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  1. Doesn't he say "man, I'm glad I'm not driving a bus right now!"...?
  2. Best: End of bladerunner. Or the one in pulp fiction that's totally unintentional Worst: End of matrix. Trinity, that is. How can anyone with that many pipes through her guts give what feels like a three hour farewell speech?
  3. go for vandal hearts. its reasonably long, but linear enough that you can go through it quickly. as long as you don't mind dissapointing the old man at the end, of course
  4. I never finished it so I've got to know, do you ever get to play as cube in jsrf? Favourite character from jsr and they make her a bloody boss
  5. where can I get a host for my pic? imageshack is only doing thumbnails now
  6. thursday! midboss!! The power ranger ripoff!!! blueeeeeee!!! yelloooooow!!! One of the funniest games ever made. Vandalhearts got me into this genre, and when it's done well it really is infinitely better than anything the standard "roam the world/random encounter" lot can come up with. Oh, as this thread is undoubtedly filling up with fftactics advance nuts, maybe you could help me out; I'm at the part where Marche first meets his formerly wheelchair-bound little brother, who promptly sells him out to some bounty hunters. I don't want any plot details or anything, I just wanna know what percent of the game I've done so far? Cheers.
  7. What the hell is a "wonderwall" anyway? hmm, lets see now...something that rhymes with "all" 20 beers later got it! (( THUD! Still prefer Oasis tho.
  8. You! Listening to real music? whatwhatwhat!!?
  9. powerpuff girls was much better, but spongebob was pretty good. The only bit that really let it down was the ending, where he saves everyone by magically materialising a lightning shooting guitar. Felt cheap and hurried
  10. wait, is this going to be a film of book 1, leading into the others, or are they just gonna mash them all together? A series of films would be great, but what if the first one flops; we never get to see the rest. But if they try to fit everything in, so much will get cut Gah, now I'm all worried.
  11. God, this is so depressing. I spent my entire childhood trying, and failing, to convince my parents that my consoles weren't brain warping explosive loaded money guzzling artifacts of evil. I was stuck with a game gear for like six years before I got a snes. "What's going on here!!?" "It's just zelda, dad" "It made a noise! DIE, YOU MECHANISED FIEND!!!" "Dad, put the stake down!"
  12. Nah, you can't trust peach; carrying on with a giant turtle/dinosaur thing, AND that xnaut computer. End boss of paper mario 2? 'nuff said. now that I think about it, there's something that's just wrong about trying to save a kingdom of mushroom people, whilst eating mushrooms to power up. And people complaing about GTA...
  13. ah, damn you all! Now I gotta go plug in the xbox!
  14. A purple towel? Ruined it already. And screw marvin, where's the cricket robots?
  15. this says it all. Couldn't post it here directly...goddamn imageshack
  16. Ah, the "game name" thread Every three months someone does this, and every three months I reply: Biomotor Unitron
  17. no...no, it's not amazing, it's ignorant, you're all being ignorant...yeah.
  18. Ah, super! Best ending ever! Not the actual end cutscene, of course, but the battles and events leading up to it. Gaaa, die mother brain, die! Aaaa, I'm so dead! Hey, a metroid? Go, metroid, go!!! Metroid! Nooooooo!!! SUPER BEAM!!!! I loved prime tho. Gotta get echoes.
  19. "Leela, you gotta help me! You're the only woman who ever loved me!" "I never loved you." "I meant physically!" and the neutrals! "If I don't survive, tell my wife hello."
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