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  1. As if we hadn't had enough battery chat, I'm feeling slightly shortchanged with the official plug and charge kit and want something that lasts longer. Are Eneloops the way to go, or are the cheaper Ikea equivalents basically just as good?
  2. Got 100% over the weekend. It basically feels like this game was made for me, which I wasn't expecting. Everything had the right amount of challenge for me, from the fighting to how much attention you need to pay and brain-wracking you need to do to find the shrines and solve the mysteries. Pitched to perfection.
  3. There's one thing I don't get, but it's possible I'm being thick. Am I right in thinking there was already a multiverse with different versions of everyone, who all follow the same timeline and do the same things? Like, Richard E Loki was fine until he decided to undo his self exile a bit, right? The timeline is different to the multiverse, no? Alligator Loki's crime wasn't just being an alligator, but that he did something different in the alligator version of Thor: The Rubbish One that 'our' Loki didn't do. There's a sacred timeline that covers the multiverse. The difference now is that each of those universes get to do what they want, and now have loads of wild timelines flying about. The more I read that back, the less sense it makes.
  4. Guys this was brilliant, what's all the commotion about? For a while all the MCU stuff, movie or otherwise, has been some stories that eventually act as episodes in a never-ending season of superhero nonsense. It's great.
  5. Honestly, the more I try to put it into words the more I think I'm talking shite. There's loads of games there even for someone like me who doesn't particularly like shootymans and the like.
  6. I'm always thinking that I'm not really in the Xbox target demographic, similar to others in this thread. The showcase was all very Xbox-y and left me with mixed emotions. That said, I've got loads of games on my Series X that I'm rattling through, and looking at those Game Pass images there's like 8 games out before the end of the year (which is just six months!) that I'll be downloading day one. Happy days.
  7. Aye you redeem and it just gets added as credit in you wallet or whatever. Then you pick that as your first payment method on the store when you go and buy something.
  8. I love this. Done the main story and the Foundation DLC and found very little to dislike. Finding myself holding off on the AWE DLC though. I sort of liked Alan Wake, and part of me wishes there was a middle point between looking up the DLC on YouTube and actually playing it. I want to have played it without going through the bother. How long is it, and should I bother? I've only seen people saying it's a bit pants.
  9. Series S came today! It's so dinky! I genuinely can't believe it. But, can someone guide me through game sharing? I'm losing my mind a little. Series S is set up as my home console upstairs, Series X is downstairs. This way my partner can play a game we've purchased on my account (and Game Pass stuff) upstairs while signed in on her account, and I can play downstairs at the same time (I just sign in and can access stuff). Now, how do we make the opposite happen as well, where I can play upstairs on my 'home' console while my partner can access my content downstairs at the same time? I'd need to be signed in and allowing access to games on both boxes at the same time, which I don't think can happen.
  10. Not to be some sort of ignorant dolt, but we watch stuff in game mode because we were flicking between game and movie mode not really knowing what game mode doesn't do as well. What do movie mode and the like actually bring to the table? All I've ever seen is people saying that game modes have worse visuals, but not going into details. I promise I have eyes.
  11. Thinking about getting an S for the spare room but a quick look says it's not in stock on the MS website. Do they still generally just not exist for the time being?
  12. My pair of 7X that I ordered a couple weeks ago came today with no import charge. Had all the delays with bad weather last week and Brexit-related hold ups, but no extra fees to get my mitts on them. Anyway, I'm well impressed. Had a faff on Control and they sound great, and even listening to music on my phone they're wicked. I've never really bothered with proper gaming headphones but they've become more necessary with us living on top of each other a lot more these days. I got the Dolby Atmos licence after deciding it sounded better than the DTS equivalent. Any other bits or preferences I should sort out, like the EQ or similar? Also, I find retractable the microphone really disturbing for some reason. Just creeps me out.
  13. Anyone know whether Quick Resume does or doesn't work for some people or everybody all or none of the time?
  14. I agree with all the opinions in this thread. It's sublime and terrible at the same time, but I didn't mind that at all. It scratches a particular sci-fi itch that few other things do, and it's gorgeous throughout (apart from the faces). It's infuriating at times due to the terrible signposting, but it provided more than a few zen moments. There's something very soothing about following loads of steps just to open a door, even if the 'puzzle' of it feels arbitrary and disconnected from what it is I'm doing. Same with the story. The presentation was excellent and had me staring at the screen, and I was gripped through the whole thing. But at the same time, it didn't feel like it was doing much new or interesting, and before I got to the end, I knew I'd have experienced some version of the final act in something else. Taken in isolation, the niggles and frustrations would ruin any other game for me, but when playing it I felt I was experiencing it all at once, good and bad. Total shite. 9/10.
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