in the limelight for most of the plot, but I suspect that he will have a greater role in the film due to it's condensed nature) Some of the acting in the trailer seemed a bit weak ("it's you" from the character on the bed in particular, could be Protheroe or even the leader) I'm very much looking forward to this now, Eggy in a basket or not.
  8. The trailer looks surprisingly good. I like the fact the there are plenty of the books iconic moments in there (Evey's torture, V's knives, the dynamite scenes and particually the graffiti - I expect to see this sprayed all over as a marketing campaign nearer the time) V's voice sounds just like Purefoy's though, which is good as I expected Weaving to spoil it. My only complaints are: Other than the Two leads the rest of the cast seem too forgettable or weak. I hope they can carry the film. Slow Motion, I know that this was a given for the film, but I hope that they dont over do it. I want the film V to be as quick and deadly as he was in the book (ie most of the time the killing was done off-panel, or had already happened by the time the scene was playing - it made V seem so much more capable and ruthless.) Other than that It's looking and sounding great to me - a really brave move to try to put this out at the moment too - I think if the press could read comics they would have a field day.
  9. They didn't send them out untill the second week in June, but mine arrived safely (if annoyingly folded in a large, but normal envelope). I'd email The Radio Times, they replied quite quickly to me when I thought mine had gone missing.
  10. Thanks for the trailer info Vemsie, interesting to see that the makers are getting David Lloyd on board to counter Alan Moore's negativity, still it's Moore who has the bigger celebrity status, so I'm guessing that this is to impress non-comic fans/film press somewhat. The trailer does sound good, but I've just about sucessfully divorced the V that appears in the book to the version that we will see on screen. It will be a fun, if frustrating experience to see the changes that have been made to the original' and the power that the narrative will loose because of it though. I'll look forward to seeing the trailer myself. I notice that there's also a very expensive V mask replica going on sale http://www.newsarama.com/SDCC05/Photos/Vmask.jpg The Mask as ever looks good, but the base is very tacky -(I hope that this isn't going to be a metaphor for the movie:) ) At $195.00 I would want something better.
  11. Just a quick heads up on BBC3's repeats of the last season Repeating so soon? I'd have thought that they would have waited for the whole seasons DVD's to come out.
  12. Thanks for this - It's an good resource, no Who at the moment, but I'll keep an eye out. So It seems the Merchandise is coming out in october of all times? I suppose it's the run up to christmas, but it seems a bit random. Maybe some planned repeats? http://www.forbiddenplanetstore.com/acatal...r_Who_2005.html I like the new remote Daleks (the black ones look cool, like the orginal concept art) and the sonic screwdriver is nice too. Now to start saving for them Edit - Why put the stupid looking Slitheen on the mug with the Dalek? Bah I'll have to get the expensive one now.
  13. I think that the list you've gone for, considering the brief, is great. The predictablity factor used to be my big problem with frequent clubs, but you are right though - that's what generaly fills dancefloors! I'm glad to be of any assiatance, and I hope that your job goes well - let us know how the first night goes . As for more Floor-fillers I'll post them in rough groups according to genre, like your playlist. Goth:- Bauhaus - In The Flat Field, Dancing, Kick In The Eye, She's In Parties. Siouxsie and the Banshees - Cities In Dust, Spellbound, Israel, Christine. Sisters Of Mercy - Walk Away, Heartland, Alice, Lucretia My Reflection. The Cure - Charlotte Sometimes, The Hanging Garden, Lullaby The March Violets - Snakedance The Mission - Serpents Kiss, Stay with Me, Crystal Ocean, Tower of Strength X-Mal Deutschland - Incubus Succubus Feilds of The Nephilim - For Her Light, Preacher Man, Power, Punk:- Adam & the Ants - Xerox, Whip My Valise, Car trouble Siouxsie & the Banshees - Love In a Void, Hong kong Garden The Damned - Smash it up, New Rose, Love Song Joy Division - Transmission, Ice age, She's Lost Control Electronic:- Soft Cell - Memorabilia, Sex Dwarf, Tainted Love John Foxx - Burning Car, Underpass Depeche Mode - Behind The Wheel, Master and Servant, Gary Numan - Are Friends Electric?, Cars, Human League - Being Boiled, Heaven 17 - Temptation, Fascist Groove Thing Visage - Fade To Grey, LoveGlove, Damned Don't Cry Pop/Rock/other:- Sigue Sigue Sputnik - Love Missile F1-11 Billy Idol - White Wedding, Dancing with Myself, Rebel Yell The Cult - Rain, Lil' Devil, Fire Woman The Cure - Lovecats, The Walk, Boys Don't Cry, Lets Go To Bed Echo and the Bunnymen - The Cutter, The Back Of Love, The Killing Moon Wow, Sorry to get a bit carried away there! I hope that this is of some use, I've tried to go for a mix of Ultra-popular and "please-the-old-crowd-slightly-obscure" I'm sure I've missed out a few, and I've deliberatly avoided The Smiths and The Two-Tone stuff for space reasons. I'll post more if needed
  14. Wow! I remember getting the Dr Who magazine now - That cover sparked off a lot of memories - I remember the comic strip about the futuristic (robotic?) Roman Empire (Which as a sidenote made me think of the recent reference to the "second great Roman empire" in the recent "End Of The World" episode) which was illusrtated by Dave Gibbons (of Watchman Fame)! The comic section also saw early stories from Alan Moore and Grant Morrison amongst others. I think I had the torn cover of the issue that Linkster posted hanging aroung my room for years back in the day. I've had no luck with the Target Novels in my area, but then We have no second hand bookshops either I don't think I can be bothered with Ebay yet. I found this online though - These all bring back a few memories for me. http://www.chrisachilleos.co.uk/art/dr_who.htm He also did loads of stuff for the "Fighting Fantasy" books too as I recall. Wow it really is 80's nostaligia day today!
