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  1. The play & charge kit is just a battery that goes in the controller, rather than a new black battery cover too. So you're already golden unless you really need a white USB C cable to go with it.
  2. Daft question I can't find an answer to on the internet. If I'm playing a game on one Xbox, save it, and then play on another Xbox later without closing the game on the first console, does the save sync or will it try to download my save from before I started playing?
  3. To be fair, it's not necessary to have 'no sense of humour' for that post to come off as a bit much.
  4. The official one is just the same battery as the old one but with a USB C cable.
  5. Do we know what the instant on and energy saving modes actually do and don't do? The summarising bullets seem a bit vague. Will it download updates in energy mode and only rev up when needed, or do I need to have instant on mode for that? I don't see myself using any of the instant on, especially seeing as it boots so quickly and quick resume works from a cold boot anyway, but I'd like to avoid having to update games when I want to be playing them.
  6. For anyone wondering about the new play and charge kit like I was, I got one today and it's the same battery pack as for the One/One X, just bundled with a USB C cable instead of the old one. Same model and everything.
  7. Feeling pretty fancy setting this up. From the tabs on the sticky tape on the outside of the box to the little set-up instructions card that stands up on its own, to the textured grip and triggers/bumpers on the new controller, it really feels like MS have thought the whole thing through. A very nice thing to experience day one. The little chonker even looks like it's floating a little because of the circular stand. Happy next gen day!
  8. It's here!!!!!! Now transferring everything over from my One X.... It's a bit of a hefty boi, but it's much smaller than I expected. Gonna get an S sometime in the new year for the spare room - can't imagine how dinky that will be.
  9. For Argos orders, just now the people on the customer services chat were just able to tell me it had been dispatched, and even gave me my tracking code. My mobile details were wrong when they were sending out texts yesterday, and I haven't got an email or seen an update on the website (still sitting tight!). Worth a crack if you've got 30 minutes to sit about waiting to get in the chat.
  10. Same here. Got an email a few days ago but nothing since, and I've been checking the website and no change to my order status. Has anyone who got a text from Argos seen their order status change?
  11. How long did you expect it to last, out of interest...?
  12. How do you know this? I can't find any shred of that written down anywhere. I'm older than I used to be, mind...
  13. Apologies if this has been asked already but I remember reading something about Control not actually getting its Series X upgrade straight away. Is that true? I can't find anything about a release date for the upgrade so I'd assume 'it just works' and it's already out there and waiting, especially with the 'Optimised for S|X' badges on the shop, but you never know...
  14. Is it too soon to start talking about our preorders and stop bickering about nothing? I'll start. I have a preorder with Argos but the order status hasn't changed since 22nd September. Do we have any idea if they know their allocation yet or when they might be letting people know??? Do I just wait until 9th November and hope they post it so I get it on the 10th??? What about you? Leave a like and let us know your questions in the comments below.
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