  15. Meng De


    A-ha (damn you Alan Partrige for that mental link!) One of those "Singles" Bands for me, Always liked "living daylights" and "Take on me" of course, But mortens voice really shines on "the sun always shines on TV" an added bonus is the great video of all the Dummies in the cathederal. At the time I wasn't really into any musical "cult", so A-ha along with ABC, Duran, and others happily play along without too much emotional/cringworthy bagage cropping up Black's "Wonderful life" (and video) always remind me of A-ha too, like the hit they never had.
  16. Only just caught up to this thread, so a lot of the stuff has been mentioned already. I think it was the Bauhaus pimping (which I didn't expect, especially from fellow Dr Who-fan linkster!) that caught my eye, as I'm having a bit of of and early 80's gothic revival in my music tastes at the moment. As for the set list :- The early section would bore me, but I suppose as a warm-up it's fine (although including The Police would make me feel like i wandered into a mainstream 80's night. Not dark enough for me.) I'm not familiar with the Van Halen track, but going on their other 80's work there's quite a big tonal shift between them and Alien Sex Fiend, so that may jarr a bit. The next segment would get my interest the most, but "Atomic" would clear the dancefloor of goths only to have them scuttle back on for The Cure. I reccomend Some Soft Cell at that point, either "Tanited Love" or if you want a bit of obscurity go for either "Sex Dwarf" or "Memrobillia" to keep the flow going. The rest is all good, but I'd throw in some more Smiths and Bauhaus if you are ok with repeating artists - Maybe starting the night off with either Bauhaus's "Bela Lugosi's Dead" or The Smiths "How Soon Is Now" to really set the mood. I'd finish with the Joy Division track, and pehaps drop The Who for some Billy Idol? (Maybe "Dancing with my Self" or Rebel Yell would sit nicely with the rock stuff) I have a question though - Who is the target audience? are we talking about current young students, a older "re-live your youth" crowd or even a local goth scene? The reason I ask is that as a veteran of Goth/Alternative Disco If I was visiting this club regually I'd Find that alot of the stuff a bit too predictable, and this used to be a bit of a turn-off. However it all depends on who you are trying to attract. But if you need any more suggestions for alternative tracks from the artists you have mentioned theres still lots of Dancefloor fillers left The list is very good, and if I stayed past the Van Halen I would have a good night - I hope that this is some help to you, You've done a fantastic job so far!
  17. Dynasty Warriors 5 - been playing this since it's NTSC release. I've played most of the story mode now, just mopping up the charachters I'm not overrly fond of to unlock Zuo Ci. Best single player DW yet. Shadow Hearts 2 -Enjoyed the first part of this, but I'm finding the Grand Papillion plot far too Scooby Doo. I'll press on though. GTA:SA, DMC3, Front Mission 4 are getting a bit of my attention too. With any luck I'll ditch the lot to get back into Ring Of Red this weekend (damn cd based games..)
  18. Another official site update, Nice poster image available - I'm happy to see that V's knives have made it in to the movie. Also of note the domino moitif on the web site, perhaps there's more taken from the book than previously thought.
  19. I agree, the whole thing with The Watcher was very interesting, although sadly a bit of one-shot. The current regen scene was great though, quite violent and sudden but very fitting with the new pace of the series. I felt the line about "being without a head, or two heads" was bit misplaced, I know that they were aimimg at panic from the Doctor, but it ended up sounding like he had never regenerated in his life before. As for Stephen Fry - I read "The Liar" a few years back, and it was entertaining, so I know he can write. He hasn't really done anything good since "Wilde" for me though, so I feel indifferent to this news. Has he ever written any Sci-Fi before?
  20. School reunion? I hope that's a Master comeback episode! Is he confirmed for this season at all? I consoled myself by watching some of Genesis of the Daleks. Good stuff so far!
  21. It's odd that the BBC has spent the last 13 weeks building up a Sci-fi audience, only to let it drift off I can understand the slight fear that old Who may put off modern fans, but I'd thought that they would have brought out some Trek or the like on BBC2. As for the Death of Saturday nights, and this thread - other than the old episodes and the Target books (which this thread will have me raiding local 2nd hand book shops for soon, damn you!) there's always this to take up the time untill the xmas special http://www.doctorwhoscarf.com/ Perfect for winter too
  22. Thanks! And just to clarify I'm also glad that Grade pulled the plug. The new series was worth the wait.
  23. How much different is it to the edited version that you can find here? http://www.bbc.co.uk/cult/doctorwho/episodeguide/index.shtml It's a really great free resource for those looking at old Who episodes - Does the book contain much more DSD? Oh and while I'm here (taken from the BBC's who page):- Obviously killing Who off in the 80's was a blessing in disguise, but it's tempting to say "IN YOUR FACE GRADE!" or something similar.
  24. I'm not sure about how "new" this news is but RTD talks about the 2nd season here. I hope he's joking about the new Bad Wolf style word that will be cropping up. Barcelona anyone? http://news.bbc.co.uk/cbbcnews/hi/newsid_4...500/4104586.stm The Daleks? I really loved the new design, and do not want them to have legs and more arms and stuff. Keep it simple. Classic design in any area will stand the test of time. However I didn't mind the Emperor Dalek having a new look though, it's best just kept to the one-off special Daleks. And the reports that the weather affected the Veiwing, The BBC must have realised this would be a factor. Maybe with the renewed interest they will move it to an Autumn/winter slot. As a few people have said on this thread, it's that kind of show.
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